31 December 2016

Orlo: The Created

By Lauren Brandenburg

This is the 4th book in the Books of the Gardener series. I was privileged to read the 1st three and have them in 2 formats, print and ebook. I was also privileged to be asked to read the book and help find errors before final printing. The books are wonderful stories for children, teens, and even adults. They help us to look at our own lives and see where we are help us to realize that God is in our lives and helps us with issues we are dealing with.

Orlo is an orphan in the Conclusus and has been allowed to live with a guardian (Poppy and Knox) and he has a job. He drives a cartagon (a cart wagon) and delivers things from one place to another every day. He is a fidgeter, he fidgets all day long and when he finds something, he picks it up and puts it in his pocket and takes it with him and he fiddles and plays with the things making mechanical things, while he waits. It helps him pass the time while waiting. In the Conclusus, people are given jobs and those are the jobs that they are to do and they cannot deviate from those jobs and they cannot request a change of job. They are to do the job and only that job. They are not to lie and they are not to think about anything else.

One day, he accidentally burns his hand on his cartagon and while waiting for medication at the healers place, he hears that it is time for the contest. The contest allows others from lower ranks to try something new and become an apprentice to the inventors. He wants to throw his hat into the ring, but Knox gets there first and there is only one from each household. He is disappointed and the Gardener's daughter/apprentice, knows. She keeps reminding him that he cannot continue to think the way he is thinking. So she sends him on an errand, where he ends up trapped. As he spends the night, he learns about the area and learns that they are not law breakers, but happier. He is then called back to the Conclusus. Things are in an uproar.

I do recommend reading this book to everyone. It is a such a good read. Find what you can get out of the book and see where it will lead you.

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