19 July 2011

My Life for two days was a series of Ray Stevens Songs

My family and I went to my cousin's funeral on Monday and Tuesday. We spent a night at a hotel, because of the distance. We took the elevator up to the room and got right off and there was our room (We had the room right near the elevator). Across the hall from our room was the ice machine and soda machine (across from the ice machine). I heard the elevator and ice machine all night long. It was a very long night. My girls were very funny sleepers. Suddenly they would sit up, look around and flop back down. They squirmed, they wiggled and they moved.

When we went to the layout, we arrived just as the storm moved in. We were inside listening to the thunder and watching the lightning and the lights went out (I ain't sitting up with the dead no more.....the thunder crashed, the lightning flashed and the chains round old Uncle Fred went snap). When the electric came back on, the sirens went off. In the area where I live, we don't pay attention to the sirens. Probably because they go off when there is a storm, but no tornadoes sighted. Up there they sirens go off when there is a tornado. Everyone got very worried. The men who worked at the funeral home (very nice men) went to listen to the news, to see if we needed to move to the basement (all of us)!

Then I called my friend, Margaret (It's me again, Margaret). I needed to see if she could watch my girls when we got back home. My mil was rushed to ER Monday morning for shaking. She is thought to be having a seizure. I have questions, but I have to funnel them through my husband since it is his mother and his sisters may answer him. They only answer me when they feel like it. I think they are also mad, because they asked questions for my DH and I typed in his responses and so they think I am the one saying these answers.

I think I am going to go listen to some more Ray Stevens and see where else his songs applied to my life for the past couple of days.

More Finished Projects

I have been a very busy knitter. I am motivated. I want to finish some things so I can work on the things I want to work on. So I finished the One-Eyed Monster in Red, with the pattern posted in my blog. (I need 2 one in red and one in blue). I finished a prayer shawl for a man. It is crochet. It is a simple pattern and I don't remember where I saw it and I don't remember who claims it, but I did use it and I will share it and if the person who developed it says "It's mine." I will gladly give the credit. Basically, you chain 63. The 1st row is single crochet. The 2nd row is half double crochet. The 3rd row is double crochet. You repeat these rows until the shawl is 60 inches or wingspan length. I quit at 63 inches. Now my problem with this piece was the type of yarn that I used. I couldn't see my stitches very well and so it started to become narrow in spots. So be careful what type of yarn you use. I finished a scarf called the Universal Scarf by Vicki Square (http://www.interweave.com/wir/kr110604.htm#2). It is a simple, pretty scarf that knits up quickly. I liked it so much I started another one. I finished 2 pocket purses for a project that my friend and I are going to work on. We are going to make all the little girls in our group that goes around together (11 girls), 1 purse, 1 pocket purse, 1 sunglass case, 1 scarf, 1 hat. The little guys (only 2 boys) are going to get 1 messenger bag (not a big one because they are small), 1 sunglass case, 1 scarf, 1 hat, 1 cell phone case (for use with walkie talkies), a scarf and a hat. For our DHs who are wonderful men, a scarf and if we have the time, a hat. We also will make them duct tape wallets in rival colors (Blue and Gold - Navy/Notre Dame for my friend's husband who cheers for UC and Red and Black for my husband who cheers for Navy). I finished a pocket prayer square with an army eagle image in it for a friend. I will be mailing it this week. I also finished a dishcloth with 3 crosses and a pocket prayer square with 3 crosses. The dishcloth is being mailed for an exchange and the other was given to a neighbor who just got a job as a police officer. I am working on a Prayer Afghan using knitting and crochet together. Some of the squares are knit on a diagonal. Other squares are granny squares. I think it is coming together nicely, but it is taking some time. I am also working on a Cable Sampler Scarf from a Debbie Macomber book and from her website (http://debbiemacomber.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=nnp&pageID=265). I am really liking this scarf because I am learning cables at the same time.
Happy Crafting.

14 July 2011

One - Eyed Monster

I decided that I needed to make something that was sort of squishy and soft, but didn't have any extras that could be torn off...for some young boys. So came my work on the One-eyed monster.


Using a thicker, softer yarn and a size 10 1/2 US knitting needles. A very large button with a wiggly eye.

Cast On 3.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2 - 50: K, wrap backwards to avoid a hole, knit rest of the row.
Row 51: knit
Row 52: k, k2tog, knit rest of the row. Continue until there are 3 stitches left on. Cast off. Make another panel the same way.
Attach the large button securely. Then glue on the eye. Sew sides together with the eye on the inside and then when there is a small hole left, flip it inside out and stuff it. Finishing sewing it shut and you now have a one-eyed monster....you can add arms and legs if you want, but this way there isn't too much to be pulled off.

09 July 2011

RIP Marti

Friday, 8 July 2011, my husband's cousin, Marti, left her life with us and went to join her parents and God in heaven. Marti had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. She lived longer than anyone thought she would. She was not to live past a year, over 4 years ago. But she was a fighter, who had a heart of gold. Towards the end she was living in a facility and only wanted to get home to see her dog one more time. She never made it home, to her earthly house, but she went home to God. Marti was a knitter/crocheter. She helped me to find yarn for my girls for their special scarves, hats, and socks. She and I spent a weekend night talking about knitting and yarn. In fact, she was such a good sport that she had her picture taken with a sock I was working on. I never finished the sock, more because I didn't realize that working a heel in a car with a driver who likes to hit potholes, was a very bad idea. I had to tear out and since I am getting to an age where I need bifocals (and still don't have them) I couldn't catch my stitches to reclaim and start again when I wasn't in a car. I am praying that she is with her family and that the family that remains is able to find their own peace with her loss. Goodbye Marti, you will be missed. But we are glad that you are no longer in pain.