07 December 2016

Cookies and Fudge and Candies, Oh My!

It is that time of the year, where we begin our Chemistry in the Kitchen lessons. We make cookies, fudge, candies and breads. All of these require precise measurements and precise ingredients to make cookies rise, to make fudge set, to make breads rise and look delicious. Every year, since we started homeschooling we have added a new item. This year it is the fudge. Fudge is harder than other things because temperatures are important and you have to be so careful to stir and heat just right. When you do it wrong it tastes terrible or it is just a runny mess. We have made a peanut butter fudge, but it is too sugary, we made a cake batter fudge that was runny and a chocolate mint fudge that has people asking for seconds. What is your favorite fudge recipe? Any special tips for making fudge? We will continue until we get it right. Now my dad would love homemade cookies and candies, but he can't have them anymore, so I make him Sweet and Sour Beets (he loves those) and we have made them for him once a month. My husband has even started liking beets this way. I would love to sit and work on an afghan, but getting up and down every 10 -12 minutes for the cookies makes that prohibitive, so I am just going to work on the emails and continue working on saving those that I want to save and deleting the email when I have the link saved. What has been your favorite link, so far? Is there something you like to make over other things? I like to make all kinds of things, but right now I am making scarves, hats, ear warmers, socks, and mitts. Some projects are more portable than others. Another thing that the girls and I are doing, is we are learning how to sew with a sewing machine to make special toys. We are starting small and learning as we go. This way the girls and I get to gain new skills. I think having new skills is essential and learning something, no matter your skill level is good. You only get better through practice.....lots of practice.

Autumn Flower Granny Square
Illuminations Blanket
Lazy Day Ripple
Sunburst Hexagon
Cosmic Dorm Blanket
Cable Knit Throw this is called white as snow, but I like colors, so I would use colors.
Countryside Charm Throw - good for beginners learning different stitches and combinations.
Elegant Ripples Throw
Cat and Mouse Throw
Durrie Inspired Throw
Clamshell Tutorial
Buttermints Tunisian
Vintage Fan Ripple
Crochet Log Cabin
Mod Throw
Spiral Crochet Afghan
Cherry Wine Afghan

Magic Loop Teddy

Market Bag
Striped Pouch

Summer Scarf Shawl
Caribbean Dream Scarf
Snoqualmie Cowl
Bonfire Lace Scarf - supposed to be a teen favorite.
Lacy Ripple Scarf

Striped Texting Gloves

Classic Slouch Beanie
Arctic Sunset Cable Hat
Lazy River Beanie

Just for Fun:
Crochet Boot Cuffs

Ripple Pot Holder - really cute. I may need to make a few.
Coffee Holder - a coffee cup shaped place to put your cup.

Mermaid Dreams Shawl
Peaches and Cream Lacy Shawlette
Stockingette Stitch Shawlette
Ruched Shawlette
Sunset Shawlette
Sapphire Shawlette
Shawlette Muguet
Turquoise Shawlette

Ribbed Slippers
Best Socks

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