04 December 2016

Sunday, Coming Around Again

We came home from our trip yesterday and today, I just need to continue doing the laundry and getting it all put away. Lots of laundry for five people on a 4 day trip, but we had a great time together. My dog stayed at the vet's office this trip. This is a good thing as she is going blind and having other issues. We are slowly making the house safe for her, so that she can continue to move around it and not get hurt. The cats are getting used to having us back in the house, three kids make a lot of noise.

I received a lot of emails with pattern links during the down time and now just need to get through a lot of the new ones and lots of the old ones and then I can get the email cleaned out. I know that I can get this accomplished if I am persistent, but I also know that I want to work on my WIPs and get things finished because I am feeling good about accomplishing things again.

I did finish the scarf for my husband. It turned out really nice. I told my girls that I was playing yarn chicken with the scarf. I was so close to finished and thought that what I had was enough, and I didn't bring an extra with me. So I was going to see what happened. I figured if I ran out, I could finish it when we got home, as I had more at home, but I won the game.

In our town, we have a very special parade for Christmas. It brings lots of tourists to our town and makes getting around for this one day very interesting. It is called the Horse and Carriage Parade. It is a wonderful program and we have taken the girls to see it a few times. We have gone during the day, when there tend to be more horses and carriages and in the evening when there are fewer (some of the participants only show during the day and some only at night and some at both), but the carriages and horses have lights. It is a fun atmosphere. This year, the girls and I will be downtown during the parade, but the girls are going to be in a meeting for a presentation they are doing, I will see if being high up in the stacks will give me a view I have missed, if I don't get to see the parade, it will work out, there is another showing and we have been invited to a friend's house (they are on the parade route).

Country Star Afghan
Chevron Stripes
Crossword Puzzle Throw
Floral Motif Afghan
Crochet Log Cabin Throw
Cozy Crochet Blanket
Around the World Tunisian Throw - Tunisian Stitch is where you put a lot of stitches on your hook at once and then work back. Pretty interesting piece of fabric when completed correctly.
Arrowhead Crochet Afghan
Austrian Sleigh Afghan
Contemporary Stash Buster Afghan
Wild West Sunset Afghan
Pinal Afghan
Sophie Universe Square
Sophie's Garden Square
Dorothy Hexagon
English Garden Square
Raspberries and Cream
Redwood Waffleghan
Ripple Blanket
Granny Ripple Throw

Elephant Hospice Fundraiser
Elsa Doll

Cone Christmas Tree
Snowmen Garland
Crochet Snowman Sack - I think I would love to make lots of these to give as gifts to little kids who come to my house to celebrate, filled with small treats.
Snowman Gift Card Holder - for special gifts.
Advent Star Blog - I really want to make a few of the Advent CAL's this year. The star is beautiful.
Christmas Tree Pot Holder
Knitted Christmas Trees - tutorial
Mini Stockings
Santa Gift Card Holder - more for fast making...not as detailed as the Snowman.
Oh Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
Gingerbread Ornament
Holiday Penguin
Penguin Christmas Stocking - super cute.
Pete Elf Doll
Reindeer Pouch
Penguin Ornament
Nordic Holiday Centerpiece
Whimsical Tabletop Trees
Tiny Toques Ornaments
Folkways Christmas Stocking - I am going to make this for my girls, but for next year...then I might have time to finish for St. Nick Night.

Wavy Drop Stitch Scarf
Little Fox Scarf - super cute.
Galactic Grape Super Scarf
Divine Grape Cowl - for spring or fall
Forest Glade Cowl
Seifenblasen Lace Scarf - very pretty.
Forest Glade Cowl
Mixed Wave Cowl
Arugula Scarf
Snake Scarf - I originally found this pattern in a calendar (day by day crochet) and I made it several times for my oldest and youngest. It is a very simple pattern and they loved it.
Honey Comb Twist Super Scarf
Ojos de Bruja Scarf - very pretty scarf...loosely translated to witch eyes (bruja should be brujo).
Snowflake Scarf
Amazing Grace Infinity Scarf
Wellengang Short Row Scarf - lacy, could be good for spring.

Maple Leaf Banner - there is a really good tutorial for this pattern on The Crochet Crowd.
Fall Maple Leaves
Fall Oak Leaves
Ropey Rainbow Basket

Hocus Pocus Wristlets
Hello Sailor Handwarmers
Chunky Fingerless Mitts
Falling Leaves Mittens
Funky Flip Top Mitts

Ariosa Pom Pom Hat
Hoo's So Cute super adorable for toddlers
Anna Hat - very nice cable patterning.
Preschooler Rugby Hat
Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat
Macchiato Slouch Hat
Shells and Picots Slouch Hat
Radiant Orchid Pom Pom Hat - given that I don't like Pom Poms on hats, I would make that an optional.
Yenni Slouch Hat
Break Out the Basketweave Hat
In Style Crochet Hat
Men's Striped Ski Hat
Vintage Knot Headband
On the Slopes Hat
Child's White Beanie
Diamond Pattern Hat (Men)
Hyperbola Hat
Sunset Beanie
Duma Hat - Hat for those fashion conscious.
Braided Headband/Earwarmer

Just for Fun:
Bow Boot Cuffs
Golf Club Covers

Autumn Leaves Dishcloth/Hotpad
Crochet Grocery Bag Holder - to hold all those plastic bags we bring home from stores...I could make several as gifts, we use the plastic bags for lunch sacks, dog poop collectors and cat poop collectors.

Romancing the Shawl
Evening Shadows Shawl
Silver Semi Circular Shawl
Sunny Day Shawl
Falling Leaves Shawl
Casual Lace Shawl
Chevron Lace Shawl
Open Air Shrug
Charmed Prayer Shawl
Grand Canyon Sunset Shawl - this is one where you would have to use the same yarn and colors as suggested, but it is so pretty.
Casual Lace Knit Shawl

Mock Cable Socks
Better Dorm Boots (2)

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