27 May 2017

Cleaning off the Face Book Page

It has been awhile since I sat and cleared out my Facebook page, moving things I wanted to keep to my blog so I could find them later. It seems I haven't had much time to just sit and work on something, I have been making cakes to see which one my husband's brother might like for his birthday. (He liked cake A, not cake B which my husband and girls liked). So this weekend, the girls and I are making my brother-in-law his birthday cake for Monday. 

Friday night, we had a nice storm buzz through. Last Friday, when the storm buzzed through, it caused a neighbor's tree to come down. On Monday, some of my great neighbors removed the tree for the other neighbor. I do have good neighbors and I am grateful for them. 

The other problem that has been happening is that it is Contractor Season. They park across the street from my house and walk around the neighbourhood trying to sell. They ring my doorbell AND knock on my door. In one day, we had 5! I was irritated and not feeling well and my husband works third shift. I was so irritated that I wouldn't even talk with them. I also put a sign on my door not to ring the doorbell. 

Birds invaded the dryer vent and died inside. We removed three! Yuck! So we got a new cover that should stop the birds entirely. So hopefully, we will get that up today. 

I saw a pattern called Crochet Water balloons and decided I really wanted to make these as they are reusable, easy to "fill" (basically drop the completed water balloon in water and throw) and easy to clean up! I am going to make a few for my daughters and friends to play with. 

My daughters love to go to Kings Island and I try to take them as often as I can. We went one night after my husband had left for work (we will start going earlier now that the school kids on buses won't be there as much and more things will be open).

I also was reminded of a funny recipe called Cat Poop Cookies that a friend shared and my girls got to try them at an event at the Washington-Centerville Libary. They said they were really good. So I think I will make them for fun one day.

Reign Shawl
Dream Time Mosaic Baby Quilt
Sleepy Doll Amigurumi
3D Flowers
Afghan Cheat Sheet - a great cheat for making an afghan, it helps you know how many chains to make an afghan.
Rainbow Tunisian Crochet Afghan
Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder - I love these. They are so easy to make and convenient for carrying multiple bottles (you know when you are at an amusement park holding everyone's stuff).
52 Knit Slouchy Beanies
Gorse Shawl has a link for a pdf it is very pretty.

Stages of a Reader - Kind of fun, cartoony thing.

Christmas Countdown - Love this. It is a fun way to keep track and also if you make things for some special people it helps you know how much longer you have.

21 May 2017

Kings Island

I recently took my girls to Kings Island for a few hours. We rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower Replica (1/3 the size of the real one in France) and enjoyed the view and the breeze. It was a hot day with lots of humidity. We then walked to the first ride they wanted to get on and tried to find a place to fill our drinks up at. This was where the problem started. They were few and far between and the lines were long (40 minutes long). The girls went and stood in line for a ride (1 1/2 hours) and I stood in line for the drinks. They were so thirsty when they got back to me that they drank their drinks very quickly, at which point I pointed out several things....1. 40 minutes to wait for refills, 2. the clouds were picking up and 3. if we stood in another 1 1/2 hour line for a ride we might be in the midst of a storm and not get to ride again. So we left and came home where we could get a drink (and many refills) while the storm lashed the house (the tree for our neighbor came down). I do enjoy the Eiffel Tower and love seeing the rides from the top of the tower. What is your favorite thing to do at Amusement Parks?

05 May 2017

April Emails #5

I have finally cleared out all the April emails in my google account (woohoo!) and I am working on the yahoo account emails. I decided to put the emails under the month and work from there. A little here a little there and I will get it finished. I am still reading and knitting and crocheting a little here a little there. I am also reorganizing my craft room. My husband has been on a kick for having a table in the living room. He keeps talking about buying one, but we have one...in my craft room. I put it there when the girls were much younger. It is one that has glass in it and they had started walking on the table and hopping on it. I was afraid of them getting hurt, so I moved it to the craft room, now it is back in the living room. He is happy. The craft room is being reorganized which means finding things is at an all time low.

I really need to empty the month of April emails from two accounts and then move onto May and forward. I am thinking I may need to jump around.

Knit Picks (one of my favorite places to get sock yarn, etc) has a page devoted to free patterns.

Woven Sky Throw - love this
Rose Granny Square Afghan
Spell Binding Crochet Ripple Afghan
Tropical Pineapple Squares
Classic Crochet Afghan

Ella the Elephant Lovey

On The Go Knit Bag - great for carrying things to a beach or when you are waiting places or for books.
Mesh Knit Market Bag - I really need to make a lot of these for gifts. My sils live in an area where they penalize you for using bags from a store rather than bringing your own.
Leafy Cable Bag My oldest may enjoy this bag as it would allow her to carry her art supplies.
Brigitte Shopping Bag - I think this is more for quick I need a few things.
Wavy Messenger Bag
Crochet Market Bag
Braided Handle Tote

Madison Scarf this is one of my favorite scarves. I really need to make a few for my girls.
Three Two One Cowl - gorgeous cowl with color changes.
Queen of Diamonds Scarf - modular knitting (another skill!)
Wiggle Lace Scarf - beautiful!
Freya Cowl The site is in French (if you want to practice your French) and the pattern is in both English and French

Spring Hat
Quick Knit Hat

Keyboard Duster

Puzzle Balls:
Kiwi Puzzle Ball

Scrap Buster Pencil Case

Honeycomb Wrap
Painted Wings Shawlette
Southern Sky Shawl
Among the Moorlands Wrap
Evening Shrug - this goes over the upper back and covers the arms.
Ujaala Wrap - lace work

Peppermintoes - beautiful socks.

Hungry Monsters
Hobbits - for those who love them
Cute Puppy with balloon
Gracie the Tiny Elephant

Vintage Patterns:
1940's Vintage Patterns

04 May 2017

Fairy Tales and Myths

I remember reading 2 different books of fairy tales when I was younger (grade school) and they were in very old books that my grandmother had bought. I still own them and love them still. My girls have read them, too. With the Kindle, I have purchased other fairy books and many myth books. They are free and they are fun to read, still today. My girls love the myth books. What do you like to read?

As I went through my emails, I had two sets that dealt with knits/crochets that are labeled for Myth or Fairy Tales.


  1. Elven Poncho
  2. Mother of Dragons Gauntlets -GoT, Anyone?
  3. Witch's Favorite Wristlets
  4. Cozy Yeti Blanket -Editor's Pick!
  5. Mermaid Dreams Shawl
  6. Lucky Dragon Knit Blanket -NEW Printable!
  7. Heavenly Harpy Cardigan
  8. Basilisk Fingerless Gloves - my girls would love these. 
  9. Flora's Rose Slouchy Hat -NEW
  10. Father Frost Caps
  1. Leprechaun Sweater
  2. Darling Druid Shawl -Enchantingly Pretty!
  3. Will o' the Wisp Hat
  4. Centaur Cardigan -Reader Favorite!
  5. Singing Siren Stole
  6. Dragon Skin Wrap
  7. Cerberus Cowl -Simple & Fast!
  8. Baby Banshee Cardigan
  9. Phoenix Infinity Scarf
  10. Flying Griffin Shawl -Popular Printable!
  11. Fruits of the Forest Scarf
  12. Legalos Tunic -Editor's Pick!
  13. Enchanting Forest Baby Blanket
  14. Deep Woods Elven Cardigan
  15. Forest Floor Elven Cowl -Wow!
  16. Friend of the Forest Hood

Fairy Tales

02 May 2017


I like to make socks and my teens and my nephew like homemade socks. I always save links for socks and maybe I double or triple save them, but they are fun to make and they are wonderful to wear (or so I am told...I make them and they are on others feet). What do you enjoy making?

  1. Basic Striped Socks
  2. Socks for People Who Hate Socks -Really!
  3. Spring Meadow Socks
  4. Comfy Cozy Socks -LOVE!
  5. (Mostly) Ridge Rib Socks
  6. Pansy Path Socks -Printable!
  7. Marvelous Mock Cable Socks
  8. The First Socks I Ever Knit 
  9. Gorgeous Gingko Socks - need to use wayback machine....

01 May 2017

April Emails #4

Yeah, I know this is seeming monotonous. I was going to work on it Friday night, but we had a bad storm, and I don't use the computer during storms. Woke up on Saturday, to the storm repeat....the whole house shook and you could see the windows vibrate from the force of the thunder claps. Went to sleep and we had another storm during the night. Sunday has been overcast and the wind has been blowing, but otherwise nice. I was able to finish up many emails on another post, do laundry and a few other things. Now, I just want to work on a few more and get the emails for April off my Google account and maybe several from the Yahoo, too. What have you been working on?

Geometric Afghan
Summer Fence Baby Blanket
Crochet Hexagon Afghan
Bold and Bright Lapghan
Aztec Stripes Square
Cotton Sofa Throw
African Flower Afghan

Friendly Giraffe
Baby's First Doll
Hobbits and Gimli
Teddy Bear
Buttercup Bear
Floppy Stuffed Bunny
Buttercup Bear
Teddy Bear

Garden Bag for the gardeners in your life.
Mesh Tote
Summer Escape Bag
Mesh Knit Market Bag
Special Knit Bag
Bunny EOS Lip Gloss Pouch
Sunny Days Market Bag
Chevron Market Bag
Wrapped Ombre Tote Bag
Crochet Purse

Chromatism Cowl
My First Wave Cowl
Stormy Lace Cowl
Sandy Winter Cowl
Float Flutter Fly Scarf
Lattice Cowl
Aztec Seed Stitch Cowl
Evangelina Lace Shawl
Seifenblasen Lace Scarf
Diagonal Baktus Lace Scarf
Bittersweet Cowl
Oaklet Shawl
Queen of Diamonds Scarf
Triangle Scarf
April Scarf
Spring Cowgirl
Chevron Lace Scarf

Red Butterfly

Bible Cover
Little Monster Easter Egg

Traveling Cable Hand Warmer
April-May Handwarmers
April Showers Mittens
Margarete Fingerless Gloves

Pony Tail Hat
Cascading Leaves Hat
Beach Hat
Twilight Rose Beanie - very pretty
Vine Lace Hat
Hadley Hat
Iris Bloom Bonnet
Rainbow Stripe Beanie
Dino Hat
Embossed Leaves Hat
Dad Hat
Springtime Showers Hat
Celtic Beauty Beret Hat
Be So Brave Chevron Hat

Not Your Mum's Hotpad
Flower Hot Pad
Milk and Cookies Hotpad
Flowerburst Dishcloth
Lilypad Dishcloth
Aunt May Dishcloth
Rainy Day Dishcloth
Ice Cream Dishcloth
Chocolate Chip Cookie Hotpad
Vintage Hankie Washcloth

Top Down Shawl
Date Night Shawl
Sunny Day Shawl
Frou Frou Shawl - the site is primarily French but translated into English.
Wrap and Go Shawl
Paper Dolls Shawlette
Sunshine Shawl
Shawl Facile
Mezquita Shawl
Pacific Lace Shawl
Simple Crochet Shawl
Scalloped Lace Shawl
Shimmering Rose Shawl
Ella's Rhythm Shawl
Kudzu Shawl
Show Off Boomerang - I think I need to make this for me. I love how it looks.
Crocus Shawl

Shark Slippers
Flip Flop Flowers
Wildings Socks
Tulip Socks