15 April 2015

April Showers

Time to clear off the FB page again and my email is full of patterns that I want to save. Today is a rainy day and my kids are still sleeping.

Kids Discover Links to Cameras Watching Wildlife

Stripe Maker/Biscuits and Jam - This is a cool site that will help you choose how to arrange stripes in an afghan.
Moogly Blog Link for Block 7 Afghan Square - I love this square.

Ultimate Gooey Brownies
Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad

Catching UP

My mom has been in the hospital a lot recently. Oct to Nov 2014 for 2 weeks, Jan to Feb 2015 2 weeks, now March through April....she is still in and in rehab. She was very sick this time. Been a hard month for everyone. Now, I need to get things off my FB so I can find them, so I need to get this accomplished quickly.

Home Life/Chores:
Chore Cards - really great idea.

4 ingredient fudge

Just For Fun:
Steampunk Name Generator
KY Bucket List - 50 Places to see in KY
Yarn Ends Bowl

Why English is So Weird
Free Presidential Notebook
Virtual Art Gallery Field Trips
Reading Comprehension Questions
Baking Science
9 Math YouTube Lessons
Teach with Movies

100 Best Books of the Decade - so far
32 Books That will Change a Life

Find Dog Owner:
Warren County Dog License

Granny Square Calculator