03 December 2016

Parade Day and Meetings

Could one day be any more booked? Some days I do book pretty heavy, but this was already created for me. We watch the Parade in our town, it is a fabulous program and we love the horse and carriages and how they are decorated. Right now, I am praying that the sun comes out to warm things up a bit, but it is a good day for the parade. Then we have meetings, my girls are presenting at the library during the Hour of Code program. So, somehow we have to get it all in in one day. It will be a challenge and as my middle states, "Challenge Accepted." I think we can get it all accomplished, somehow.

In the meantime, I still need to get through my emails. Since I am starting to notice duplicates, it helps to get through and there may be times (lots of times) that you will see them here, it is mostly because it is a pattern that I am liking. Also, as I work on things, I am finishing up scarves, I finished the scarf for my husband and I am finishing the scarf for my oldest and her headband, too. Once these are finished (and they are), I can start on the scarf and fingerless mitts and hat for my middle. Every year, I let the girls pick out the yarn, and patterns and I make them new scarves, hats and recently and gloves/mittens (fingerless) and they wear them all winter long. The plus side, is that last year's makings still fit and they are able to have enough for going out to play, or shoveling the walks, etc.

Radiating Ripple Throw
Jacob's Star Afghan
Elegant Ripple Afghan
Tropical Explosion
Ripples Afghan
Mystic Jade Ripple Afghan
Faeries Sample Baby Blanket
Irish Shamrock Afghan
Quiet Country Throw
Turquoise Mosaic Square
Lacy Turquoise Fan Throw
Pastel Windchime Lace
Crocodile Stitch Afghan
Little Shell Ripple
Star Baby Blanket
Round Stained Glass Afghan
Brightly Colored Windchime

City Mouse

Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornament
Simple Christmas Tree Skirt
Christmas Tree Bauble with Heart Ornament
Crochet Snowflake Table Runner
Crochet Christmas Wreath - Super Cool and Beautiful
Lacy Crochet Stocking
Reindeer Love Ornaments
Star of Bethlehem Ornament
Bright Star Ornament
Angel Bells
Santa Cowboy Boot

Patriotic American Infinity Scarf
Madison Scarf - there are many called Madison Scarf, but this one is a triangular and lacy.
Bluebird Scarf
Little Triangles Cowl
Show Off Boomerang
Shooting Star Cowl

Traveling Cable Hand Warmers - beautiful and functional.

Hats/Headbands/Ear Warmers:
Stacked Shells Headband
Dad Hat
Holiday Joy Hat
Crocodile Stitch Capuche Hood
Turquoise Mandala Hat
Fox Hat for toddler
Gray Scale Slouch

Just For Fun:
Crochet Organizer Caddy
Coupon Bag - could also be for library cards, or gift cards, etc.

Star Dishcloth

Souffle Wrap
Extended Ripple Shawl
Blooming Lace 

Toddler Starlight Slippers

Sweet Dreams
Dream Circle
Rose Granny
Fan and V Stitch
6" Winter Star

Colorblock Top

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