02 December 2016

Krohn Conservatory and the Elfie Selfie

The Krohn Conservatory is a wonderful place to explore and feel like you are somewhere different. Every season they change the set up in one room, making it fit the upcoming season. Right now they are in full Christmas mode. My girls and I love Christmas at the Krohn. It will be very busy and hard to find a place to park and lots of people, just trying to get pictures there (yep, I do it, too). Last month, just as they were gearing up for Thanksgiving, my girls and I took a moment and went to the Krohn. We wandered around and my girls found that they are doing something interesting. They are encouraging people to take photos with the "hidden" elves and post to Instagram with the hashtag #KrohnElfieSelfie. My girls wanted to do this and hunted for the elves. We took some of those photos and did post to Instagram. But there were so many other things that didn't have the elves, but that I found just as beautiful.

If you get a moment, want something slower to do, go to the Krohn and say hello to my friend, Benny, if he is on the desk as you enter. He is a great person and likes to make your day good. 

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