30 September 2016

Clean out the Emails

I mentioned that Yahoo has been hacked....well my email has continued to grow with pattern links and I still want to get the ones I want saved somewhere and I think Yahoo email may have to be eliminated. I hope to get the emails going to another address quickly and then I am just going to stop looking at the yahoo address. This is the 3rd time in a year that this address has had issues. I have changed my password every 3 months, then every 3 weeks, I use a password generator that uses letters, upper and lower case, numbers and symbols and 16 (not 8, 10, 12) digits. It is random in some respects and then I do make changes to make it more random. I realize that in a math respect there is no true randomness, but I try.

As winter starts to come in, I start thinking about hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, afghans. Basically, anything that will help to keep me and my family warm. I love the fall and all the colors. I look forward to having the windows open once in awhile to let the house air out (especially after a kid burns some food - everyone does it, we just take turns). But really like things to wear. I also really enjoy my time with friends and laughing and joking and just knitting/crocheting. We have so much fun sitting at a table in Burger King (that is our place of choice as they have a Coke Freestyle) and we laugh and talk and accomplish so much. My friend is making cowls and they are absolutely gorgeous and she does such nice work.

Monet Afghan
Granny Ripple Afghan
Golden Years Crochet Blanket - for laps
Millionaire's Afghan
Stadium Blanket
Easy Log Cabin Afghan
Lacy Shell Afghan - I think this will be my next afghan project. I love shells and this is so pretty.
Cozy Striped Blanket
Color Block Afghan
Lone Star Square
People of the Water Fish Square
Tau Crochet Lion Lovey
Suzy Snowflake Afghan
Snowfall Square
Victorian Lace
Downton Abbey Inspired Afghan
'60's Mod Throw
Chevron Afghan

Murray the Reindeer
Crochet Nativity - I know I have saved this one before, but it is something I really want to make for my husband. He loves hand made things and he loves Christmas. Yep, I got a good guy.
Littlest Angel Christmas Ornament

Lattice Cowl - supposed to be very fast knit
District 12 Cowl and Wrap - This is supposed to be based on something Katniss wore in "The Hunger Games" movies.
Catherine Wheel Scarf - another from Mikey and it is adorable.
Rustic Lace Cowl

Moufles Marque D'Amour - color work mittens with initials
Fox in the Snow Mittens - more color work.

Walden's Wood Mitts - fingerless mittens.

Hanging Crochet Skeleton

Knit Slouchy Hat and Scarf - unisex.
Candy Corn Slouchy Hat - for kids, just in time for Halloween.
Grey and White Hat
Checkered Hat - more colorwork...simpler for learning, I think.
Color Work Hat - free Ravelry download and another simple pattern for learning color work.
Quick Knit Beanie
Starburst Beret
Easy Slouchy Beanie
Pop Star Slouch Hat
Slip Stitch Husband Hat
Burgandy Breeze Cable Hat
Arctic Sunset Winter Cable Hat
Cable Crush Winter Hat
King Queen Baby Hats
Wickerwork Hat
Wine Harvest Headband

Flower Hotpad

Knit Picks - patterns that are free.

Blue Jeans and Moonbeams Shawl
Tristan Eyelet Lace Shawl
Grand Canyon Wrap
Magic Multicolored Shawl


Hermione the Unicorn
Neila the Koala

Planned Pooling for Crochet

24 September 2016

Wow! September Almost Over!

I am still working on my WIPs and learning a new skill and my family and I are participating in our 1st ever 5K. It is at the Cincinnati Zoo and this will be the first time we have walked an official 5K. We have walked over 5K together in the past, but never on a team (my husband's coworkers formed a team) and it will be fun. The walk was for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I think the girls enjoyed the walk and we are going to find some others to go and enjoy in the future. I think this will be good for the whole family.

Yahoo is having issues. They have been hacked and I knew about the hack long before they sent a message about it. I had already changed my password and I have my account set to notify when there is an attempt to log in from somewhere other than my home.

Log Cabin Arrow Crochet Afghan
Chevron Afghan
Crochet Star Hexagon
Spicy Diamond Blanket
Star Blanket - is made for a baby, but can be increased to larger size for older child or an adult.
Arrow Stitch Afghan
Delicate Diamonds Throw

Market Hexagon Bag

Classic Crochet Christmas Stocking  from Red Heart
Golf Club Covers
Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornaments
Tiny Angel Wings Ornaments

Bunny Rabbit

Flying Pig Mittens
Circle Fingerless Mitts - these are different. They work from the thumb out.

Treat Baskets

Rock Candy Hat - This hat is so cute. It looks like something from Willy Wonka.
Hershey Kiss Hat - for newborns.
Cable Crush Hat - Very pretty.
Crochet Bear Hat for Toddlers
Happy Hearts Hat

Kitchen/Dishcloths/Hot Pads:
Rainy Day Wash Cloth
Flutter By Butterfly Dishcloth
Flowerburst Dishcloth
Warm Memories Tea Cozy
Tea Time Tea Cozy

Neon Infinity Scarf
Jefferson Scarf
3 2 1 Cowl
The Bev Cowl
Textured Cowl
Stormy Lace Cowl
All Grown Up Cowl from Moogly Blog
Fibonacci Scarf - Math in Knitting. Fibonacci is found in nature and was used to figure out how many rabbits someone would have over the years.
Siefenblasen Lace Scarf
Dewdrop Scarf
Hitchhiker's Scarf
Pink Cabled Cowl - my girls might like this.

Mezquita Shawl - very pretty and lacy.
Shetland Glory
Spring Elements Shawl

Rainbow Slippers for Toddlers

Ballerina Frog
Crochet Bird

I sometimes wonder what others like to knit or crochet. I know that I really enjoy The Crochet Crowd and their videos and tutorials and patterns. As for my WIPs, I have a lot of those and I am motivated to finish, so that I can make an afghan for myself. It will be big enough to share with my husband, but it will be for me. This will be a first. I very rarely make anything for me, but I want a blanket all of my own. The girls are already circling...The yarn for it is gorgeous and soft and lovely, It is from Bernat and is called Blanket yarn. I'll take a photo of it when it is finished, but for now, just working on WIPs.

*WIP - Works in Progress.

Agenda 21: Into the Shadows

I recently finished a book by Glenn Beck (written in partnership with another). This is part 2 and I feel like there is a part 3 to be written or being written. This is based on a law that the UN wants passed here and in all countries. It is a work of fiction, but is something that could happen to us and all peoples of the world.

In "Agenda 21", the first book, we meet the characters that are going to go into book 2. We see them living horrible lives in villages and eating food cubes that are just enough while Authorities are not living the same lives.

The second book continues the story and I am trying very hard not to ruin the first book and still try to let you know this book is a great read and a page turner. I enjoyed it and recommend it and the first book for all to read.

14 September 2016

Dancing with the Stars and a New Skill

Monday came and went. It was a fun day. Accomplished a bit, and came home to rest. Over the Labor Day Weekend, my husband and I took the girls and went to see his Great Aunt. A really sweet little lady. I love going to visit her. She always offers the girls food (which they refuse, mostly because we fed them just before arriving at the home) and she wants us all to sit and visit for awhile. It is so stifling hot in her room. We took our dog with us on the visit so that we could take our time and enjoy the trip. The dog likes this trip, too. She is so funny about this ride. She knows when we are making it and settles down quickly for the ride. But she looks out the window. Another thing I noticed about her, is that when she is around people who move without chairs or walkers, she is all over them, but when she gets around the people in chairs, she goes up, sits next to them and lifts her head. She is calm!

I also bought a "cake" (skein) of the new yarn from Caron called Caron Cakes. My husband picked out a color he liked and I am currently learning how to make a scarf using Entrelac. I have mentioned in the past, that this is something I wanted to learn to do and I am currently doing that. I may need to buy more yarn to make the scarf long enough (it has to be at least 6 ft or longer to be a good scarf) and the yarn is on sale (woohoo) at Michael's Arts and Crafts. That means I am allowed to buy some yarn (temporary break on cold sheeping) and stock up on these gorgeous, fun colors and they are perfect for the scarf. I am using the pattern from Freckles and Purls, Allison LiCicero, it is free on Craftsy. I also found a pattern for Fingerless Mitts fromJulie's Patterns that I may try after I finish making about a half dozen scarves (for people who truly matter to me). If you need a little help with the Scarf Pattern as you go, I found a great YouTube video from Very Pink Knits that will help you if you need a little help.

I am also still getting quite a few emails with pattern links and I really need to go through them and clear them out, keeping only those that interest me, what I have been doing. If there is something that interests you, ask, if I see it, I wouldn't mind sharing here. The patterns are fun to look at and dream. I wish I had more time (not to learn) but to work on things. I want to be able to sit and just work on the WIPs and get them moved on to their new homes, but all I can do is work a little at a time and enjoy the time I get.

Sunday, my youngest and I are going to work on her costume for Halloween. It involves some sewing and should be interesting to make. We will experiment and see what ends up working. We also need to make a "pad"/pillow for the bottom of the cat kennel. That should be fun and interesting. It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional. We have been learning to sew, with a sewing machine. I never took Home Ec and I didn't have anyone to help me learn this skill, so I just have had to learn on my own with the owners manual and make a mistake, learn from it and move on lessons. It is working and who knows we may all become really good at sewing this way.

I need to take my middle to the thrift shops so we can find the pieces she needs for her costume and then my oldest and I need to figure out how we are going to do her costume. Each kid enjoys having me just to themselves. Learning things and just having fun. Again, need more time in a day to just be alone with each kid.

09 September 2016

Emails Continue to Grow! Olympics Over!

The Olympics had ended awhile ago and it was fun to watch the different events. Some of the events I knew some things for (Swimming Official) or I played them in high school (not on a team, but over the summer for fun and credits). School started for my girls, we started before we had our paperwork, but that didn't matter, just that we were beginning. When the girls are on the computer for some of their lessons, I just don't have time to be on and clear out the emails. I have also been working on finishing WIPs. I am excited about that. I also need to gather the items for my niece's present and get them in the mail. I wanted to finish something else first for another person (one trip to the mail centers). I just don't get a lot of time to sit and be still. I am also studying government in a way that I never did in school. I am learning so much, especially in an election year.

I Love Color Afghan
Mountain Mist Afghan
Running Diamonds Throw
Slip Stitch Afghan
Slip Stitch Sampler Afghan
Floral Motif Afghan
Cats Afghan

Moms Fav Baby Blanket
Irish Wave Baby Blanket
Princess Crocodile Stitch Baby Blanket
Lemon Lime Baby Booties

Basic Crochet Tote
Granny Square Tote

Polar Bear Ornaments
Mitten Advent Calendar
12 Weeks Christmas CAL

Crochet Owl Apple Cozy - such a cute way to pack an apple

Popcorn Stitch Flower

Harry Potter Knitting Links
Game of Thrones Related Knitting Links
Lolly Pop Spiders - Just for fun for Halloween.
Crochet a Terrarium

Bella's Mittens
Minky Mittens

Sugar Cone Skully Hat - very pretty, fun hat.
Knitty Fish Hat - some time ago, I read a book where this pattern was described. I love the picture for it. I wonder if I have someone who would wear it. I will have to find out.
Minnie Mouse Toddler Hat - my neighbor's oldest granddaughter loves Minnie Mouse.
Crochet Chemo Hat

Popcorn Hexagon Scrubby

Hats Links

Dude Scarf
Autumn Infinity Scarf
Building Bridges Cowl - very interesting pattern.
Infinity Hooded Cowl
Simple Oversized Cable Cowl
Bobble Stitch Crochet Scarf
Cascades Knit Scarf

Wrap and Go Shawl
Lemon Lace Shawl
Easy Lace Triangle Shawl
Vintage Lace Popcorn Shawl
Greek Revival Shawl

Basic Crochet Socks
Fitted Slippers

Whimsical Penelope's 12 inch square
Circle with Popcorn Stitch Granny

Elsa Crochet Doll
Boy Mouse Lovey
Girl Mouse Lovey
American Girl Doll Dresses for those little ones who have those dolls.

Tutorials: (I love the tutorials from Mikey at Crochet Crowd. He makes me laugh and he is very good).
4 Colour Granny Tutorial
2 Colour Granny Tutorial
How to Make Plarn - What is plarn? Plastic bags (from stores) cut up to create a yarn to make something else. The ultimate recycling. I have tons of these plastic bags from stores. I save them and we have used them as poo collectors from litter boxes and from the back yard. But creating yarn to make plastic seat covers for stadiums or grocery bags that is the best. What would you make with plarn?

Online Marine Biology
MIT Open Online Classes
What Anne Frank's Arrest Would Have Looked Like - I have a daughter who has become interested in all things WWII.
CrashCourse - good science info YouTube channel things that are great for science classes.
Moving Fish - Art Class
TED Speakers Reading List for Summer - this is just an idea and you can pick and choose as you see fit.
Music Theory with Oreos
Geometry - Properties of Quadrilaterals
Beethoven Piano Sonatas
Free Books 100 Legal Sites

Spooky Eyes for Trees or bushes

Zucchini Raviolis
Slow Cooker French Toast
Chocolate Chip Halva Challah
Five Amish Recipes
Peanut Butter Cup Crack Brownies

WIKILEAKS - they are releasing the information that shows things are not as they seem. Good link to have for research.

07 September 2016