05 December 2016

McKinley Library and Museum

This year for my daughter's and my birthday, we went to Berlin, OH. It is a slower pace and fun place to stay. It is nice to go slower for a few days. Take time to sit and be still and listen. Listen to each other, listen to God. We love to spend time up there and we don't tell anyone we are coming or going and just go. We wander the streets. We wander in the cemeteries, looking for family stones. We enjoy our time. This time we went to a Presidential Library and Museum. My husband had been there before we were together and this was the first time for the girls and I. We held and touched reptiles, explored and learned and had fun. It makes me appreciate my wonderful husband, knowing that he knows we are all about slowing down together.

Another place to try and visit sometime. If you have a COSI membership, you get a reduced or free admission (higher your membership level, the less you have to pay). 

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