17 January 2010

I am addicted to...

facebook. I know that is becoming more common with many people. I enjoy some of the games and then when I get on my children start demanding a turn. That doesn't mean there hasn't been things happening, but facebook cuts into other activities.

1. I am now sitting and watching out my back window for my neighbors to get lazy again. Their dogs attacked my daughter one Saturday in the new year. They had her cornered on the porch with her trying like mad to get into the house. The neighbor says "Sorry" like that is supposed to make all things better. Now, I sit where I can watch out the backyard more often with a camera ready to take photos of her dogs trespassing into my yard again. We are also plotting putting some nasty bushes along our border with some kind of fencing that you put on the ground and cuts up paws when walked on. I know that this is evil, but I have to protect my children and I refuse to give up my yard this summer, so that she can be a lazy dog owner. She has 3big dogs and 1 small dog, all mean.

2. I am busy with Girl Scouts. I am my daughter's leader and so we are selling cookies. They want to sell quite a few and so we have been walking and calling to sell cookies.

3. I am busy taking my daughter's to the library to get books for them to read or be read. Love the library.

4. I have been taking my daughter's (all three) to their basketball practices. Then to games on Saturday. My wonderful sister-in-law has been coming up from Kentucky on Saturday mornings that my husband works to help me get my oldest to her game. The younger two play at same times and different venue than their older sister.

5. I am helping my church's mission group with baskets for their silent auction. We are doing a knitted love and a dry ingredient cookie jars. This should prove interesting. They have to be finished this weekend. Wish me luck. I have finished 2 dishcloths for them and now if I could just finish a prayer shawl we would be going places.

6. My friend is having surgery on Jan 27th. She has to have her gall bladder removed because she has a lot of stones. My mother has to have surgery, but she is anemic and they are trying to find out why. Pray for them. Pray for the people of Haiti as they deal with all the losses they are experiencing. Help them to be patient as people come in to help them.

7. I am also busy reading. I love to read and so I read a book about Charlie Bone (the 1st in a series). It was a very good book. I am also reading a Dan Brown book, a G-Free book, a 101 Chicken Soup for the Souls book and a book from a series about ghosts (5th in the series).

Enjoy the photos below.

The first couple are photos of my oldest playing basketball on Saturday....I forgot to mention, she had the most rebounds!!!! Way to go, Honey!!!! My younger two are posed with their teams. The token girls look like boys, because they have very short hair. But short hair is best. Then I have a photo of my cats all on my bed and next to each other. Yay, cats!

07 January 2010

White Death is Upon Us

My husband and several others I know, call snow the "White Death." This is because if you turn to any news agency in the area they are acting like everyone is going to die or be trapped in their homes for weeks on end. When we first moved up to this area, my husband was solely responsible for shoveling the driveway and the sidewalk. Start laughing now. The first substantial snow of December arrived just in time for Christmas. I had just had the baby less than 4 weeks before and so I wasn't allowed to go sled riding, I wasn't allowed to shovel snow, etc. He took the girls (the older two) out for their first sled ride and he was grouchy! He didn't want to do it. He didn't want to be bothered. I persisted. I threatened (fine I'll take them, then you can take me back to the hospital). He went. Then he had fun! I took photos. It was a great event for all involved. He had to shovel the substantial (over 16 inches) of snow. He didn't do it. He let it accumulate and when he finally got around to it, he had a lot of work to do. He only made a path. From the front door to the cars and a small path for the cars to go up and down.

The next snows, I went out and shoveled. I took great care. When it was substantial, I shoveled for an hour, took a break (letting more snow land), went out shoveled more, break, etc. So when the snow finally stopped, I had the whole driveway finished and the sidewalk also. One year, my neighbor (I miss you Cathy) and I worked together to keep our drives and walkways clear. We had fun. We took girls sled riding together.

This year, we had our first snow on Tuesday (my younger two had their school canceled by a two hour delay). So we went out with our shovels and shoveled our driveway and sidewalk.

Last night (Wednesday), the weathermen and women, kept predicting that the white death was coming. Schools closed, called two hour delays. At 5 a.m. this morning (Thursday) no snow. 9 a.m. came and the snow has started. Not even an inch has accumulated yet. But the schools were cancelling right and left. They did not want the responsibility of the children.

Today, we will shovel our walks and driveway and the girls will sled ride and my coffee maker will get a work out making hot drinks (coffee in morning, decaf tea in the afternoon and evening). The hot chocolate is already being made.

So stay safe and warm and know that the white death is here.