01 January 2017

My Favorite Pages

I was looking at the pages that keep coming up showing patterns that I enjoy. It made me think, how many others would love to just go to the pages and search the patterns for themselves.

I will start with those I go to most often....

Ravelry I love this site. It is a great resource and I frequently point people to this site.

The Crochet Crowd - this is the site of Mikey and Diva Dan. They have facebook and twitter feeds and they are another wonderful resource and Mikey's YouTube Tutorials are the best.

ABC Knitting Patterns - Great resource for many different patterns.

Just Crafty Enough Lots of patterns and tutorials

Chicken Sttiches - Henya is a wonderfully creative knitter/crocheter. I have made her baby hat a few times (supposed to be like a breast for nursing mothers).

String Theory This has some really fun patterns. Check it out!

Free Vintage Crochet This is a wonderful resource site and has some old patterns.

Domestic Dash

Knitting with Schnapps

Little Theorem - I noticed that I am always saving her links (please note that I say her, but this could be a him/his/he).

Balls to the Walls - This is another site that I frequently go to to find patterns.

Moogly She has some wonderful patterns and tutorials and best of all some fantastic CALs. (CAL - Crochet A Long)

Kriskrafter - she has some really gorgeous scarves.

Knitting and So On

Heidi Bears

Undeniable Glitter gorgeous cowls and scarves

Woolpedia - this site is English, Dutch, German, Russian....

Alaska Knit Nat - she has a little bit of everything going on...going to have fun checking out her blog.

Repeat Crafter Me

Craft Yarn Council

My Hobby is Crochet - some good tutorials

Sewrella - she has some fun patterns on her page, including a Grinch.

Mama's Stitchery Project - more fun patterns.

Undeniable Glitter

Jessie At Home

Olives and Mermaids and Wine Oh My

Two Strands - Fantastic Pattern for Fair Isle Mittens

Lee Lee Knits

Fiber Flux

Things for Boys - the name is deceiving, but even if you only have girls, this is a good site.

Field Wonderful

Knits by Britt

Knitting and So On

Crochet Crosia Home

Winwick Mum - she has lots of sock patterns. I love socks.

Fitzbirch Crafts

Cotton and Cloud

Full of Beans and Sausages

Calleigh's Clips & Crochet

Jenn Likes Yarn

MNE Crafts

Crochet Hooks You

Vallie's Kids

Left Side of Crochet

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