28 December 2015

Still working on the Email

Yeah, I am still clearing out the email. I know that this is continuing, but there are really that many. I have patterns that I want to make for myself, my children, my husband, my nieces (from MD). My one sister says that she really likes the dishcloths that I made her and that due to use they need to be replaced. I guess I should get to work on that as Christmas is right around the corner. So many things to make and save. I am also working on my mom's recipe blog. My mom passed in August and there are recipes that we all want, so this way they are available to all of us. My brother wants a vegetable recipe, but I haven't found the one he wants yet, so I have to keep working on that. I also have 3 children who want to work on Tinkercad. It is a way for them to make something and then use a 3D printer to print what they made. But in order for the younger two to use it, I have to print a permission form and then send it back...yep, like that will happen. It is just easier to open one account (mine) and the let them work on it. We are fortunate that we have access to a 3D computer and there are people who can teach them how to use the different sites (safely) and print with the printer. They have learned how to write programs, also. Our library system is that good.

2 of my nieces have American Girl dolls and so patterns to make the dolls clothes are prime! I even have 1 niece who wants to knit so she can make things for her doll. I do love my nieces.

Afghan - Earth Toned Afghan
Afghan - Wavy Shell Blanket
Afghan - Summer Fence Baby Blanket
Afghan - Race Flag/Checkerboard
Afghan - Sherbert Surprise
Afghan - Rainbow Lace
Afghan - Bramble Cable Afghan
Afghan - Colorful Knit Throw
Afghan - Coffee And Cream
Afghan - Lacy Fan Throw
Afghan - Shell and Post Stitch Ripple
Afghan - Crochet Log Cabin Squares
Afghan - Cabin in the Woods
Afghan - Log Cabin Afghan  - 2
Afghan - for Baby Lacy Leaves You have to scroll to bottom to for the English version.
Afghan - Arrow Stitch
Afghan - Dutch Tile Squares
Afghan - Beginner Granny Square - I have been making granny squares for a long time. But for those who don't know and want a simple version....this one is pretty and simple.
Afghan - Country Flowers Throw
Afghan - Country Cozy Afghan
Afghan - Candy Swirls - for baby
Afghan - Retro Rainbow - for baby
Afghan - Contemporary Stash Buster Throw
Afghan - Colors of Sunshine

American Girl - Poncho
American Girl - Scarf

Baby - Mitts 

Bags - Summer Day Beach Bag
Bags - Beach Bag
Bags - Hexagonal Market Bag
Bags - Easy Coin Purse

Beach - Colorful Mat
Beach - Souvenir Jar

Christmas - Angel Topper
Christmas - Knit Candy Cane  - Uses yarn scraps

Dishcloth - Moms Rule - love this cloth! I made it as a gift for my sister one year.
Dishcloth - Dads Rule  - I made this cloth for my bil as a gift the same year I made the other for my sister.
Daffodils Dishcloth
Dishcloth - Starfish

Draft Dodger - Broom Handle
Draft Dodger - Essential

Hanging Luminaries

Hat - Men's Cabled Hat
Hats - Hot Air Balloon Hats - Baby hats.
Hats - Jester Baby Hat
Hats - Butterfly Beret
Hats - Lazy River Beanie
Hat - Cladach
Hats - Jingle Bells for Family
Hat - Crochet Santa
Hat - Bostonian Hat and Scarf (MA)
Hat - Snowstorm Crochet Hat

Hooded Towel - Monster's Inc.

Hotpads - Flower
Hotpads - Fruity - has a tutorial with it.

Links - for Mittens

Mittens - Wicked Knit

Phone Cozy - Olivia the Owl

Pin Cushion - Cactus
Pin Cushion - Posey

Place Holder - Apple

Pouch - Crochet Owl

Scarf - Biased Opinion Scarf
Scarf - Katydid Drop Scarf
Scarf - Jubilee
Scarf - Allegras
Scarf - Makin' Bacon Scarf
Scarf - Hooded
Scarf - Silver Dollar Skinny
Scarf - Crochet Poinsettia
Scarf - Celtic Cable - After I made my first cable scarf, I was hooked. I loved making the cables and learning the new technique.
Scarf - Party
Scarf - Scrap Love

Shawl - Beloved
Shawl - Bluebell
Shawl - Autumn
Shawl - Summer
Shawl - Downton Abbey
Shawl - Crochet
Shawl - Valentine
Shawl - Oak Leaves
Shawl - Mystic Forest - Beautiful, very lacy.
Shawl - Popcorn
Shawl - Aeolian
Shawl - Summer Morning

Socks - Heart Lace Socks
Socks - 2 Needle Lace Socks
Socks - Diamond Pattern
Socks - Summer

Tiny Knits - Mittens
Tiny Knits - Glove
Tiny Knits - Toys
Tiny Knits - Knitting Bag

Towel - Don't Panic
Towel - Kitchen Hangers - these are made using part of a kitchen towel and the top is knitted and a button added so it can hang from handles.

Toys - Dino the Dinosaur
Toys - Little Black Owl
Toys - Knit Monkey
Toys - Snakes and Adders
Toys - Tuck the Turtle
Toys - Soccer Ball - this is knit and would be good for indoors, but not out.
Toys - Tiny Seal

Vest - Unique Shell Vest

23 December 2015

Homeschool Links

I have been saving links for Homeschooling for awhile now because you never know what you will need when you need it. I know that I have been movies and educational shows more because of the illness. Hard to focus and do good work or talk when you are coughing. So we had been supplementing. But I found earlier where there are things that you can use to match up with books, movies, and tv shows.

25 Links for Homeschooling
Little Free Library - These are little boxes scattered across the country to make books available to people who cannot get to a real building.
Maps of the US - different way to look at the US through maps.

Science - Wind doesn't blow, but pull
Science - 6 simple experiments

Library - Questions asked of Librarians before Internet

Art - How to Make Snowflakes

Math - How learning changes one's brain

More Idiocy from State of OH Senator

Things she should be thinking about....
    1. Change CPS (Child Protective Services). Those poor people are severely overworked and that makes it hard for them to get to all the children they have to investigate. Just to give an idea...If you have to home visit each child, how many can you see in one day? Remember you will be going from house to house. Don't forget there are probably times they have shown up and the people are not there. How do you visit then? You keep coming back. Teachers, are limited to 30 students (in our district) per class. They actually try to keep it lower than that, but they are limited to 30 at a time. How can you expect CPS workers to have a much larger group when they have to go from home to home? How long do they have to spend in each house and how often do they have to have a police officer(s) with them? Lighten their load. Make it possible for there to be more workers so that they are able to keep up with most endangered kids.
     2. Right now, if a child and their parent(s) move from one place to another (aka one county to another) their file does not follow. That should change, especially those that are deemed the most in danger (those who have a parent with a non-parent in the home). Isn't that what has been found to be the worst? I know that a poor baby in Butler County was murdered by the boyfriend (not the husband or father) of the mother. The child that has caused this Senator to keep wanting to make a new law was also in a home where the mother had custody and was living with a not blood related man who was not married to her. They moved county to county and the record did not follow. This allowed them to dodge the CPS workers.
     3. Do not penalize a parent for homeschooling/eschooling his/her child. They had a reason. Maybe the school was falling down on the job, like the ones in my district. Bullying was so bad that children were becoming depressed or just so stressed that they could not focus or do well in school. In some cases, the bullying pushes a child to such a deep depression that they kill themselves. That is not good for anyone. It harms the survivors more than anyone would have ever believed. Do not make it so bad for a parent to enroll their child into any school or suddenly you will find that more kids are going to disappear from the school system. Isn't that what decides who gets money? Especially from the federal government who brought us the horrible Common Core.

18 December 2015

More and More and More from the Email

I still have over 2300 emails to go through in my yahoo account. But I am encouraged as I got this down from the original amount of 2617! Yep, I had that many. But by removing the emails and saving the links that I really wanted and why I saved them to begin with, this is a good thing.

Afghan - Old Fashioned Evergreen Blanket
Afghan - Cozy Yuletide Squares Blanket
Afghan - Log Cabin Arrow Throw
Afghan - Festive Step Ladder Throw
Afghan - Primrose Blanket
Afghan - Seaside Stripes Blanket
Afghan - Stormy Weather Blanket
Afghan - Colorful Windchime Afghan
Afghan - Eyelet Parfait Afghan

Baby - Zoey's Baby Blanket
Baby - Fast Preemie and Baby Hats
Baby - Double Diamond Baby Blanket
Baby - Checkerboard Blanket

Bags - Hexagonal Market Bag
Bag - Melon Market Bag

Bath - Soap Sacks
Bath - Wash Cloth Hearts

Cat - Catnip Bunny Toy

Christmas - Bright Star Ornament
Christmas - Snowflake Ornament
Christmas - Fair Isle Stocking
Christmas - Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornament
Christmas - Knit Mitten Ornament
Christmas - Santa Gnome
Christmas - Minutia
Christmas - Holly Berries Afghan
Christmas - Victorian Ornaments Afghan
Christmas - Crochet Patterns Trees
Christmas - Tiny Toques Ornaments
Christmas - Even More Tiny Toques Ornaments
Christmas - Heart Ornament
Christmas - Elf Ornament
Christmas - Links for more oranments
Christmas - Bear Ornament
Christmas - Knit Candy Cane

Dishcloth - Rainbow Dishcloth
Dishcloth - Logcabin Dishcloth - this is a really fun pattern and I may have this one a few times.

Dog - Quick Dog Coat

Gloves - Knit Gloves
Gloves - Candy Striped Texting Gloves
Gloves - Rolling Thunder Gloves

Hats - Santa Hat for Kids
Hats - Fall Warmer Kit (Hat and Mitts)
Hats - Fair Isle Hat - Cerulan
Hats - Stepping Stones Beanie
Hats - Classic Hat
Hats - People Heater Hat
Hats - Cable Banded Hat
Hats - Fireball Hat and Armwarmers
Hats - Wickerwork Hat
Hats - Katherine Hat
Hats - Classic Ear Flap Hat
Hats - Crochet Slouch Beanie
Hats - Spiral Knit Hat

Mittens - Children's Mittens
Mittens - Whimsical Fox Mittens
Mittens - Simple, Easy Mittens
Mittens - Knit Mittens
Mittens - Fantastic Family Mittens
Mitts - U Turn Mitts - very cool construction
Mitts - Luscious Long Wristers
Mitts - Quick and Easy Fingerless Mitts
Mitts - One Skein Lace Mitts
Mitts - OMG Fingerless Mitts
Mitts - Adeline Fingerless Mitts

Scarf - Purple Eve's Scarf
Scarf - Leaft Scarf - very pretty
Scarf - Cable Scarf
Scarf - Lovely Leaf Lace
Scarf - Lime Lightning Linen Scarf
Scarf - Fiery Dragon Scarf

Scrubby - Fresh Peppermint Scrubby - uses the Red Heart Scrubby yarn.

Shawl - Midnight Magic Shawl
Shawl - Unforgettable Top Down Shawl
Shawl - Goddess Shawl
Shawl - Asymmetrical Shawl
Shawl - Cora Shawl
Shawl - Wrapped in Clouds Shawl
Shawl - Beloved Shawl
Shawl - Passion Summer Shawl

Slippers - Flower Slippers
Slippers - Slipper Socks
Slippers - Loafer Slippers
Slippers - Pound Puppy Slippers
Slippers - Starlight Women's Slippers
Slippers - Soccasins
Slippers - Crocodilly Mocs

Socks - Yoga Socks
Socks - Basketweave and Braid Socks
Socks - 2 Needle Lace Socks
Socks - Lotus Blossom Socks
Socks - Anastasia Socks

Square - Teddy Bear Square

Stitches - Links to Basic Crochet Stitches

Toys - Tweed Owl
Toys - Links to really cool patterns for toys - Like Stitch, Elmo, Flying Pigs, etc.

Woohoo, it is now at 2288! I know that if I continue to work on it it will finally be finished. But for now, I am excited. A little at a time and it goes down. The other thing is that I save the links from the new emails so that the count doesn't build up too much while I am working on the old ones.

16 December 2015

More from the Email

Yes, I am still working on cleaning out my email. I have been busy running the girls to their various activities and this means I spend a lot of time on the road and then when I am finished I have things that I have to do around the house. I am also making cookies for Christmas this year. I don't plan on giving any to certain people, and for the diabetic family, I will make some special sugar free cookies after Christmas. By then I should be able to get the items I need to make sugar - free cookies without using sugar or Splenda or things like that. I have noticed that our local Kroger has been out of items that I usually purchase and I have to go back more often than I would like. But I can handle it, but I didn't like the new manager's attitude that it was because of our location rather than order foul ups or low amounts available. I think I will be talking to the general manager and see what can be accomplished there instead. Let's start with the count (keeping in mind that it increases with new emails, but I am trying to clear those as they come in, rather than accumulating like I did with the old emails), it is 2360 (and it is Saturday). When posted (Wednesday), the count is 2314! Yay! I am slowly getting there! I also found some of my favorite designers, I remembered the pattern, but forgot their names.

I am saving this whole site, because she has so much on it that I have made and loved to make. RaAnn is very talented and I am grateful for her site Wicket Stitch Handcrafts.

Afghan - Ocean Ripple Baby Afghan
Afghan - Summer Fence Baby Blanket
Afghan - Seed Stitch Checkerboard Afghan
Afghan - Stripes and Waves Afghan
Afghan - Foolproof Crochet Afghan
Afghan - Sherbert Surprise Afghan
Afghan - In a Pinch
Afghan - Traditional Cable Knit Afghan
Afghan - Lizard Ridge - wow so pretty!
Afghan - Blue and White
Afghan - Rhythm in Cables

Baby - Seven Stripe Baby Afghan
Baby - Textured Baby Hat
Baby - Baby Cable Hat - newborns or preemies
Baby - Simple Lines Afghan
Baby - Dreamcatcher Afghan
Baby - Tiffany Lace Blanket - It can be made from small for baby to extra large for adults. Very pretty.
Baby - Block Baby Blanket
Baby - Radiating Squares Baby Blanket
Baby - Tricolor Squares Blanket

Bag - Gardening Bag
Bag- Trio Knit Bag
Bag - Hippie Purse
Bag - Hobo Bag
Bag - Beginner Tote
Bag - Lightweight Shopping Bag
Bag - Waves Tote Bag
Bag - Green Grocery Bag
Bag - Tote made from plastic bags
Bag - Shopping Bag
Bag - Market Bag
Bag - Hexagonal Market Bag
Bag - Water Bottle Bag - another that I will have to print soon. I drink a lot of water and this would be nice for when I am out with the kids.

Baskets - Stash Baskets

Beach - Mat and Bag

Bookmark - Rainbow Trout Bookmark

Christmas - Lily the Christmas Elf - another to print.

Dishcloth - Butterfly
Dishcloth - Starfish
Dishcloth - Waffle Knit
Dishcloth - Springtime
Dishcloth - Posy
Dishcloth - Flowerburst
Dishcloth - Airforce
Dishcloth - Army - I have made many of these as gifts for men I know who were in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the Army
Dishcloth - Eagle Attack
Dishcloth - Butterfly in Flight
Dishcloth - Navy Eagle - I have made some of these, also, but then I am a wife of a Navy man.
Dishcloth - Flutterby Fairy Cloth
Dishcloth - Caduceus Staff - I have people in my family who are doctors and nurses. Also, friends. Great gift. I am grateful to RaAnn for her talent in making these patterns.
Dishcloth - US Seabee
Dishcloth - Leprechaun and Pot of Gold - I made this one also and gave it as a gift.
Dishcloth - US Marines
Dishcloth - Witch in Flight - perfect for Halloween.
Dishcloth - Grim Reaper
Dishcloth - Rose
Dishcloth - Coast Guard
Dishcloths - by Emily

Easter - Peeps
Easter - Egg Cozies
Easter - Bunny
Easter - Bunny with Candy Pouch
Easter - Baskets
Easter - Egg Ornaments
Easter - Edmund the Easter Bunny
Easter - Fuzzy Lamb

Flowers - Anemone
Flowers - Asiatic Lily
Flowers - Balloon
Flowers - Calla Lily
Flowers - Carnations
Flowers - Columbine
Flowers - Daisy
Flowers - Impatiens
Flowers - Iris
Flowers - Kaffer Lily
Flowers - Moonbeam
Flowers - Orchids
Flowers - Roses

Gloves - Traveling Cable Hand Warmers

Hat - Slouchy
Hat - Bobcap
Hat - Cobblestone Cap
Hat - Lace Edge Chemo Caps
Hat - Two Feminine Chemo Caps
Hat - Ribbing and Lace Chemo Caps
Hat - Striped Chemo Hats
Hat - Headhuggers
Hat - Basic Adult Knitted Beanie
Hat - Free Striped Spiral Knit Hat
Hat - 14 Cable Hat
Hat - Super Pink Toddler Hat
Hat - Purple People Eater Hat - for kids.
Hat - Smurf Hat - for kids.
Hat - Garden Party Hat - small to large sizes
Hat - Butterfly Beret

Key Chains - Funny Crochet Charms

Kitchen - Spring Kitchen Set

Luggage Tags - will need to make these. I think the girls would like these on their luggage. My husband wants to get them their own luggage for future trips.

Mitts - Diamond Leaf Fingerless Mitts

Needle Vase - really cool way to store knitting needles

Poncho - Basic Summer Poncho

Potholder - Stir Me Up Potholder
Potholder - Easy Stripe Pot Holder

Scarf - Chevron Scarf
Scarf - Laure
Scarf - Papillon
Scarf - Oddball Scarf
Scarf - Zig Zag Scarf
Scarf - Month 11 - looks like a broomstick lace, but it is knit.
Scarf - Golden Wheat Scarf - month 9
Scarf - Art Deco Scarf
Scarf - Checkerboard Lace Scarf
Scarf - Hand Puppet Scarf
Scarf -Tomato Palindrome Scarf - very wide scarf and red.
Scarf - Grim Reaper Scarf - This could be a lot of fun.

Shawl - Greek Revival Shawl
Dragon Skin Wrap

Slippers - Scrap Yarn Crochet Slippers
Slippers - Easy Family Slippers
Slippers - Beginner Slippers
Slippers - Monster Eye Slippers - I will need to print this one soon. I think my kids would love them.

Socks - Best Sock Pattern
Socks - Staggered Stripe Socks
Socks - Toe Socks  - the really cool socks where each toe has it's own opening.
Socks - Summer Slice Socks

Tea Cozy - Beginners Tea Cozy

Toys - Blue Bunny
Toys - Miffed Bird - Black
Toys - Pokemon Pichu
Toys - Hello Kitty
Toys - Crochtopus
Toys - Antonio the Frog
Toys - Freddy the Froggy
Toys - Mood Doll

Plarn. What is it? It is yarn made from plastic bags you get from stores. It is fun to make and makes pretty sturdy items, like mats for homeless or bags for groceries. You can google how to make it.

While I am remembering, if you click on a link that isn't working, go to The Way Back Machine. This site is phenomenal! You can get to the site as it used to look before it was canceled. You can see what used to be posted. Remember, everything posted to the net is always there! There are ways to get it back, but this is one of my all time favorites.

12 December 2015

Finally, Less than 2400 Emails

Did I mention that I had a lot of emails that I saved with pattern links of things I might want to make? I also got nasty grams from yahoo. I understand why, I just wish there were a better way to get through them. It takes such a long time to go through the emails and see what I want to save and what work, still, and which don't and just sorting, but it is significantly less than what it was. It doesn't help that I get about 100 new emails a day and I have to sort through those, too. Then I have 3 children and 1 husband who take over the computer when I move away from it to do something else, like clean, dishes, laundry, etc.

Blue and White Afghan
Rosebud Afghan
Domino Afghan
Dutch Tile Afghan
Bear Claw Throw
Bramble Cable Afghan
Log Cabin Afghan
Leaf Afghan
By the Sea Afghan
Embossed Diamonds Afghan
Carnival Afghan
Rainbow Afghan
Pussy Foot Blanket
Circles in Rectangles
Foolproof Afgan
Multicolored Throw
Ocean Crochet Afghan
Easy Afghan for Him
Country Cozy Afghan
Arctic Throw
Bear Claw Throw
Phoenix Diagonal Blanket
Honeycomb Waves Afghan
Red Cable Blanket
Stained Glass Ripple Afghan
Stripes and Waves Afghan
Zig Zag Spread
Bee Hive Afghan

Modern Baby Afghan
Panda Cotton Entrelac Hat - the hat is very pretty, but is made with Panda Cotton, not looking like a panda.
Baby Mocs
Bootie Go Bragh
Crocodile Baby Afghan
Easy Heart Baby Throw
Baby Mitts  - So very cute!

Thrifty Market Bag
Melon Pocket Bag
Market Bag
Easy Mesh Market Bag

Knit Pilot Hat
Lil Pumpkin Hat

Christmas Angel
Christmas Mouse Ornament
The "Balm" Stocking - little stocking big enough to hold a lip balm (in a tube)
Knit Elf Ornament
Christmas Tree Garland - I will need to make 3 of these for my girls, for their small trees.
Crochet Christmas Balls - there is a crochet cover for a plain (colored or white or clear) glass ball.
Crochet Angel
Santa Hat - I may have to make one of these, I have one daughter who loves to wear these hats.
Snowflake Garland
Festive Snowman Garland
Crochet Mermaid Ornament
Trio of Angels
Angel Wings and Halo - photo props for new babies.
Gingerbread Crochet Ornament
Crochet Angel Topper
Angel Bells - "It's a Wonderful Life" connection
Scrap Buster Hat - "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" likeness
Phannie Beret - "Miracle on 34th Street" likeness
Santa's Helpers Apron
Christmas Bauble

Easy Knit Summer Tank

Easter Bell
Blue Bunny
Easter Chick

Simple Crochet Ear Warmer
Cozy Winter Headband
Snood Headband
Colors of the Night Ear Warmer
Grey Slouch Beanie
Crochet Ear Warmer
North Star Hat
Montera Slouchy Hat
Easy Knit Headband/Ear Warmer
Butterfly Beanie
Hugs and Kisses Hat

Orla Mittens
Sweetheart Mittens
Line by Line Mittens
Diagonal Eyelet Hand Warmers
Wicked Knit Mittens
Diamond Leaf Fingerless Mitts

Sushi Scarf
Seashells Scarf
Winter Snowflake Scarf
Green Valley Leaf Motif
Pink and Purple Crochet Scarf
Subway Scarf
Stripes and Hearts Scarf
Fitzgerald Scarf
Flit + Float Scarf
Scarves to Throws Month 8
Checkerboard Lace Scarf

Bamboo Wedding Shawl
Flower Triangle Shawl
Aeolian Shawl
Icelandic Sunrise Shawl
Escapist Shawl
Oaklet Shawl
Mochi Plus Shell Lace Stole
Mystic Forest Shawl
Beachy Wrap
Breezy Shawl

Mary Jane Slippers
Holiday Slippers
Crocodilly Mocs

Tulip Socks
Anastasia Socks
Daffodil Socks - Baby

Sleepy Owl Toy
Crochet Owl Toy
Adorkable Monster
Baby Gators
Chocolate Bunny
Cookie Monster
Furry Monster
Seamus the Owl
Monster Chunks
Flower Power Elephants
Pomp Poodle
Moby Dick
Spring Doll
Freddy the Frog
Crabby the Crab
Butterfly Plushie
Bee Plushie

Just for Fun:
Beer Cap Hot Pad - I don't drink beer and my husband doesn't drink that much beer. I would need to find a party to get them from.

At the end of 12/7/2015 I got the number down to 2388! I will try to do a nightly total of how many I removed. I am just happy when I can see progress on the lowering of the emails.

At the end of 12/8/2015 I had 3 more emails come in with links. I was able to get the count down to 2380.

At the end of 12/9/2015 I received 5 more emails. I was able to get the count down to 2365! Yeah, progress!

At the end of 12/10/2015 I received 4 more emails with links, I was able to get the count down to 2362.
12/11/2015 I received 6 more, but I didn't work on this.
At the end of 12/12/2015 I received 6 more emails and I was able to reduce them to 2359.

07 December 2015

Kitchen, Bath & Home

Links to things for kitchen, mostly dishcloths. My email just seems to take a very long time to get through them. I have a lot and I need to pare them down.


Basic Cotton Dishcloth
Daisy Stitch Washcloth
Cheerful Dishcloth
Easy Dishcloth
Magical Healing Dishcloth
Easy Ombre Dishcloth
Simple Dishcloth
Waffle Dishcloth
Sweetheart Dishcloth
Valentine Dishcloth
Never Forget Dishcloth
Rainy Day Washcloth
Sunrise Illusion Cloth
Water Drops Illusion Cloth
Yellow Knit Road Cloth
Vintage Illusion Cloth
Eighth Note Illusion Cloth
Star Dishcloth
St. Patrick's Day Cloth
Log Cabin Washcloths
Entra Fake Dishcloth
Hugs and Kisses Washcloth
Patchwork Dishcloth


Crochet Market Bag

Coffee Coaster

Pot Holders

Tea Pot Cozy

US States (More)

I have found that there is a lot of things that is related to our great country's states. There are knitting or crochet patterns that use a state in the title of the pattern or it has an image of the state or something related to some symbol of the state (i.e. Kentucky is the Bluegrass State and state bird is a cardinal, etc). There is also reading related to the US States as well. Since my original post was so popular and pretty far back (about 2 years or so), I will start another here:

Colorado River Throw
Madison Scarf Inspired by the rivers in Montana
Aspen Leg Warmers - Colorado
Hudson Bay Inspired Scarf - NY
AL Hat
AK Flag Hat
AK Color Homesocks
AK Short Socks
Silly Puppy Slippers
Nippy Weather Cable Scarf - English version. The original is in Polish.
AZ Lace Socks
AZ Flip Flop Socks
AZ Mitts - Saguaro Mitts is the true name. Whenever I see this name, I think of the story a friend told me of someone who had trouble saying the name of this cactus and called the sugaroos.
AR Dishcloth - free download from Ravelry.com
CA Ranch Afghan
CA Dreamin' Clogs

More From the Email

I am still slowly working on emptying out my yahoo account. It seems insurmountable, but that would be my fault entirely as I didn't try to save these somewhere else at another time. I didn't work on it as they came in but they built up. Some of the links in the email are no longer valid, some just don't interest me any longer, some just don't show up with links any longer. That is good. They are easier to get rid of. There are many duplicate patterns. Many duplicates. But this helps to get it down.


Field of Flowers Afghan
Red Cable Afghan
Crocheted Monkey Blanket
Log Cabin Crochet Afghan - This is one I really want to make for my husband. Shhh don't tell.
Manly Man Throw
Easy Man's Afghan
Crochet Race Flag
Coffee and Cream Afghan
Checkers Game Afghan
Blue and White Afghan
Basketweave Twists Afghan
Autumn Granny Afghan
Manly Ripple Afghan
Wave Blanket - Really pretty
Knit Cable Stitch Afghan
Bright Posies Throw
Stars & Stripes Throw
Seashell Afghan Square
Snowflake Afghan
Diamond Afghan
Winter Star Afghan Square
Northern Motif Afghan
Colorful Knit Throw
Easy Lap Blanket
Bold and Bright Lapghan
Stained Glass Ripple Afghan
Evergreen Afghan

April Fools:

Knit Toilet Paper - I made this and used it several times as a prank. Left it at my dad's one time and haven't seen or heard about it since.


Baby Bunny Hat - Premie
Baby Mitts - Super Cute. Need to make several pairs.
Owlie Sleep Sack
Rock Candy Hat - Another super cute pattern.
Rib Knit Cable Hat
Diamond Trellis Baby Hat
Lace Baby Beanie
Entrelac Baby Afghan
Blanket and Hat
Star Afghan
Textured Tootsies


Summer Beach Bag


Knit Hat & Scarf
Adventure Hat


Berroco Knits Snowflake
Crochet Light Bulb Ornaments
Mr & Mrs Christmas Mouse
Santa Bear
Snowman & Friend
Murray the Reindeer
Rudolf the Reindeer Hat
Rory the Reindeer Ornament
Star Ornament
Star of Bethlehem Ornament

Gloves/Mittens/Fingerless Mitts:

Super Easy Wrist Warmers/Fingerless Mitts
Tweedy Mittens
Nereid Fingerless Gloves
Endpaper Mitts
PT Reyes Fingerless Mitts
Carrie Handwarmers
Mixed Wave Mitts


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03 December 2015


My youngest and I are 2 days apart for birthdays. I had been wanting to take the children to the Cleveland Zoo and so for my husband agreed that if our youngest and I could agree, we could go to the zoo for our birthdays. I had been to the Cleveland Zoo when I was in High School. The only thing I could remember about the zoo was that we rode on the tram. This was a huge thing because we never rode the tram out the zoo near where I grew up, The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. To ride the train, the carousel or the tram, you had to pay and my parents didn't pay for that. We would walk up and down the hills. Not a huge thing as the hills were what we lived on and we walked them all the time. So riding a tram at a zoo was a huge event. So we went to the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo. Here is an interesting thing, they would only allow us to use 2 adults on one pass for half price. 1 child for half price. Then we would have had to pay full price for the other 2 adult passes (yes, we were viewed as having 4 adults, even though we had 3 children...2 over the age of 12). Fortunately, we have passes to 2 different zoos, Cincinnati and Columbus, so we were able to have all of us get in with half price admissions. We then wondered the whole zoo. We even rode the tram. It seems that to get up to one area of the zoo, you ride a tram, because they close the walkway when there is snow or ice on it. Yep, there was snow! The day was gorgeous. It was a bit chilly, but gorgeous and sunny. We had so much fun wondering around the zoo and it was not crowded at all. Very few people were there on that Tuesday. It seems they also offered the zoo free for all on Thanksgiving day. We also learned that if you live in Cleveland, you prove that you live there and you can get in for free. Nice!

This is a rock in the center of a stream near where my uncle is buried. It is very pretty and restful here. 

This African Elephant had an infection in the area of the one tusk and it had to be removed. He was brought to the zoo from Africa. 

Reindeer. Truth: Females keep their antlers during the winter months. Males shed their antlers. 

Grizzly Bear

Black Bears

Snow Leopard. 

I just liked this plant. 

My oldest loves snakes. 

These birds walked in front of us.