23 October 2010

Photos from my husband's birthday

As promised here are some photos from my husband's birthday. We went to the Columbus Zoo for his day. This is my husband with his girls. They love that he chose going to the zoo for his day.
These are the girls. Every sculpture at the zoo was a photo op.
My youngest DD, looking at the turtles in the tank in the reptile house.
My middle DD with her elephant ear headband. She is very tired from all the walking and she is also very hungry.
This is my oldest DD, she is adding to her snake collection!

We had a great day at the zoo and had lots of fun, wandering through. But now it is official my older DDs are too tall to play on the playgrounds! Not much fun for them.

16 October 2010


Today is my husband's birthday. We spent the morning with basketball evaluations. Then we went up to the Columbus Zoo. It was a gorgeous day. We spent about 5 hours at the zoo today and still have not seen all there is to see. But we have learned that our poor older girls (at 55") are too tall for the play areas at the zoo. They did get to ride a horse (the youngest got to ride a miniature horse). They got to go on a train ride (nice little ride). We had a great day. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his day (even if we had to do basketball before we could do what he wanted to do). For now, I am going to finish laundry and then I am going to bed! Have a good weekend all. I'll post some photos from our day after I download them to my computer and sort through all of them (the girls were allowed to take photos also, so I have to review them first).

04 October 2010

The Nicole Alexandra Hat

I was bound and determined to knit a hat for my neice and DD3. They are both about the same age (my neice is 6 weeks older than my daughter). So I am lucky that they wear the same sizes. So I called this hat the Nicole Alexandra Hat for the girls. This hat will fit a child with a head circumference of 21".

Nicole Alexandra Hat

US 5 dpn and circular (16 in) - I started with circular and moved to the dpns on row 73.

Pink Sport Yarn 220 yds. You may or may not need all of it. Color is the favorite of the child.

4” = 24 sts
4” = 32 rows

Circumference of Head = 21”

Cast on 126
Join and place stitch marker
Row 1 - 70: K3, P3 (rib) continue to end of Row 70 (you can stop anywhere from 60 to 70 depending on the child).
Row 71: K1, K2tog, P1, P2tog to end of row (84 sts)
Row 72: Knit to end of row
Row 73: K2tog, P2tog to end of row (42 sts)
Row 74: Knit to end of row
Row 75: K2tog, repeat to end of row (21 sts)
Row 76: Knit to end of row
Row 77: K2tog until 6 stitches remain.
Close by cutting long end and then drawing through remaining stitches and weaving ends to finish.

Give this a try and let me know how they turn out. I like the ribs on this hat and they hold well to the child's head. My DD likes a shorter hat and my neice likes the longer hat. Have fun with this hat. Change colors, add stripes. Make this your own.

02 October 2010

Some more finished projects

I finished a few things. A hat for my DD3. It is pink (her favorite color) and it is shorter because she doesn't like it being folded, so it is long enough to fold but short enough that it won't stick up that much should she decide not to fold it over.

I finished another hat for my friend's baby. But it didn't fit. It was too small. That is okay. I have never knitted for a baby before. I have crocheted, I have made counted cross stitch, never knitted, so I am still learning.

I finished a crochet border felt blanket for my neice. I made one for her about a year ago and I was told that she liked the blanket. With the divorce of her parents it is missing. I decided that I needed to make her a new one.

I made a short scarf for a friend of mine. I put a slit in the scarf to allow her to slip the scarf through and she wouldn't have to have so much scarf to cover her neck (given that she is kind of on the short side). Another scarf that I will give to a friend's daughter. She likes browns. It will be easy to wash, especially given that she likes to ride horses and is in college.

I am working on another hat for my neice (to look like the one I made my daughter, just longer). I am working on a few dishcloths. I hope that I can get some more items finished so that I can post pictures soon. But for now I am dealing with pink eye and a broken washing machine. It conked out on Monday, the repairman comes resets it. Shows me how to reset it and then leaves. It works for 4 days and then today of all days it stops during a wash cycle. The towels are drenched. I have to haul all the clothes and wet towels to the laundromat and run them there. I bring them home and am drying them now so that I can put them away. Good things about the laundromat: 1. The people are nice. 2. The wash is completed quickly. 3. I can get some knitting finished. Bad things about the laundromat: 1. It cost $8 to wash two loads of laundry. I had to haul it out and home. 3. I had to wait for my husband to come from the YMCA with the girls because my vehicle is the only completely enclosed and has enough room for three girls (he bought a truck with an open back and can only hold 1 girl comfortably).

Have a good evening.