26 January 2017

Hats, Hats, Hats!

Hats are a great project. They are quick, simple (sometimes) or complex, fun, colorful, plain, and can be anything the person wants or needs. They are small and easy to transport and easy to work on anywhere. They are even good for working on while out and about in the summer months. I love hats. I love to make them and my kids love to wear them. What do you like to make?

Burgundy Breeze Cable Hat
Blushing Beret
Shamrock Cable Hat
Mommy and Me Hats
Seamless Fair Isle Hat
Glitter Blizzard Hat
Classic Ear Flap Hat
Baby Hat it is also pinky shorts and other things to make a set.
Chemo Cap
Sunset Beanie
Cat Ear Hat
North Shore Hat
Sloping Roads Hat
Chunky Cable Hat
Five Pillars Hat
Katherine Hat
Winter Warrior Ear Flap Hat
Favorite Winter Set Hat
Favorite Textured Knit Hat
Dad Hat
Child Ear Flap Hat
Cable Knit Pixie Hat
Radiant Orchid Pom Hat
Crocodile Stitch Capuche Hood
Wintry Rose Hat
Great Gatsby Cloche
Anthro Inspired Hat
Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie
Butterfly Pearl Scallop Hat
Lolly Poms Ribbed Beanie
Earflap Hat
Baby Beanie
Unconventional Aviator Hat
Peppermint Kisses Beanie
Snowy Ridges Hat

24 January 2017

Winter, Spring, Winter, Spring

It has been an interesting few weeks, with the weather. It starts out cold and we might see some snow, not enough to sled, but enough to look a little pretty. Then it warms up and is raining. Glad that it was warm and rain and not cold and snow. It would have been so very deep.

I am currently working on cold sheeping again, more to make room for those gorgeous Caron Cakes. I love the colors and the feel of the cakes. I know that I have to be careful and not make anything for a few friends of mine as they are allergic to wool, but that is easy enough. I also know that there are many out there who do not like the Cakes. That is personal preference. I also know that there are people out there buying the Cakes at great prices and selling them for outrageous prices. I won't spend that kind of money. I will wait and buy a little here or there as I find colors that I like. I am making hats and scarves for my family (and by that I mean my in-laws and my girls). They have chosen colors that they like and now I just need to work on them. I have finished a blanket and a shawl. The blanket was for my middle girl and the shawl is for me. I get so cold at night and just need things to wrap up in so I can work on the other WIPs that I want to get finished. I work on things a little at a time.

I finished a fair few books for the year so far. I am on track with the Bible reading. I read a little ahead and then work on something else. I have also been on the hunt for a pattern for some yarn that I want to use up and I think I found something to work on.

With my sister-in-law in town I learned that in her area, Virginia and Maryland, you have to bring your own bags to the store every time as the store will charge you five cents a bag. So I am going to hunt up some good bag patterns to make her some bags for shopping so she can save some money. I live in Ohio and shop in both Ohio and Kentucky. We don't have to carry bags with us and we don't have to pay for bags. The only store that I have to have my own bags for is Aldi. I have many bags in my car and I use them and then put them back in my car. I have had to write my name on the bags as I have had some woman argue that the bags were hers and that I was taking them from her. I also need to replace some of my bags as they are falling apart. I have had them for quite some time and I do tend pack heavy.

New Favorite Afghan
Brown and Gray Lapghan
Tropical Pineapple Square
Blushing Cables Crochet Throw
Cherry Wine Afghan
Optical Illusion Square
Irish Lace
Cat Lady Afghan - One of my girls would love this, a great deal.
Squaring Big Circle....with Tutorial
Prince Protea Granny...with Tutorial
Peppermint Mocha Square
16 Circles Square
Granny Mini Octagons
Sophie Universe - I love how this uses colors.
Magic Poinsettia Granny
Fish Scales Tunisian Throw
Double the Fun Reversible Throw
Arrowhead Afghan
Log Cabin Arrow Throw
Mitered Granny Square
Granny Chevron Blanket
Joyous Squares - NEW to the blog and they are beautiful!
Swirling Fans Crochet Lace
Striped Spirals Throw
Full Bloom Granny...with tutorial
Blooming Hexagon
Darrell's Hexagon
Blushing Cables

Crabby Patsy
American Girl Lace Dress
Dolls of Many Nations Hawaii Dress
Lalaloopsy Doll Shoes
Starlight Hand Doll

Silly Spider Hat - for anyone who really follows....this is NEW. I have not posted this before and I think it is fun.
Fluffy Meringue Baby Afghan - Baby afghans can be increased to be lapghans or even more to be an afghan or throw for an adult or very tall teen.
Kitten Mittens for toddlers. They are adorable. This is also NEW for my blog.
Elephant Hat
Crochet Lion Lovie
Sesame Street Hats - super cute hats of the muppet characters.
Hat and Cocoon....Very Hungry Caterpillar
Besos Baby Blanket

Totes McGoats
Owl Coin Purse so many things to learn with this! Absolutely adorable.
Mesmerizing Mini Bag from Moogly Blog.

Holiday Bird Ornament - could be lots of fun for outdoor trees.
Spiral Crochet Ornaments
Santa Ornament uses kreink yarns....sparkly wire style yarns.
Holiday Cables Throw
Victorian Ornaments Afghan

Swiss Check Scarf
Winter Leaves Scarf
Regal Ruby Knit Scarf - super scarf....meaning very long and wide, but it can be adjusted, just read the pattern first.
Hooded Scarf
Braided Cables Winter Scarf
Irish Mesh Cowl

Beginner Thumb Mittens

Flower Texture Headband
Anna Hat
Shamrock Green Cable Knit Hat

Majestic Skies Shawl
Cinnamon Fling Wrap
Flamenco Shawl
Calypso Shawl
Razor Shell Lace Shawl
Mt Vernon Shawl

Men's Ribbed Socks
Cabled Slippers
Hybrid Slipper Socks

22 January 2017

Coolest Christmas Gift!

My youngest sister-in-law lives in Virginia and works in Washington, DC.

When I first married my husband, she gave us a Christmas ornament that I thought was wonderful. I have loved all of them since. They are from The White House Historical Association. I have them saved and we look at them every year. This year's ornament is my favorite by far. It is to commemorate Herbert Hoover's years. Best by far, so far! Thanks, Jodi. We love it.

19 January 2017

Time to Start for Christmas

Once Christmas is over and the New Year has past, it is time to begin working on the new Christmas. My girls and husband love to decorate for Christmas, but we have cats, plural, cats. We have 2 that would be thought of as bush cats, they don't climb and they wouldn't climb a tree. Then we have 2 cats that would be thought of as tree cats and, yes, they would climb a tree. I know this because one year, after we got the first tree cat, he climbed the tree taking it down. I had put some very old ornaments, and very fragile, on the tree. They broke when the tree came down with the cat on it. Now, we have two tree cats and I haven't put up a tree since then. I have purchased small trees for my girls and the youngest cat, chewed through the wires and now they won't light up. Every year, I try to make a few little things that my girls can put on their trees and now they are decorating outside as well. So, I really need to save "Christmas" things to make, especially for my special girls.

Little Gift Card Stocking - I know it says gift card, but I think it would be fun to put candies in them (wrapped) and put them on the trees for the kids in the neighborhood.
Christmas Tree Garland - I have a few trees in the yard, that the girls could put this on and they would love it for their trees.
Christmas Angel - I can remember my Grandmother making ornaments for the trees. They were fun and lovely and well made and I wish that when I was younger I had taken an interest in learning how to make them with her. Her's were made using yarn and plastic and counted cross stitch. She was so talented.
Christmas Baubles - this is a tutorial and they are to look like old fashioned glass ornaments.
Christmas Snowman Sack - I want to make a lot of these and stuff them with fun small things for little ones to hand out at a party.
Winter Snowflake Garland - this is just as pretty as the Tree Garland and would look fun anywhere.
Santa Gnome Ornaments
Starry Night Stocking
Santa Gift Card Holder
Mini Christmas Knits
Holiday Drawstring Bag
Cone Christmas Trees
Candy Cane Reindeer
Christmas Wreath Ornament
Textured Topiary Tree - can be made different colors and then set out any time of the year, but could be fun for Christmas in different colors.

15 January 2017

Mother Nature is Menopausal

This week has been interesting with the weather. It has been very cold and we had some snow on the ground and then it got very warm and we had a thunderstorm and lots of rain. I saw someone else write that Mother Nature was Menopausal and I have to agree. It has been a roller coaster with the weather. We had warnings for an ice storm. If you were far enough southwest and north you saw ice, closer to where I am and south, you saw rain, rain, more rain with some freezing on elevated surfaces (as I tell my girls, the reason those freeze is that the cold air is going over and under).

Just for Fun: I found (by reading on FB and following links) The Crochet Crowd's Mikey Magazine which is full of fun things all crochet.

We were watching the Harry Potter movies and the girls and were discussing this dessert and I found two recipes that we would want to try.
Aunt Petunia's Pudding
Aunt Petunia's Pudding

10 Indoor Science Projects
Dolly Parton Books for Littles - this is a great program to get books into hands of children.
Free Kindle Books
Required Reading Around the World

Ten Stitch Knitted Zig Zag Throw
Spiral Lapghan
Jacob Ladder Afghan
Windchime Afghan
Think Spring Afghan
Blue Boyfriend Blanket

Four Winds Hat
Herringbone Slouch Hat
Cabled Slouch Beanie
320 Stars Headband
Arctic Sunset Cabled Hat
Montera Slouch Hat
Pink Quick Knit Beanie
Jester Hat
Frozen Olaf Hat
Knit Beanie

Burgdorf Cowl
Misty Cowl
Mosaic Cowl
Biased Opinion Scarf
Paintbox Scarf
Stormy Lace Cowl

Baby Doll Dress
Dolly and Me Poncho
Frozen Anna Cape
Crochet Ruffle Dress
Links for Dolls and Accessories

Traveling Cable Hand Warmers
One Skein Lace Mitts
Amazing Animal Mittens

Tutorial for a shawl - this is in a different language, but saved because I may be able to figure it out.
Striped Shawl
Day to Date Time Shawl

Toe Up Gingko Socks
Geranium Knitted Slippers
Crocodilly Mocs
Knitted Elf Slippers

Eleni Cozy Cardigan
Men's Knit Sweater
Eloise Girls Sweater
Center Fan Pullover

Caterpillar Cuddle Buddy
Rainbow Fishing Game

Slow Sunday

Sunday here again and I am loving it. The girls and I are making a soup from scratch. My youngest and I set up another bird feeder, although I am thinking on the next non-rainy, warm day, we may move the feeder. I think we need a taller one for the location we chose, but we like to feed the birds and they still haven't found our locations yet. One location is getting some birds, just not all of them.

Last night, the girls and I experimented with a recipe that I saw on FB. While I didn't have all the ingredients, I had most of them and we were able to create something and it was so good that they couldn't get enough. We will definitely make this again.

Right now the internet is moving so very slowly and I am just working a little on the emails, but may quit and move onto actually knitting and finishing another WIP. Then I want to finish so many other things. I just want things to be finished and get them moved and replace the used up skeins with new Caron Cakes. I love those Cakes and I know many others do, too. They are fun to work with. I will continue to buy Red Heart and Lion Brand for things, mostly because I have friends who are allergic to wool and Caron Cakes have a small amount of wool and they cannot have them.

My next project is to use up some of the skeins that I don't have enough to make anything significant with.

Homeschooling with EEME - free online lessons for science and electronics.
The Wonders of Mathematical Crochet
Links for Dishcloths

Snuggler Blanket
The 60s Mod Throw
Treasure Island Throw
Amish Multicolor Throw
Sampler Throw - this is one of my favorites.
Dresden Plate Throw - very cool.
Stained Glass Motif Afghan
Shady Grove Blanket
Eugene Throw
Cotton Sofa Throw

Knit Lifeline Pocket Purse - big enough for a phone, some money, keys, but not much else.

Boot Cuffs:
Sweet Scallops Boot Cuffs

Textured Cowls
Over the Rainbow Cowl
Fire Engine Scarf - for a man
Quick Knit Kerchief - Middle Child style

2 Hour Fingerless Mittens

Dimpled Eyelet Hat
Mini Brim Hat - my middle said this is kinda her style. I love that "kinda," since she kinda wants it but just got one.
Scrapbuster Hats - all sizes.
Basic Ribbed Hat
Steinway Ribbed Hat
Pokemon Pokeball Beanie - Oldest would love this

Coffee Coasters
Wise Owl Cozy
Praying Hands Dishcloth
Crochet Swoofer - swiffer cover made with crochet

Across the Galaxy Shawl
Southern Sky Shawl

Cloud 9 slippers uses blanket yarn. So this will work up fast and will be mega warm.

Lazy Day Pullover
Cabled Forest Sweater - For women (or men) who are not yet married, don't make this until you are married, remember there is the Sweater Curse. But I am married and this would look wonderful on my husband and I know that he would wear it all the time. Don't be surprised if I print this and stash a lot of yarn to make this for him when he is at work, a surprise just for him.

14 January 2017

Some of the Finished Projects

I mentioned that I have been working on WIPs and I had to rush a hat for my husband (due to the extreme cold and he walks about 1/2 mile a night in that cold to get to the door of his work).

 We are still learning to sew and this was our first attempt at a doll and the cat likes it, but it might be helped along with the cat nip inside. 

The hat that I made for my husband. The yarn is Caron Cakes and the color was chosen by him. He likes it. 

My middle daughter's blanket, using colors she chose. Interesting fact, the darker colors are from Michael's Arts and Crafts and the lighter Red White and Boom (blue) came from JoAnn Fabrics. 

My middle daughter's bandito cowl. Caron Cakes color chosen by her. 

This was chosen by my husband, for me to make him a hat, but the yarn was just too thick and I didn't have the right needles. I turned it into a cowl that my middle wears once in awhile. 

Hat for my middle using Caron Cakes (2 different strands). 

Dragon Scale Mitts (cheap yarn from Michael's) chosen by oldest. 

Day of the Dead Scarf using Caron Cakes Chosen by my youngest. 

Dragon Scale Mitts using yarn from my stash, chosen by my youngest. 

Caron Cakes, Dragon Scale Ear Warmers, for my oldest, chosen by her. 

Dragon Scale Ear Warmers using Caron Cakes as chosen by my youngest. 

13 January 2017

Things to Save

Friends and I are reading the Bible in a Year and this was shared and I want to save these as I may try this next year, but I am going to continue with the Cover to Cover book version that I am doing. 

2017 Reading Challenge. I have been trying to do different reading challenges yearly and this is the one for this year. What are you reading? 

06 January 2017

A New Year is A New Book

I saw a meme that says that each New Year is a new book, each day a new blank page, what are you going to write?

What am I going to write? So far, I have had the girls clean out their closets, collecting all the clothing that they won't wear, is too small, but in still good condition. We will start with a clean closet. We will start by donating the clothing so that others can get some use out of it. I am going to continue my goals, Bible reading, Finishing WIPs, and Organizing the house and also cleaning out the emails. I got a good start and I want to continue that.

I am going to continue reading. I finished a few books that I had started last year or years before. I am motivated. I will continue to keep the kids busy and away from the house and the tv/wii games. I think when we get closer to the end of the week, maybe weekend, we might wander to the zoo and explore and see what animals are allowed to enjoy the cold. It is fun to see how different the zoos are when winter comes and when the weather warms up, what is allowed back out into the sun and rain.

I have been having issues with my arthritis. The pain has caused me some serious headaches and at times made walking a torture. Some I know has to do with how I have to hold my head to read on the computer and a very severe car accident injury from my 20's. I think I may petition husband for a desktop computer so that I don't have to tilt my head. The other has to do with the fact that when I was in my 20's I fell and broke my hip, this went untreated (I had really horrible doctors and they blew me off) and then when I had my first baby I had back labor (star gazer) and labored with her for over 30 hours, all in my hips.

I still have my goals, I just need to work on the email goal, but maybe not today. I have to get in the groceries, do laundry, clean the house, do dishes, cook a meal and then have something special with my girls since my husband is working again tonight. He is a good man and a good provider. Love him more today than I did 17 years ago. Yep, our 1st date anniversary is coming up. We will have been together for 17 years. God gave me a good man and I am grateful for him everyday.

Star Blanket for Babies

Cloudwalker Easy Scarf
Mohawk Wool Leaf Scarf
Liquid Teal Scarf
Bonfire Lace Scarf
Rainbow Mood Scarf
Mauve and Mustard Scarf
Mystic Waves Infinity Scarf

Hats/Ear Warmers:
Easy Messy Bun Beanie
Messy Bun Hat - this is becoming the thing for women with longer hair and don't want it out the edges of the hat.
Quick Fix Hat
Cosmic Flapper Hat
Easy Ear Warmer

This is not my favorite thing to make, but I keep seeing patterns that I like and think I would like to try just once to make a sweater for myself or my wonderful husband or even a close friend.
Timeless Cabled Sweater
Purple Sweater
Big Comfy Sweater
Knit Blanket Sweater
Modern Icelandic Sweater
Wonderwool Sweater
3 Square Sweater
Oversized Sweater
Lacy Dolman Sweater
Birthday Cardigan

02 January 2017

New Year's Day and Onward

It is finally here. The New Year 2017. I hope that this New Year blesses all with good things. I know it has been a long year in the past, but it is time to start a New Day, a New Page. I have goals rather than Resolutions. I have a goal of reading the Bible in it's entirety. I have friends who have the same goal and we are going to work together towards that end and help each other get there. I have a goal to work on my emails every day and whittle them down, little by little. It helps that they are starting to show the same patterns repeatedly and I can just move through them, but I am hoping that my internet connection doesn't continue it's slow down. I may be in the house, but it acts like I don't have any at times. It moves really slow. As for the emails, I hope to get the number below 100 in the gmail and just continue to lower it in the yahoo, until none are left. It is nice that it isn't still growing there, but I still need to work on it and maybe have the goal of clearing a minimum of 5 and no maximum as there are days where I can clear more, while there are days where 5 will be a challenge.

I have a goal of finishing all my WIPs and getting other things started and learned and just keep moving through the work.

 I finished my middle child's Bandito Cowl that she asked for. I am glad that it is finished. She loves it. I can start working on another hat for her (she did like the one that I found for her) and get those gloves made so she can keep her hands warm. 

I am currently working on blankets. Since it is cold, they tend to keep me warm while I work on them. I know that it is nice, but the cats, do also. They like to get into the blankets while I am working on them and that calls a halt to the work. I need to get a new hat made for my husband. It seems that his old hats no longer fit. I could make a joke about swollen head, but I know that the old hats may have gone through the wash on too high a temperature and shrank (wool does that you know). 

What are some goals you have for the New Year? 


Amigurumi/Toys/Just for Fun:
Crabby Cat - Think I want to make a few of these. For my girls and for a friend and her girls. 

Crochet Organizer Caddy - something that would allow a person to keep books, pens, remotes on a chair. 

Rainbow Hat for kids

Christmas Love Heart Ornament - can be used for Valentine's Day, too. 
Crochet Nativity Set - I really think I need to make this for my sil. 
Balm Sock - a stocking that you can hang on a tree with chapstick in it. Fun gift for teens. 






I have achieved my goals so far, but then it is only the 1st few days of the new year. I need to work on things diligently from now on.

01 January 2017

My Favorite Pages

I was looking at the pages that keep coming up showing patterns that I enjoy. It made me think, how many others would love to just go to the pages and search the patterns for themselves.

I will start with those I go to most often....

Ravelry I love this site. It is a great resource and I frequently point people to this site.

The Crochet Crowd - this is the site of Mikey and Diva Dan. They have facebook and twitter feeds and they are another wonderful resource and Mikey's YouTube Tutorials are the best.

ABC Knitting Patterns - Great resource for many different patterns.

Just Crafty Enough Lots of patterns and tutorials

Chicken Sttiches - Henya is a wonderfully creative knitter/crocheter. I have made her baby hat a few times (supposed to be like a breast for nursing mothers).

String Theory This has some really fun patterns. Check it out!

Free Vintage Crochet This is a wonderful resource site and has some old patterns.

Domestic Dash

Knitting with Schnapps

Little Theorem - I noticed that I am always saving her links (please note that I say her, but this could be a him/his/he).

Balls to the Walls - This is another site that I frequently go to to find patterns.

Moogly She has some wonderful patterns and tutorials and best of all some fantastic CALs. (CAL - Crochet A Long)

Kriskrafter - she has some really gorgeous scarves.

Knitting and So On

Heidi Bears

Undeniable Glitter gorgeous cowls and scarves

Woolpedia - this site is English, Dutch, German, Russian....

Alaska Knit Nat - she has a little bit of everything going on...going to have fun checking out her blog.

Repeat Crafter Me

Craft Yarn Council

My Hobby is Crochet - some good tutorials

Sewrella - she has some fun patterns on her page, including a Grinch.

Mama's Stitchery Project - more fun patterns.

Undeniable Glitter

Jessie At Home

Olives and Mermaids and Wine Oh My

Two Strands - Fantastic Pattern for Fair Isle Mittens

Lee Lee Knits

Fiber Flux

Things for Boys - the name is deceiving, but even if you only have girls, this is a good site.

Field Wonderful

Knits by Britt

Knitting and So On

Crochet Crosia Home

Winwick Mum - she has lots of sock patterns. I love socks.

Fitzbirch Crafts

Cotton and Cloud

Full of Beans and Sausages

Calleigh's Clips & Crochet

Jenn Likes Yarn

MNE Crafts

Crochet Hooks You

Vallie's Kids

Left Side of Crochet