30 May 2013

2013 Field Trips

The end of the school year is upon us and I went on 3 field trips with my girls and their classes. It was fun. I love going places and learning about new places or learning something new. I went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden with the 2nd Graders (my youngest and her class). They had to fill up a paper with information on Endangered Species. We also looked for babies, because it was zoo baby time at the zoo and the girls (I had a group of girls to take around), wanted to see babies.
Endangered....Indian Rhino

Endangered Bongo

Baby (in egg)





Gladys (Mountain Gorilla) baby with foster

Tiger - Endangered
Then on Thursday, I went with the 3rd Graders (my middle daughter) to the Heritage Village Museum at Sharon Woods. Can I say one word? Wow! It was beautiful. The houses were so very interesting and the stories behind them were good also. The kids learned so much.

Aren't the buildings beautiful? I loved seeing them and getting a chance to go through them.

The next Thursday, I went with the 4th graders (my oldest) to Carillon Park in Dayton, OH. This was another Wow place. It also had buildings moved there or recreated there to show Dayton History. It was started by a CEO of NCR (National Cash Register). It was very interesting and we just didn't have time to see it all. I know that I will be getting a pass to the place so that I can take all my girls there and so we can spend more time exploring!


Have some fun exploring Ohio History! or Have fun exploring the zoo!

28 May 2013

Pattern Links of things I want to make, I would attach a recipient, but that would ruin the surprise!

I was sharing these on a page on FB and someone got upset and said I was posting too much and should stop. Well this is my page and sharing is fun and putting them all in one place means I can find them faster. I have some saved to Ravelry and that helps, but I still need them somewhere else. It is nice to know that I can access them from my phone through this blog.

Hobo Shopping Bag
Little Red Bag
Hermes Shoulder Bag
Crochet Summer Tote
Cable Band Bag
Summer tote
Green Grocery Bag
Cabled Bag from Vogue

Allegras Scarf
Bubblegum Cowl
Scrunchy Rib Scarf
Easy Leaves Scarf
Country Blue Scarf

Grandma's Knit Hat and Mittens
Double Knit Hat with Earflaps

Mrs. Roosevelt's Mittens
Cable Mittens

Tips and Tricks:
Russian Join

Hook/Needle Cases:
Moogly shared patterns

Baby Items:
Baby Uggs
Baby Items Link
Baby Knitted Knee High Socks

Army Eagle (this is one of my favorite sites)
Navy Dishcloth
US Coast Guard
US Marines
Hummingbird in Flight

Half Circle Shawl
Little Leaves Wrap
Glitzy Cat's Paw Lace Wrap
Stella Luna Lace Shawl

White on White Lap Throw

Hoot Amigurumi

Pink Dream Dress

Patterns to choose from:
Plymouth Patterns:
Lion Brand
Lily Sugar 'N Cream
Red Heart

27 May 2013

Unexpected Hot Air Balloon Landing in Local Lebanon Neighborhood

Yes, today, I am starting with a Headline! Saturday night a hot air balloon went over my house, very close to my house. I could hear the voices of the people in the balloon. We went out and were taking some photos.
There were 5 balloons overhead. They had just taken off and were still kind of low, but going well or so we thought. Then we saw a chase truck come into the neighborhood. Our houses are too close together and too many trees for a safe balloon landing area (unless it is an emergency). (Edited to add: News today said, even close together is okay)

This balloon was having trouble. They would try to get a flame to heat the air, but it wouldn't sustain a flame. The chasers were running all over the place trying to find some place for the balloon to set down.
Finally, they have no choice, the balloon is coming down. They decide they are headed for the street. They were getting lower and as they got over a house on Grandstone. They threw out a line and started yelling, "Pull!"
They were safely pulled down into the street and the house and trees were missed.
They were safely in the street and were able to start taking the balloon down.

They pulled it away from more trees and mail boxes and started the process of getting all the air out.
It was a successful landing and no one was injured. I went to church on Sunday and was talking with another friend and neighbor and found out that this was the 2nd time that this had happened. The previous unexpected landing, was in front of her house.

Grateful that this was a successful landing: No one injured and no damage to anything.

Edited 5-28-13: Changed crash to landing and unexpected.

Here are links showing what is being said. WLWT (channel 5 Cincinnati) Tuesday the 28th.

WHIOTV (Dayton Channel 7) On Sunday (the day after it happened).

25 May 2013

Broomstick Lace Picture Tutorial

When I was young (about 12), my mother taught me how to make broomstick lace. Today, someone was asking how to make broomstick lace and so I decided it would be a good idea to put together a tutorial on it. I am sure there are others, but it is so simple. It is fiddly when you are starting, but practice makes it better.

First, get a large knitting needle. You only need one and the larger the needle, the larger the lace.
Chain in multiples of 5. For this I only chained 20. There will be 4 groupings when finished. 

Go through each chain and place a loop on the needle.
Take the loops off in groups of 5. Then begin working with a chain up for either a sc, hdc, or dc. You will then put 4 on the first grouping, and then 5 on the 2nd grouping, 3rd grouping and 4th grouping.
Pull up the loops again and repeat until piece is as long as you would like it.
Have fun with it. It is really simple and fun.

Also, more links for patterns that I would like to make sooner or later. The list just keeps growing.

Ripples, Stole, peace-sign-granny-squares (this one I really find interesting), crochet sock patterns, Gizmo pattern, Colorful Elephant, Cat Door Stop.

Found this and think it is worth saving for helping girls remember the periodic table:  Periodic Table Song.

Don't forget to thank a veteran today. I am blessed to have 8 in my life and I appreciate all they gave so we could continue to be free. 2 were stationed in Germany. My uncle and sister-in-law. They had different jobs and different times. 1 stationed in Korea (during the war). 1 stationed in Panama (during Vietnam conflict), 3 on submarines during Cold War. They are all special and loved.
Have a great weekend.


17 May 2013

More Updates and a Computer Hacked

So much has happened since my last post. The biggest was that someone hacked my computer, through 2 programs. It corrupted them and killed them. But I have been busy on so many fronts. My oldest daughter continues to be bullied on the bus and as a result doesn't make it on time (even if she is downstairs and ready). My youngest has begged for over a year to be home schooled. I don't think there is anything happening to her, but I think she just wants to have more play time and less home work (technically that could happen). As a result of all of these factors, I signed the girls up for home schooling. Should be interesting. They are excited. I am still waiting for the youngest to be accepted, the hold up is that she is no longer an eligible student for IEP's and I sent that paperwork and told them that was not why I was signing her up, thinking they would continue the services. Soon, hopefully, soon.

I have continued to work on my Reading Lists. On the Alphabet List:
A - Aesop's Fables (finished)
Around the World in Knitted Socks
Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet
A Deadly Yarn
American Sniper - Double Dip for the Military Reading Challenge
B - Band of Brothers (still working on it) This one counts in the Military Reading Challenge.
Big Book of Knitted Monsters
C - Circular Knitting Workshop
Cast On, Kill Off
D - Dyer Consequences
A Deadly Yarn (Almost Finished)
E- 11th Hour
G - God Has Better Things to Do Than My Laundry.
Grimm's Fairy Tales.
I - I Funny by James Patterson.
I Love Knitting
J - The Joy of Sox.
K - Knit One, Kill Two.
Knitter's Book of Socks
Knits for Nerds
Knit Your Own Cat
Knit Your Own Dog
Knitting Into the Mystery
M - Maze Keepers.
Middle School Get Me Out of Here
Murder of a Bookstore Babe
N - Needled to Death.
Noah's Knits
Never Knit Your Man a Sweater
P - Prayer Shawl Companion
S - Sasha, Extraordinary Daschund
The Silence of the Llamas
T - 200 Hundred Crochet Blocks
U- Unraveled
Z - Zoo
Letters missing are F, H, L, O, Q, R, V, W, X, Y.
I have another book for the Military/Police Reading: Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends. It is about 2 men from Easy Company (WWII) who didn't know each other before the war, but grew up in about the same area and went home to the same area.

1. Chunky Crocheted Basket (for my middle daughter).
2. The Absolute Last Frilly Scarf (for my youngest daughter).
3. Hogwart's Scarf (for my friend Margaret).
4. Prayer Shawl (for Resurrection Lutheran Church Prayer Shawl Ministry). Finished this one last week. It turned out pretty cute.
5. Thorny KAL (need to get this one started. Not sure who will be recipient).
6. Love Birds (just something fun to make).



7. Granny Slippers (for my youngest). If they turn out well, I will be making several pairs. Did not turn out so well. Pattern was followed, but it said for 6-8 year old children. I had to add onto the back of the slippers so they would fit my 8 year old daughter.
8. Crochet Hook Caddy (for a friend).
9. Needle Case (for friend).
Just not going to make these 3. I haven't started them and just not interested at the moment.
10. Needle Holder (for friend).
11. Wrap (for me. My friend gave me some yarn so that I could make myself a wrap).
12. Granny Square Afghan (There are many in progress. I really need to finish a few).
13. Floppy Dog (need a minimum of 6 or 7 for daughters and nieces).
14. Cross Afghan (for donation).
15. Holden Shawlette (for RAK gift for friend).
16. Socks (getting started on learning. Have one on needles, need to make several). I am at the point of starting the heel. So I think I will work on that tonight.
17. Circle Afghan (for DH. I have a good guy. He may frustrate me, but he is good man and I love him and he loves everything I make for him).
18. Baby Monsters (again for fun).
19. A rug (for bathroom).
20. Fingerless Mitts. Finished and delivered. It may have been spring, but we still have had some cold days. Picture will have to wait until I have time to download them.

I have made some other things that were not on the list:
Fish Pouches are wait the author called them: Moogly Crochet A Long is where you can find the pattern. They are very simple crochet. Fun to make and my girls love them.

I also borrowed a book from the library called Knits for Geeks. It had a pattern for a cat toy and my cats loved them.
I think more for the cat nip than anything else.

Links to things I would like to make:
Blooming Flower Pot Holder It is really pretty and looks like would be fun and challenging to make.
Cupcake Purse Little girls love purses. Start them off with a few and let them go.
Cat Door Stop Pattern I think a few of these are in order!
The Adorkable Monster What can I say. I like some of these cute monsters.
There are many others that I want to make, but these are just a few that I am finding!

We also celebrated my oldest daughter's birthday. We went to the Butterfly show at the Krohn Conservatory. This Show was called the Butterflies of Morocco. Krohn Conservatory only costs $9 to get in for adults, you can get a $1 off coupon online or you can buy a $12 pin with unlimited use.
We went to the Cincinnati Reptile Show It will be the 1st weekend of June, I believe. It costs $5 for all over the age of 10. Nice place to spend a few hours. You can learn a lot from the people breeding these creatures and get to hold some also.
I forgot to mention....I have had dental work that has been causing problems, but the dentist and his office are very nice. They have been trying very hard to fix the issue and think we may have accomplished it! Yeah. I see Dr. Goel at West Chester Dental and he is fabulous! I say that because I have allergy to medicines and he has a great attitude..."There are other chemicals." Goel
Also, this week I have been on two field trips with my girls and their classmates. Went to the Cincinnati Zoo on Monday and that was fun. I took my youngest girl and her 3 friends around the zoo. We tried to see as much as we could, but the girls kept changing what they wanted to see and do. But I made them stick to their original animals they wanted to see. On Thursday, we went to Heritage Village at Sharon Woods and this weekend is the Civil War Reenacters weekend! Check it out!