22 December 2016

Catching Up on the New Books

I love to read, I have said this before and I stated that I choose a book based on the cover alone. Whether it be a picture on the cover that makes me laugh or a title, I won't even read to see if I would enjoy it, I will just pick it up and give it a read. As a result, I have some new favorite authors.

On tap for reading (family reading night), "Orlo: The Created" by Lauren Brandenburg. My girls and I have family reading nights and sometimes we use Kindles to all read the same book. In this case, we all have copies of this book and will have a family reading night for Christmas.

I borrowed a book called, "Chocolate Snowman Murder" by JoAnna Carl. I really enjoyed the story and I ended up borrowing all of the books in this grouping. I just discovered that there was another that just came out, called "Chocolate Bunny Bruhaha," Lee and her aunt hired Bunny, a client of her husband's Poverty Law group and have given her 3 months to become a proficient worker, but that hasn't happened. Just as Lee was going to let her go, she discovers Bunny true abilities and gives her that job. Just as she begins, her soon to be ex-husband's aunt comes in and tells Bunny that she is not to leave her husband. She is also told that she will be left all her aunt's money. The next day, the aunt is found dead in the construction area of TenHuis Chocolade. This is just the start of bad things and Lee does her best to find out the truth without getting in her uncle's way (the chief of police). As she learns things, she does notify him.

I also discovered that there was a new Christmas Cozy book out by Joanne Fluke called, "Christmas Caramel Murder." It was different. Hannah is now married and she and her husband are having their first Christmas and he asks her to make a special candy. She says she is not certain if she will or not since the candy seemed to bring problems for the town. She tells him the story of how her partner made the candy and gave it to her husband. Also, there was a trouble maker in town. She used to be Hannah's partner, Lisa's, husband (Herb) girlfriend when they were in school. She came back to town as the paramour of the already married mayor. When he dumps her, he saddles her to Herb, right down to making her Mrs. Claus for the annual show. When the woman is found by Hannah and Lisa, dead, they begin to look into the mystery because Lisa and Herb are connected to the murder.

Last year, I found a book whose title made me laugh (I borrowed it from the library), "Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon," by Donna Andrews. Another favorite author. I loved the story and found all the books and read them. Then I found out she had a new one called, "Die Like an Eagle." Her twin sons are on a baseball team, called the Eagles and they are playing at the local field and it is in poor repair. The person responsible for the baseball league and the fields has a reputation and the dads associated with her sons' team aren't very helpful, but as she learns more about the man in charge of the league, she too, isn't fond of the man. The opening day, she finds the man's brother dead in a porta potty and begins to look into what really happened, but she is actually just trying to get her ducks (the series is bird related) in a row and get the man (a contractor with a city contract) out of the way (legally) so the work on the town square can be finished in time for the holiday.

I am also reading books by Margaret Truman, Tony Hillerman (some are rereads) and Jessica Beck. I have already read over 170 books for the year and still have about a week to go. What are you reading? What author has caught your attention and caused you to read all they have written?

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