16 October 2016

Birthstone Afghans

I think this is a really wonderful idea....an afghan that is associated with your birth month. Better than a piece of jewelry that could get lost or be stolen and will keep you warm during the cooler months or when you aren't feeling well. It is a wonderful item that will help you feel the love of the person who made it for you.

Redwood Waffle-Ghan

Stained Glass Afghan

Butterfly Lace Blanket

Diamond Ghan

Evergreen Throw

Precious Pearls Lace Blanket for babies

Cranberry Basketweave Throw

Minty Moss Baby Afghan

Blueberry Mornings Basketweave Afghan

Aran Afghan

El Mirage Afghan

Lacy Turquoise Fan Throw

10 October 2016

Columbus Day

When I was a kid, we celebrated Columbus Day with a day off from school and then the week after was looking at how Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue to find a new route to India to get all the spices and things that kings and royalty wanted. Now, it is viewed as oppressor day. Not fun for kids growing up. Some places still give workers a holiday for the day, but many schools refuse to release the kids for a day off. I homeschool, but we take few days off and continue to study and learn every day. I insist that my girls read a book, for an hour every day, not just during the week. I don't care what they read, as long as they are reading. I want them to enjoy reading and have fun with the learning. I make lists of things I want them to see and look at and then I request that they read some or all of the list that I have made. I also try to get them into different things that make them want to learn more about something. I want them to try new things and learn what they can. I won't ever tell them that they aren't smart enough to learn something. I will say that maybe this is not your strength, but you can still learn it, let's figure out how you learn this thing. Why? Because not everyone learns the same way, some learn one way, others learn another way. You just have to find your way to learn and have fun along the way. That is partially why I learn something new with knitting or crochet. I let them see me try something, fuss with it and get frustrated, put it down and walk away and then come back. Then see the celebration of "I learned it!" I want them to know that everyone has trouble with things at times. It is only when we refuse to give up that we learn something and can celebrate.

I keep looking at the pattern links that I have in my email. Some are about 2 1/2 years old, but still available and some are newer. I look at the pattern and decide is this something I want to make or not, is this something that I want to learn? I work to figure things out in knitting and crochet and I have fun along the way.

Seascape Lace Knit Blanket
Mountain Mists Afghan
Emoji Afghan - this uses graphs and at some point, I will need to learn this, also.
Crossword Puzzle Afghan - It makes me wonder if there is a Sudoku afghan yet and if not, I think I might have to work on that.
Brown and Gray Lapghan
Lasting Impression Lapghan
Rubik Cube Throw 
Kaleidosquares Crochet Afghan
Rich Mitered Crochet Throw
Cotton Field Throw
Amish Bars Throw 
Amish Multi Color Throw
Country Charm Crochet Blanket
Homey Crochet Throw

Christmas Critter Green Tree Frog
Santa's Favorite Afghan
Cool Yuletide Squares Blanket

Maureen Scarf
Steppe Cowl
Phoebe Smocked Cowl
Three Two One Cowl
Dragon Wing Cowl
Brownstone Scarf perfect for men.

Pot Scrubber Tutorial
Flowerburst Dishcloth

Modern Beanie
Lady's Entrelac Hat
Feathered Arrow Headband
DIY Braided Headband

Periodic Table Battleship
Electoral College - for those who are using this Presidential Election year for lessons.

Just for Fun/Flowers:
Spiral Flower

Flower Scrubby Dishcloth
Scrubby Dishcloth

Magical Multicolored Wrap
Top Down Shawl
Easy Cranberry Shawl
Southern Sky Shawl
Across the Galaxy Shawl
Irish Crochet Shawl
Paris Shawl
Sapphire Satin Shawl
Oversized Shawl
Sideways Shawl
Lucy's Favorite Shawl
So Simple Shawl

Beginner Knit Sock
Gingko Sock toe up (another skill I want to learn).
Traditional Fair Isle Slippers
Geranium Knitted Slippers
Wintermint Sock Trio - for a woman's foot.
Hi Instep Toe Up Socks
Basic Baby Booties - for moms.

Little Bigfoot Monkey
1 Piece Teddy Bear

08 October 2016

Halloween Themed Lessons

Since it is October and I really want my kids to have hands on experiences to help solidify what they are learning, I did some research on things. I found music that evokes all things Halloween, starting with Mussorgsky (Night on Bald Mountain). Books or Literature (Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley's works and an older one from Washington Irving) and Haiku poetry or poetry in general. Science experiments from YouTube and just things to do in general. Math is fun project...the original project called for kids to measure the auditorium or gymnasium and create a haunted house. The kids had to measure the room and figure out the cost for what they wanted to create. My change (remember I homeschool) is for the girls to measure the front yard, driveway and side yard and figure out what they want to create and how much it will cost. They spent a good deal of time outside measuring and discussing what they want to create. I did put one caveat on their plans....no scaring little kids. Geography is studying places that are known for being scary, like Transylvania, Romania.

This is going to be such a fun month...I am saving Christmas things to make (we are decorating using yarn) and making gifts (using yarn and sewing techniques) and we are making our own Halloween Decorations. What makes you happy? I know that crafting makes me happy and finding something that makes the girls work, makes them happy and they work without realizing that they are learning! Education should be fun and that is what I am trying for. I want to find something that sparks them and gets them running on the work.

Rustic Panels Afghan
Crocodile Flower Afghan
Crocodile Stitch Afghan
Stadium Blanket
Alaskan Blue Tunisian Throw
Square Diamond Throw
Spiral Afghan - Very interesting look.
Irish Shamrocks Afghan
Bavarian Rainbow Afghan
Swedish Countryside Afghan

Crochet Cat Bed - I have cats....4 of them. They like my yarn, so this could be fun to make.

Candy Bag - this is listed as an Easter Bag, but it could be made for Halloween as a party favor (change colors) or Christmas even.
Errands Bag
Hobo Bag

Crocodile Stitch Christmas Tree

Anthophila Knit Scarf
French Inspired Cowl
How To Infinity Scarf
Magentalicious Cowl
Breezy Night Sky Scarf
Rainbow Mood Scarf - can be a lot of fun.
Papagena Scarf - this is such a beautiful scarf. I may have to make a few of these for my girls.
Crocodile Cowl
Subway Scarf
One Skein Asymmetry Scarf
Arrowhead Lace Cowl
Itanos Summer Scarf
Neon Dreams Infinity Scarf - This was nicknamed the Willy Wonka Cowl by all free crochet. This pattern is free and found on Moogly Blog. It is really pretty and if done in these colors could really be something Willy Wonka would definitely love.

Crocodile Stitch Flower

Oyster Mittens
Blooming Berry Baby Mittens - girl babies.

Skull Scarf

Pink Ski Hat - colorwork as there is other colors in it.
Slouchy Horseshoe Cable Hat
Basic Crochet Beanie
Blue Green Boy Striped Hat
Simple Slouch Hat

How To/Tutorial:
Bavarian Rectangle
Bavarian Square

School of Fish Scrubby - I don't know if this will work for you, but I got the pattern from Red Heart Free Patterns
Knit Scrubby Washcloth - very simple, using the new Scrubby yarn.
Twist Stitch Diamond Dish Cloth - free Ravelry download
Doily Style Dishcloth - very interesting look....may be fun to make a few.
Water Lily Dishcloth
The Crazy Dishcloth
Crochet Angel Dishcloth
Sun Catcher Dishcloth

Batwing Shawl
Kristin Shawl
Prism Shawl - this is a free pattern on Ravelry. I learned some time ago, that if you put a free pattern that you like into your "library" it will always be available to you, even updates to the pattern.
Sapphire Shawlette
Greek Revival Shawl - I had to use the wayback machine to find this link and have it pull up, but is so worth the look and print. It is beautiful!

Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties
Hybrid Slipper Socks
Striped Baby Booties
Lemon Lime Baby Booties
Creta Lace Socks - nice looking socks....think one of the girls might like them.
Circus Striped Socks
Peppermintoes - this is a very interesting style of sock.
Slipper Socks
Lace Socks

07 October 2016

October, time to Prepare for Christmas

Fall is finally here. The weather has cooled and we have had quite a bit of rain. Perfect time to work on Christmas presents for those very special people (mostly husband, daughters and friends and one great aunt). I have the girls signed up for all kinds of activities, we are finishing costumes and doing school. Some of the activities are for homeschool kids and are classes. I love that. It helps them get hands on learning for things that I can't teach them, but that they may need in their lives.

Lady Windsor Lace Crochet Blanket
Whimsical Penelope Square
Borderline Mandala
Fall Weekend Throw - uses a Q hook and 3 strands of yarn.
Larksfoot Throw
Ripple with Overleaf Afghan
Autumn Chevron
Double V Stitch Ripple Afghan
Redwood Waffle-Ghan
Double th Fun Reversible Afghan .
Geometric Color Lovers Throw
Mountain Mist Afghan
No Place Like Home Afghan
Solstice Sun Square
Fast Irish Panels Afghan
Enough Love to Go Around Square
Little Shell Ripple Afghan
Lacy Shell Afghan
Peaked Shell Afghan
Heavenly Holiday Cables Throw
Lattice Crochet Cable Throw
Crochet Cable Afghan
HogwartsThrow - for those who love Harry Potter books and movies.
Crazy Ripple Blanket
Sunrise Sunset Afghan Square

Rainbow Happy Fun Pouch

Christmas Graph
Boot Cuffs
Water Lily Square
Brown and Gray Lapghan
Shades of Amber Tunisian
Around a Flower Square
Holly Berries Cable Crochet Throw
Rustic Panels Afghan
Pretty Picot Snowflake - crochet thread and really small hook.
Twinkle Tree Ornament
Crochet Thread Angel - can be used as a bookmark or ornament. Very cute.
Christmas Ornament Bauble
Crochet Poinsettia Ornament
Crochet Owl Candy Cane Ornament - this is really cute and fun. Great tree ornament.
30 Minute Snowflake
Santa Pocket Ornament - great way to hide a present on the tree.
Littlest Angel Ornament
Snowflake Ornament - Very ornate snowflake
Simple Heart Ornament
Jewel Tone Crochet Snowflake - really cute!
Little Stocking Ornament
Angel Bells
Christmas Heirloom Afghan
Christmas Heart Ornament - this is different than the other one above.

Wrap Around Scarf
Scoodie Hooded Scarf
Mommy and Me Matching Scarf
Cross Stitch Scarf - very masculine looking.
Garter and Lace Knit Cowl
Mock Cabled Cowl
Big Blue Scarf
Dew Drop Scarf

Shells and Bobbles Fingerless Mitts
Margarete Fingerless Mitts

Halloween Afghan - retro
Pumpkin Patch Square
Autumn Harvest Striped Throw
Autumn Glow Afghan
Autumn Leaves Crochet Blanket - This could be an interesting project.
Coffee, Claret, Copper Throw - Autumnal colors
Maple Leaf Afghan
Fall Romance Throw - This is a really pretty throw, full of colors.
Perpetual Pumpkins
Day of the Dead Jar Cozies
Super Ghoster Coasters
Sweet Lil Witch
Halloween Hat - Black Cat

Retro Stripe Hat
Bobble Headband
Cascading Leaves Hat
Wickerwork Hat
Basic Ribbed Hat
Snowstorm Crochet Hat
Dad Hat
Morvan Hat and Cowl - French with English translation
Camel Seed Stitch Hat
Lollipop Beanie

Candy Corn Hot Pad
Rainbow Daze Free Washcloth

Halloween Links

Knitted Elf Slippers

Scarlett Shawl
Shells and Lace Shawl
Zig Zag Wrap
Across the Galaxy Shawl
Jhumka Shawl very pretty and lacy.
Pacific Lace Shawl
Gold Shimmer Shawl

Huggable Teddy

02 October 2016

October, Fall and Ponchos

When I was younger, I loved ponchos. I would wear them as much as I could. I still have them in a cedar chest, but my girls didn't like them and wouldn't wear them. I love fall and the warm weather knits, especially afghans. This blog though will only have ponchos.

Turtleneck Knit Poncho - I love the look of this one.
Cozy Artisan Poncho - I like this one, too.
Crochet Crowd Poncho - pattern, with tutorial and uses 2 Yarn Cakes.

Rockland Poncho
Voyager Poncho
Cozy Pocketed Knit Poncho
Scarlet Poncho
Basic Summer Poncho
Irish Patterned Poncho
Trinity Knit Poncho
Game Day Knit Poncho
Tis the Season to Wear Ponchos
Reversible Brioche Poncho .
Cozy Hooded Poncho
Raffinement Poncho should work up quick since the yarn is thick.
Girls and Grannies Poncho
Fall Poncho
Cozy Cowl Poncho
Fall Poncho CAL for kids
Cowl Hooded Poncho
Perfectly Paris Poncho
Mosaic Sunset Poncho

Links for Ponchos

30 September 2016

Clean out the Emails

I mentioned that Yahoo has been hacked....well my email has continued to grow with pattern links and I still want to get the ones I want saved somewhere and I think Yahoo email may have to be eliminated. I hope to get the emails going to another address quickly and then I am just going to stop looking at the yahoo address. This is the 3rd time in a year that this address has had issues. I have changed my password every 3 months, then every 3 weeks, I use a password generator that uses letters, upper and lower case, numbers and symbols and 16 (not 8, 10, 12) digits. It is random in some respects and then I do make changes to make it more random. I realize that in a math respect there is no true randomness, but I try.

As winter starts to come in, I start thinking about hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, afghans. Basically, anything that will help to keep me and my family warm. I love the fall and all the colors. I look forward to having the windows open once in awhile to let the house air out (especially after a kid burns some food - everyone does it, we just take turns). But really like things to wear. I also really enjoy my time with friends and laughing and joking and just knitting/crocheting. We have so much fun sitting at a table in Burger King (that is our place of choice as they have a Coke Freestyle) and we laugh and talk and accomplish so much. My friend is making cowls and they are absolutely gorgeous and she does such nice work.

Monet Afghan
Granny Ripple Afghan
Golden Years Crochet Blanket - for laps
Millionaire's Afghan
Stadium Blanket
Easy Log Cabin Afghan
Lacy Shell Afghan - I think this will be my next afghan project. I love shells and this is so pretty.
Cozy Striped Blanket
Color Block Afghan
Lone Star Square
People of the Water Fish Square
Tau Crochet Lion Lovey
Suzy Snowflake Afghan
Snowfall Square
Victorian Lace
Downton Abbey Inspired Afghan
'60's Mod Throw
Chevron Afghan

Murray the Reindeer
Crochet Nativity - I know I have saved this one before, but it is something I really want to make for my husband. He loves hand made things and he loves Christmas. Yep, I got a good guy.
Littlest Angel Christmas Ornament

Lattice Cowl - supposed to be very fast knit
District 12 Cowl and Wrap - This is supposed to be based on something Katniss wore in "The Hunger Games" movies.
Catherine Wheel Scarf - another from Mikey and it is adorable.
Rustic Lace Cowl

Moufles Marque D'Amour - color work mittens with initials
Fox in the Snow Mittens - more color work.

Walden's Wood Mitts - fingerless mittens.

Hanging Crochet Skeleton

Knit Slouchy Hat and Scarf - unisex.
Candy Corn Slouchy Hat - for kids, just in time for Halloween.
Grey and White Hat
Checkered Hat - more colorwork...simpler for learning, I think.
Color Work Hat - free Ravelry download and another simple pattern for learning color work.
Quick Knit Beanie
Starburst Beret
Easy Slouchy Beanie
Pop Star Slouch Hat
Slip Stitch Husband Hat
Burgandy Breeze Cable Hat
Arctic Sunset Winter Cable Hat
Cable Crush Winter Hat
King Queen Baby Hats
Wickerwork Hat
Wine Harvest Headband

Flower Hotpad

Knit Picks - patterns that are free.

Blue Jeans and Moonbeams Shawl
Tristan Eyelet Lace Shawl
Grand Canyon Wrap
Magic Multicolored Shawl


Hermione the Unicorn
Neila the Koala

Planned Pooling for Crochet

24 September 2016

Wow! September Almost Over!

I am still working on my WIPs and learning a new skill and my family and I are participating in our 1st ever 5K. It is at the Cincinnati Zoo and this will be the first time we have walked an official 5K. We have walked over 5K together in the past, but never on a team (my husband's coworkers formed a team) and it will be fun. The walk was for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I think the girls enjoyed the walk and we are going to find some others to go and enjoy in the future. I think this will be good for the whole family.

Yahoo is having issues. They have been hacked and I knew about the hack long before they sent a message about it. I had already changed my password and I have my account set to notify when there is an attempt to log in from somewhere other than my home.

Log Cabin Arrow Crochet Afghan
Chevron Afghan
Crochet Star Hexagon
Spicy Diamond Blanket
Star Blanket - is made for a baby, but can be increased to larger size for older child or an adult.
Arrow Stitch Afghan
Delicate Diamonds Throw

Market Hexagon Bag

Classic Crochet Christmas Stocking  from Red Heart
Golf Club Covers
Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornaments
Tiny Angel Wings Ornaments

Bunny Rabbit

Flying Pig Mittens
Circle Fingerless Mitts - these are different. They work from the thumb out.

Treat Baskets

Rock Candy Hat - This hat is so cute. It looks like something from Willy Wonka.
Hershey Kiss Hat - for newborns.
Cable Crush Hat - Very pretty.
Crochet Bear Hat for Toddlers
Happy Hearts Hat

Kitchen/Dishcloths/Hot Pads:
Rainy Day Wash Cloth
Flutter By Butterfly Dishcloth
Flowerburst Dishcloth
Warm Memories Tea Cozy
Tea Time Tea Cozy

Neon Infinity Scarf
Jefferson Scarf
3 2 1 Cowl
The Bev Cowl
Textured Cowl
Stormy Lace Cowl
All Grown Up Cowl from Moogly Blog
Fibonacci Scarf - Math in Knitting. Fibonacci is found in nature and was used to figure out how many rabbits someone would have over the years.
Siefenblasen Lace Scarf
Dewdrop Scarf
Hitchhiker's Scarf
Pink Cabled Cowl - my girls might like this.

Mezquita Shawl - very pretty and lacy.
Shetland Glory
Spring Elements Shawl

Rainbow Slippers for Toddlers

Ballerina Frog
Crochet Bird

I sometimes wonder what others like to knit or crochet. I know that I really enjoy The Crochet Crowd and their videos and tutorials and patterns. As for my WIPs, I have a lot of those and I am motivated to finish, so that I can make an afghan for myself. It will be big enough to share with my husband, but it will be for me. This will be a first. I very rarely make anything for me, but I want a blanket all of my own. The girls are already circling...The yarn for it is gorgeous and soft and lovely, It is from Bernat and is called Blanket yarn. I'll take a photo of it when it is finished, but for now, just working on WIPs.

*WIP - Works in Progress.