28 March 2018

Almost Easter

Easter this year is on April Fool's Day. This day is special to my family and we love to celebrate this day. I love the fun things that can be made to decorate and just things to make with my children. This year, though we have been battling the state of Ohio that is trying to fast track Kasich's Legacy, HB 512. This bill is bad for the state, for the children and all future children. The people for it think that if they push this out that they will have "workers," but what they will have is an exodus, from the state. Kids who don't want to be a restaurant worker or a construction worker or a road worker will leave. They will leave to other states where they can be what they want to be.

21 Day Anxiety Challenge 30 Day Happiness Challenge How To Make a Stress Ball

Printable Bookmarks

Hiking to Haunted Tower in OH

History Timeline

Slow Cooker Bread - lots of recipes

Knitting and Crochet Patterns:

Bunny Garland
Winter Trellis Hat
Kitrick the Leprechaun
6 Free Poppy Patterns
Crochet Viking Hat for children.
Crochet Candy Heart
Yet Another Unicorn
Trauma Teddy for Red Cross - pattern link is on the site.
Magic Tail Scarf - English
Crochet Neva Hat (Crochet Olympics Hat)
40 Cute and Easy to Make Amigurumi
Spin a Yarn Christmas Ornaments - super cute patterns. I really need to make these this summer so we can use them this Christmas.
Block A Week CAL - 2014
Gustav the Balancing Elephant
Crochet Scrappy Slippers
Neck Warmer Scarf
Log Cabin Quilt Crochet Afghan
Cu-Pig - super cute cupid pig

02 March 2018

April Emails

Still cleaning out the emails. It seems that taking a break from clearing it out let it grow. So time to work on it again. I may have to make a deal with myself to work on this for an hour or more a day. If the kids would just get on board and let me work.

Medallion Circular Crochet
Rainbow Sherbet Afghan
Shells and Stripes
Modern Squares Throw - Crochet this is from Red Heart

Lorelei the Lady Bug
Links for Horse patterns
Links for Amigurumi - you can search for specific patterns.
Nannette Crochet - she has some really well-written patterns for the Pokemon and my favorite, Harry Potter!
Epic Yarns - so many Pokemon patterns!
List of Pokemon Patterns - Very important to keep!
Kat's Creations - Gorgeous and fun patterns!

Deer Baby Blanket
Basket of Love Baby Blanket

College Chic Tote
Helping Hands Garden Bag
Easy Pencil Case

Stockinette Stitch Shawlette
Canaletto Cowl
Nellie Lace Scarf
Mile a Minute Scarf

Ice Cream Dishcloth
Turtle Coasters

Blue Bell Flower - so pretty.
Cut Flower Bookmark
Wagon Wheel Flower

Thrummed Mittens

Dandelion Twist Hat - From the Knitting with Schnapps blog. She has some fantastic patterns on her blog!
Baby Hat Critters
Head to Head Band

Dish Cloths
Noni's Favorite Dishcloth
Apple Dishcloth
Beginner Tea Cozy
Country Charm Dishcloth - I have this on my list to make. It is very pretty.
Baked with Love Dishcloth
Americana Dishcloth - for beginners
Fruity Trivets

Pokemon: My girls are all about Pokemon. They love to use the Pokemon Go app on my phone to hunt and we have been outside more because of this. I know we go more places daily.
Jiggly Puff
Minun or change from blue to red and you have a Plusle
Rotom and Surskrit

Unforgettable Top Down Shawl
Date Night Shawl
Ocean Elegance Shawl
Old Hollywood Shawl
Shimmering Rose Shawl more of a shawlette.
Mystic Forest Shawl

17 January 2018

Secret Stitches

  1. Secret Stitch Pattern #1 - sweet baby dress
  2. Secret Stitch Pattern #2 - slanted ridge cowl
  3. Secret Stitch Pattern #3 - baby elephant
  4. Secret Stitch Pattern #4 - oversized shawl
  5. Secret Stitch Pattern #5 - Southern Belle knit top
  6. Secret Stitch Pattern #6 - log cabin pillows
  7. Secret Stitch Pattern #7 - honeycomb wrap

16 January 2018

Mystery Patterns

  1. Mystery Pattern #1
  2. Mystery Pattern #2
  3. Mystery Pattern #3 Owl-fully adorable - baskets
  4. Mystery Pattern #4 - spiral crochet flower
  5. Mystery Pattern #5 Ready for spring! - slouchie hat
  6. Mystery Pattern #6 - baby blanket
  7. Mystery Pattern #7 - Basket
  8. Mystery Pattern #8 - curtains
  9. Mystery Pattern #9 - scarf
  10. Mystery Pattern #10 - slippers for a 5 year old
  11. Mystery Pattern #11 - afghan
  12. Mystery Pattern #12 - baby blanket
  13. Mystery Pattern #13 - ripple shawl
  14. Mystery Pattern #14 - bedspread
  15. Mystery Pattern #15 - afghan
  16. Mystery Pattern #16 - cowl
  17. Mystery Pattern #17 - scarf - I have made this one and it is beautiful and fun to make.
  18. Mystery Pattern #18 - clutch
  19. Mystery Pattern #19 - kitchen - another that I have made and really liked. 
  20. Mystery Pattern #20 - afghan

23 December 2017

Minimalist Knits

  1. Super Simple Neutral Cowl -Cute!
  2. Plush Knit Bag
  3. Royal Artisan Hat -Reader Favorite!
  4. Favorite Seed Stitch Hat
  5. Eggnog Scarf -Favorite Full Pattern!
  6. Knit Your Own Minimalist Rug
  7. White as Snow Cable Throw

Presidential Knits/Crochets

  1. George Washington -The Father of Our Country!
  2. Abraham Lincoln -Honest Abe!
  3. Theodore Roosevelt
  4. Woodrow Wilson
  5. FDR
  6. Dwight D. Eisenhower -One of the Greatest!
  7. JFK
  8. George W. Bush
  9. Barack Obama 

Winter Fest at Kings Island

When I was a child and Kings Island opened they had Winter Fest and from what I hear it was a lot of fun! Now, I only came to Kings Island once or twice or maybe three or four times until I was in college and then I bought myself a pass and came when I was off work or just wanted to go someplace by myself. Sometimes I would meet up with friends, but I came by myself. I loved to ride roller coasters and this was an opportunity. By this time, Winter Fest had ended.

When we moved up to the area, we got passes and took our girls to Kings Island a lot. After a few years, we stopped coming for a while. We did other things. We had a Beach Waterpark pass and went there. We have zoo passes and museum passes. We just went with the flow. The girls loved it. Last year, my older girls asked if we could have passes again and go back to Kings Island. It was the perfect year to start again....Halloween and Winter Fest.

20 December 2017

Christmas Time is Near

Recently, I heard a news item about apps that help to diagnose Alzheimer's. I thought that was interesting and saved the article.

Also, I love to make hot cocoa from scratch on Christmas Eve with my girls and watch "Polar Express." In the past we would also make popcorn and eat popcorn, but the girls have braces so many things are not allowed, so I am saving all kinds of fun things we can make together.

I love the Grinch! I love what he says about buying things for people to only have it thrown away! I saw this Grinch in Whitehaven and it was so funny, I had to save it for future watching because it is the truth and funny all at the same time.

This is a really good info on where to learn Sign Language.

C2C Moss Stitch
Jeweled Pebbles Blanket
Autumn Leaves
Bernat Wonky Squares

Cuddle Me Bear
Christmas Gnomes - free Ravelry download
I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas from Red Heart. I am so making this cutie.

Mini Creche
Red Heart Colorful Snowflakes
Harvest Pumpkins
Advent Calendar
Wreath Ornament
Penguin Ornament
Nadia's 12 Days of Christmas - this is such a wonderful and fun site full of patterns!
Santa Ornament
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar - my girls love Advent Calendars. This could be fun to make in the New Year and have for next Christmas.
Fair Isle Santas from Red Heart

Blue Spruce Mug Cozy
12 Weeks of Christmas Bags
Pattern Paradise - this is the site for 12 weeks of Christmas... quick and easy crafts.
Santa Pants Gift Holder

Kreisel Fingerless Gloves - These are beautiful, architectural dreams.

Ornament Hat

Tides of Dawn
Northwoods Shawl
Van Ness

College Credit and More!

Even homeschool kids can get college credits while in High School. I found a link that shows how to do this and saved it since I have a Freshman this year.

Also, while exploring one day, a Park Ranger told me about this site: US National Parks for Teachers

Baking Charts - we use these all the time as we experiment.

Writing Tips for Anxious Writers

Smallest Town in Each State

Science Wars Mitosis vs Meiosis How Much Pain Can You Handle

Periodic Table this is from the Royal Society of Chemistry. It is interactive...in other words fun!

Code Academy - I was told about this from a computer guy I met at the zoo.

Homeschool Coding

Math and Its Symbols

Make Writing More Suspenseful - I love TED talks

Link to Graphic Reading Organizers

Good information no matter who you are.