06 February 2016

Cleaning out the Emails

I have to work on the emails again, as they are going up and down little by little. They go up by 2 to 4 a day (depending on how many come in from various sources) and down by many depending on how many I can get through in a day without someone getting antsy about wanting on the computer. Right now we are doing science with "Mythbusters." Seems weird, but they do have some good science and they use a good scientific methods. Anything that inspires the girls is a good thing. I do have them reading science books as well, but sometimes we just need something different and fun.

Afghan - Retro Circle
Afghan - Circles in Rectangles
Afghan- Pastel Lacy Shells
Afghan - Geometric Afghan
Afghan - Crochet Diamonds
Afghan - Dublin
Afghan - Catherine Wheel
Afghan - Tally Ho
Afghan - Parcheesi
Afghan - Patchwork
Afghan - Granny Hexagon - if you click for free pattern links or crochet tutorials it will teach you how to join the hexagons.
Afghan - Neverending Granny from Crochet Crowd.
Afghan - Granny Square Guitar chart and you have to figure it out as you go.

Amigurumi - Little Hoot
Amigurumi - Year of the Monkey

Applique - Peacock Feather Pattern and Tutorial

Baby - Knee High Socks
Baby - 10 Stripe Baby Ball
Baby - 2 Seam Cube
Baby - 5 Hour Booties
Baby - Adorable Booties
Baby - Hermes Winged Booties
Baby - Easy Stay on Bib
Baby - 6-12 month old giraffe hat so very cute!
Baby - Jericho Baby Knit Blanket

Bags - Dog Carrier Bag or can be used for other things.
Bags - Reusable Strawberry Field Market Bag

Christmas - 3 Wise Men
Christmas - Knit Mitten Ornaments
Christmas - Granny Square Stocking
Christmas - Decoration Pot Holders

Cowl - Grey Owl Cowl

Dishcloth - Knit with Friends
Dishcloth - Snowman
Dishcloth - Snowflake

Halloween - Boo Treelicious Ghosts to decorate a scary tree
Halloween - Ghost Bob
Halloween - Treat Bags free download from Red Heart

Hat - Rainbow Beanie for kids
Hat - Snowman Hat
Hat - Skunk Hat

Kitchen - Easy Oven Mitts
Kitchen - Colorful Trivets shaped like flowers with different centers.

Links - Free Patterns

Mittens - Cable
Mitts - Fingerless Walden's Wood Mitts
Mitts - Endpaper Fingerless
Mittens - Colorwork

Scarf - Pink Ribbon Scarf
Scarf - Blogathon Lace Triangle
Scarf - Hooded

Shawl - Northern Lights - free Ravelry download and beautiful.

Socks - 2 Needle Lace Socks
Socks - Heart Lace Socks
Socks - Men's Maizy Trailmix
Socks - Men's Argyle
Socks - Anastasia
Socks - Toe Up

Squares - Peace Sign Granny
Square - Farmington
Square - Eliot

Toys - Fantasy Castle with Characters
Toys - Airplane
Toys - Not Quite Duck Pins Penguin Bowling Set
Toys - Superhero Cape and Mask

Wreath - Crochet Autumn I think if you change colors to pink, red and white you have Valentine's and Pastel colors you can get Easter and/or spring. Red, Green, White for Christmas. I think this is one that I will have fun making and it can be washed!

03 February 2016

Tuesday, A Day to Go Out, Wednesday, A Day to Remember a Life Well Lived

Today, is another warm winter day. I need to refill bird feeders and I really want to go somewhere. After that week of illness, I just want to get out and do something. I know that tonight I will finish working on my emails and try to get it down another 50 emails. (My goal, lower by 50 every other day or daily). I also need to get some things off my FB page, too. It has been awhile since I cleared it off. I think it partially has to do with my just wanting to do other things. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. I will try and get a few more of my mother's recipes on to her blog page. I know that my one sister has marked that she is following it. That is good. I know that my brother has been looking at the page, too. He wants some recipes to make for our father. Lent is also on the way. Soon we will see the old men eating fish on Friday and Ash Wednesday. I do enjoy the fish fry at the nearby church. So does my husband. We end up meeting up with friends and just enjoying the company. I hope that my dad and father-in-law go to a few during the season as they will enjoy it as well.

Last night, we had a pretty good storm blowing around outside (Tuesday night) and since my house has been hit by lightning twice in the past, I turn off the computer and the internet, etc and just read books. I just finished reading "Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders" by Peggy Webb. This is a Southern Cousins Mystery. I have yet to read the first book in the group, but I have read 2 of the other books by her in the series and I just have a little trouble with Callie being wishy washy about how she feels about her husband (who she says she wants to divorce but still hasn't). Too much time is spent on how she feels about her husband and how she loves him and how he is good for her, but at the same time she wants children and he doesn't and this is the impasse that they have reached.

Tonight, I will be going to a funeral home for the visitation of the husband of a friend of my mom's. I grew up with their children and have known them all my life. He lived a good life and has been a good husband to her and good father to their children. He has been a good friend to my parents and while she was unable to come to my mom's funeral, he did make an appearance. He will be missed.

Knitting Time Calculator for those people who think my time is worthless. A way to figure out what I made is worth.

Homeschool - Using Netflix lists of shows and age groups and classes.
Homeschool - Explore Science with Food

Homeschool - Smithsonian - Virtual Tour for those days where you want to go to a museum and getting there is not an option.

Saint - Brigid Resources

Pattern - Afghan - Andante Crochet Throw
Pattern - Afghan - Snow Queen
Pattern - Afghan - Round Stained Glass
Pattern - Aghan - Juicy Fruit
Pattern - Afghan - Arrowhead Lace Knit Throw
Pattern - Afghan - Warm Stripes Throw
Pattern - Afghan -Peppermint Candy Afghan
Pattern - Afghan - Mitred Squares
Pattern - Afghan - Shades of Sunset
Pattern - Bags - Desert Sunset Tote
Pattern - Bags - Dynamite Market Bag
Pattern - Bags - Plarn Market Bags - Plarn is yarn made out of plastic bags. Plarn also makes good seat covers for sporting events and ground covers for campers or for homeless.
Pattern - Bags - Wicked Lime Green Backpack
Pattern - Bags - Dollhouse Purse Great bag for a young girl.
Pattern - Bags - Mesh Knit Market Bag
Pattern - Basket - Cotton Crochet
Pattern - Dishcloth - Cherry
Pattern - Dishcloth - Pink Grapefruit
Pattern - Dishcloth - Buttery Sunshine
Pattern - Gloves - Fingerless
Pattern - Hats - Textured Turban
Pattern - Hats - Winter Cable Hat
Pattern - Hats - Crochet Crowd Houndstooth Tutorial
Pattern - Hats - Crochet Crowd Crystal Ice Tutorial
Pattern - Hats - Sunset Slouchy
Pattern - Hats - Airy Avalon Slouchy
Pattern - Hats - Breath of Spring
Pattern - Hats - Modern Knit Beanie
Pattern - Hats - Mighty Warrior scrap hat for child/boy
Pattern - Hats - Cladach Hat
Pattern - Hotpad - Flower
Pattern - Hotpad - Dutch Skies
Pattern - Hotpad - Stir Me Up Potholder free Ravelry download
Pattern - Kitchen - Dish Scrubber with tutorial
Pattern - Kitchen - Spring Cleaning Scrubber
Pattern - Kitchen - Tiny Flower Scrubber
Pattern - Links to Amigurumi
Pattern - Scarf - Lovely Leaf Lace
Pattern - Scarf - Easy Leaves Lace Scarf
Patterns - Scarf - Candle Flame
Pattern - Shawl - Sport Shawl
Pattern- Shawl - Ocean Front
Pattern - Shawl - Escapist
Pattern - Shawl - Perfectly Elegant
Pattern - Shawl - Comfort Hug Prayer Shawl
Pattern - Slippers - Orange and Blue
Pattern - Slippers - Flower
Pattern - Slippers - Crochet
Pattern - Socks - Crochet Shell Socks

01 February 2016

Sunday, end of the Weekend

The weekend is almost over. A few hours and then Monday will be here and back to work we go. Thankfully, we started school in the summer (July) so that we could build in days for emergencies. At the time we were building in for when my mom would inevitably get sick again and then die. Yeah, I kinda felt like she was going to go in 2015. She would follow all the food restrictions and liquid restrictions when she was at the hospital. Best behavior was on view. But when she got home, she would go back to her bad habits. Now, that we are starting to feel better, I am pushing for everyone to get moving and get outside. We will start eating things that are made from scratch (the soups and the foods that have to be cooked and then prepared and all the hard work), but so worth it as they taste so very good. I think that would be good for all of us. We were eating soups from cans as I was just not able to get enough energy to cook and clean and wash dishes.

Today, I am cleaning house. We are having some really good fruit and tonight's supper will be homemade. I think everyone would enjoy the rice and chicken and veggies. This is a meal that I make when I have time. I know that it is my husband's favorite meal. We are also working on our knitting and crochet projects. Just a little at a time, and reading. Tomorrow, we will get a bunch of math finished and get some more geography completed. History and Art and Writing! Yeah, we will get work finished. We will take a walk and get some fresh air and clean up the back yard. It will be nice to move and keep moving. I think the girls will enjoy a field trip to the Krohn Conservatory to see the spring flowers. I know that I will. Besides we can work on so many other lessons at the same time, because I live so VERY far away from Cincinnati (according to my family). I was looking back on a FB post I made about 5 years ago, my youngest wanted to know if the family knew where we lived and could they come to visit. I explained at the time that they know where we live and they are welcome to visit, but they feel that we live TOO far away to visit. Then they started seeing where they would come up to the area for things and we were still just too far away. They don't ask those questions any longer. They just ask if I have anything fun planned. Yep, I do have a lot of things fun planned for this week.

Afghan - Flower Power
Afghan - Spring Leaves
Afghan - Log Cabin Scrap Blanket
Afghan - Sherbet Surprise
Afghan - Patch Sampler Throw
Afghan - Light Spectrum Afghan
Afghan - Mitered Squares
Afghan - Slip Stitch Sampler

Baby - Rock's Socks
Baby - Tree of Life

Basket - Crochet Stash Basket
Basket - Crochet Stash Buster
Basket - Pink Easter Basket
Basket - Crochet Bathroom Set

Cleaning - Reusable Tarn Duster
Cleaning - TP Cover
Cleaning - Swiffer Reusable Cover
Cleaning - Keyboard Duster

Coaster - Mitered

Dishcloth - 4 Leaf Clover
Dishcloth - Flowerburst

Entrelac - Scarf with Tutorial
Entrelac - Hat for Lady
Entrelac - Buttonhole Shawl

Flower - Orchid

Hat - Lollipop

Headband - Snood a snood collects long hair and holds it in the back of the head (check out the picture).

I-Pod - Cozy

Luggage - Tags

Scarf - February Mood Scarf the colors are on a download of the pattern, but do not encompass other moods like depressed, sad, angry, hurt. They are positive colors choices. I guess I am thinking sad because we have had another death. I guess that is the issue with an older population. You lose your older family and friends. But he is in a much better place.

Slippers - For Men
Slippers - Fireside
Slippers - Easy Knit

Soap Sacks

Socks - Adirondacks Slipper Socks
Socks - Double Ribbed

Squares - Butterfly

Toys - Gonk's Journey There is an Adam, a Santa (not free) and a Caveman.
Toys - Big Bang Theory

I didn't get a chance to finish this last night, but I did get the emails below 1750, which was my goal for the weekend (granted Saturday - we went out and had fun in the sun). Have a great Monday morning!

29 January 2016

Almost the Weekend

Almost the weekend. Yep, after a week of illness, I am so ready for it to be over and go do something fun. We are still coughing and still just trying to breathe and not be so completely worn out. We are slowly getting better and after a week, we just want to do something fun. I did finally finish reading Tess Gerritsen's, "The Surgeon." I love the show "Rizzoli and Isles" and I could definitely see some elements of the book in the tv show, but then given how shows and movies change books to make them something they can show on tv or in theatres, I can see it. It was a pretty good book. I could so empathize with Rizzoli in the book and the difference of her brothers in the book vs tv show was evident. I am looking forward to reading, "The Apprentice," also by Tess Gerritsen. I also am reading "All the Light We Cannot See," by Doerr. It is a really big book. I borrowed it from the library and it was a 7 day loan. I was not able to finish it in time, but I was able to get it for my Kindle. I now have 2 weeks to finish reading it.

I originally sat down earlier, and was going to go through my emails, but I ended up looking through my books on Goodreads, to see which book in the bookseller's mysteries comes 1st, which book in the Rizzoli and Isles books came 2nd and just to find out where I had to stop in the actual book copy of the Doerr book. Then I started doing other things. I won't work on this for very long as I want to get Part 1 of the Groovyghan CAL. I was probably going to get it finished before Part 2 came out, but then the illness won. Part 2 came out last night, but it is only 2 parts and it will be 2 weeks before Part 3 comes out. I know that there are people who are complaining that they are coming out too slow and would like new portions every week instead. It is a really popular CAL and people from all over the world are participating. It is fun to see what their color combinations are and how they are connecting the pieces.

Tonight my goal on the email is to get below 1800. Tomorrow, I will try to get to about 1750. But a little at a time. It will get finished.

Afghan - Stained Glass - granny squares
Afghan - Loco for Cocoa
Afghan - Spiral
Afghan - Crochet Multicolored Throw

Baby - Jester Hat
Baby - Uggs
Baby - Snuggle Sack and Hat

Bags - Crochet Tote
Bags - Errands
Bags - Easy Mesh Market Bag
Bag - Melon Pocket Bag - folds up small for carrying and then opens up for market day.
Bags - Green Grocery Bag

Dishcloth - St Patrick's Day
Dishcloth - Bloomin' Flower

E-Reader - Cabled Cozy

Easter - Bunny with Candy pouch
Easter - Bunny Buddies
Easter - Peeps

Flower - Knitted Tutorial

Hats - Starbuck's Mandala
Hats - Happy
Hat and Scarf Set - Hugs and Kisses set for kids
Hats - Blue Slouch Beanie
Hat - Crochet Sun Hat
Hats - Cute Hoot Hat
Hats - Teal Hat with Brim
Hats - Crochet Scandinavian Hat
Hats - Grey Slouch Beanie
Hats - Garden Goddess Hat
Hat - Secret Garden Hat - could be referencing the book "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Headband - Anthro Inspired Braided Headband

Mittens - Easy Crochet
Mitts - Easy Wrist Warmers
Mitts - Lace
Mittens - City

Scarf - Easy Striped
Scarf - Cabled
Scarf - Meaning of Life
Scarf - Belle Fleur Scarf

School - Pencil Case
School - Backpack

Shawl - Amazing Mitred Shawl
Shawl - Prism free download on Ravelry
Shawl - Aeolian
Shawl - Big Triangle
Shawl - Popcorn free pattern from Red Heart Yarns
Shawl - Cyrcus Rectangular free download from Ravelry

Socks - Creta Lace
Socks - Easy Toe Up
Socks - for Father's Day

St Patrick's Day - Shamrock and Leprechaun

Toys - Blue Bunny
Toys - Year of the Tiger
Toys - Leprechuan free download from Ravelry
Toys - Rainbow Bear
Toys - Crochet Owl

27 January 2016

Another Snow Day, Illness and More Illness

The week is almost over and Wednesday, the schools closed for a snow day. First, our school district called a 2 hour delay and then moved on to closed. I can understand why. As hard as the snow plow drivers worked, they were not able to get some of the areas the buses would have to travel before they had to go out. My kids think it is unfair that they have to go to school when the other kids are off for the day. But I pointed out that they get days the other kids don't, they get field trips while the others are in school. They have more freedom, but they still have to work. One day they will celebrate this freedom, but now they just don't see it.

I know that my emails are going down, but when I take a day off from clearing them out, they go back up. I just need to work on them one day and get more out of the box and keep it going down. Well, starting on Thursday, I ended up getting the flu. Slowly and surely my family has been going down with me. The whole house is going down. Poor dog thinks she can pull a fast one on us as we are just feeling so bad. She thinks she can get 4 or 5 meals a day during this. The cats just keep going from sick person to sick person. They hope they don't lose us as they are considered too old for adopting. Of course, the number of emails just keeps going up as I am just trying to get better and I have to keep going to store to buy more juice and popsicles. Fluid, is fluid, no matter what kind at this stage. The good news, I lost 20 lbs in 7 days, granted 15 of them in 3 days.

Afghans - Chevrons and Ladders
Afghans - Dublin
Afghans - Tapioca Pudding
Afghans - Color Block
Afghans - Celtic Weave
Afghans - Red Crochet
Afghans - Peaceful Lapghan

Bags - Little Granny Bag Tutorial

Basket - Crochet Neon Baskets
Baskets - Stash Buster

Charms - Funny Charms for Kids

Granny Square - 4 Heart Square
Granny Square - Shining Star
Granny Square - Aztec Stripes
Granny Square - Magic Spike Mandala
Granny Square - Chinese Puzzle
Granny Square - Hexagon Square Tutorial
Granny Square - Heart Square
Granny Square - Prince Protea
Granny Square - Rainbow Squares
Granny Square - Enough Love to Go Around

Handwarmers - Smitten
Handwarmers - Rolling Thunder
Handwarmers - Diamond Leaf
Handwarmers - Thumbs Up
Handwarmers - Walden's Wood Mitts

Hats - Cupcake
Hats - Rock Candy - these make me think of the hats worn in the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas."
Hats - Ear Flap  for Kids
Hat and Scarf - Cabled
Hat - Downton Abbey
Hat - Universal Slouchy
Hat - Reversible Crochet Brioche
Hat and Scarf Set - For Men
Hat - Big Blue Beret
Hat - Smurf

Headband - Lace uses left over sock yarn
Headband - Anthro Inspired
Headband - Easy Lacy

Links - 12 Crochet Flowers

Moogly 2013 Mystery CAL - Fish Pouch - Very cute when finished.

Needle Case - a place to hold yarn needles, stitch markers for crochet.
Needles Vase

Scarf - Pink and Purple
Scarf - Reversible Cable from Lion Brand and requires sign in, but free.
Scarf - Braided Loaves Cable
Scarf - Crochet Snow Bear Hoodie
Scarf - Peacock

Shawl - Butterfly Prayer Shawl (another technique I want to learn).
Shawl - Lavender Blooms

 Toys - Bunny Peep
Toys - Pokemon - Pichu
Toys - Teddy Bear
Toys - Sleepy Owl
Toys - Bubby Bear
Toys - One seam Teddy

Valentine's Day - crochet Hearts
Valentine's Day - Valentine Amigurumi Heart
Valentine's Day - Baby Hearts Mobile
Valentine's Day - Stripes and Hearts Scarf
Valentine's Day - Crochet Valentine TableCloth

Wash Cloth - Rainy Day

19 January 2016


Yesterday, I took the girls to their TAB meeting and the oil light came on, on my car. This light comes on before you have an issue, but when you need an oil change. So today, I get to sit in a waiting room at the garage waiting on the oil change. This is going to be a very busy week and it is going to be a very cold week, too. Yesterday dawned at 5 with a feel of -6! Brrr! Cold and I don't like each other. But the girls and I got a lot of school work finished and they will be left with a list of things to work on while I am gone, that I can check when I get back. Motivation is getting better, but they are still not as motivated as they used to be. Grandma's death and illness and all the other death's, have taken a toll on them as well.

Today, I need to get some more of the emails cleared out my email, but I am making progress and I am making things again and there are people asking for things. My nephew asked for socks! I love making things and I love that there are people who like what I make. My sweet nephew saying he really wants me to make him some socks and then asking how long will it take and saying that he has always enjoyed the gifts that I made for him, made me feel like things would be good again. The things I made, made him feel special.

This year had been a hard year for all of us. So many deaths, so much illness, so much stress, so much disappointment, things that didn't happen, things that did. So we ordered some sock yarn (his choice) and as soon as I finish my middle daughter's socks, I will begin working on his socks. But I also have an order for hotpads. I have an orders for baby blankets. I love when the orders come in, that means I can donate money to things that I want to donate to. I donate to Dawn's Light, I donate to Warrior Backpacks.

Life is good and I have work and children to teach. I am improving my mood and taking care of my family. That is what is important. Hopefully, I can get more of the emails off the account and just keep that momentum. Oh, and we got rid of cable! What a relief! We have just what we need and nothing extra. We can borrow movies and tv shows from libraries, we watch movies on Hoopla and books, lots of books. Love to read and so do the girls. It is nice at night we play games or work on puzzles.

Afghan - Checkered Knit Blanket
Afghan - Entrelac
Afghan - Diamonds from Squares
Afghan - Geometric Crochet Afghan
Afghan - Circles in Rectangles
Afghans - with Sleeves
Afghan - Cinnamon Twist
Afghan - Log Cabin Scrap

Bag - Trio Knit Tote Bag
Bag - Chinese Waves Pouch - I have a purse that just dumps things around inside. So now I need a bunch of different things to hold groups of items. So if I make this in different colors it might help organize my purse.
Bag - Waves Tote

Block - Passion Star Flower Afghan Block

Christmas - Crochet Santa Gift Tag
Christmas - Roly Poly Santa Doll
Christmas - Santa Ornament
Christmas - Snowman and Friend
Christmas - Snowman Family
Christmas - Snowflake Mitten Holiday Ornament

Dishcloth - Flowerburst
Dishcloth - Year of the Dragon

Fingerless - Fetching

Hat and Scarf - Astrodome
Hat - Piggle
Hat - Valentine
Hat - Denver
Hat - Blooming Purple Beanie
Hat - Slouchy Hat

Hot Pads - Candy Daze

Lapghan - Neutral Cluster

Links - Knitting Pattern Central

Mittens - Oyster
Mittens - Maplewood
Mittens - Ombre
Mittens - Bella
Mittens - Mocked Cable
Mittens - four needle
Mittens - Texting

Socks - Serendipity

Toy - Crochet Owl
Toy - Cute Bee

Tutorial - Soccasins

17 January 2016

Hello, Sunday!

Sunday, a day of rest, of visiting and football!

Visiting: We visited church. Church for us is wherever we can get to on Sunday morning. Today, we went to Incarnation Catholic Church again. Came home and visited with nephew. He is old enough to drive himself and go wherever he wants, when he wants (he is an adult, so he doesn't ask permission).

Day of Rest: No rushing around. No major amounts of work. Some laundry, but easily accomplished. Reading, writing, games played (nephew came up to play games with his cousins), crafting. All things that provide enjoyment.

Football. My husband loves to watch football, so he is happily ensconced in front of the TV with football with Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers (and the Panthers ate on the Birds).

While all this happens, I am running a load of laundry. I am going to empty out some more of my email (leave it alone too long and it grows, but it is below 1950).

Afghan - In a Pinch

Baby - Manly Bib

Bags - Market
Bags - Shopping
Bags - Thrifty Market

Christmas - Mini Mittens Ornament
Christmas - Elf Stocking Ornament
Christmas - Winter Snowman Dishcloth
Christmas - Pinwheel Garland
Christmas - Tiny Toque Ornaments
Christmas - Scrooge
Christmas - Snowman Stocking
Christmas - Reindeer Ornament
Christmas - Little Knit Stocking
Christmas - Noel Knit Sweater Ornaments
Christmas - Snowman Mug Hug
Christmas - Polar Bear Hat for kids
Christmas - Holiday Balls Throw
Christmas - Holiday Hearts Throw
Christmas - Starry Night Stocking
Christmas - Mr and Mrs Snowman
Christmas - Bells Wreath
Christmas - Bull's Eye Ornaments
Christmas - Decoration PotHolders

Dishcloth - Christmas Tree

Fingerless - Striped Gloves
Texting - Colorful Texting Gloves
Mittens and Scarf - Chunky
Mitts - Diamond Leaf Fingerless
Mitts - Entrelac Fingerless

Hats - Top Down Chullo
Hats - Simply Spring Beanie
Hat - Elf Pixie
Hat - Ombre
Hat - Jingle Jester

Kindle - Rainbow Cover

Scarf - Cabled
Scarf - Cabled from Lion Brand
Scarf - Football
Scarf - King Me
Scarf - Double Fun Potato Chip
Scarf - Fiery Dragon

Shawl - Icelandic Sunrise
Shawl - Prism
Shawl - Demalangeni

Socks - Anastasia
Socks - Cable for Men
Socks - Cable Yoga
Socks - 52 stitch
Socks - Candy Cane
Socks - Guitar Man
Socks - Trail Mix for Men
Socks - Blueberry Waffle

Washcloth - Leafy

At quitting time, today, I have less than 1900! Tomorrow, I will get some more off, but now I want to knit and make some hand warmers. My hands are cold.