25 October 2014

Recipes, Patterns and Things for Homeschooling

I have been marking things that I want the girls to see, patterns that I might make some day and recipes of things I would like to make with the girls or for the girls. Right now they are watching "Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader". I really don't remember any of the stories beyond "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."

So here are some things I want to share:

Amazing Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake
Peanut Butter Buckeye Cheesecake
Peanut Butter Cookie Ghost Cups
Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins
Quadruple Layer Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake

Tree of Linguistics
Lima, OH Fireman's Museum
Lima, OH Tourist and Visitor Bureau
Ted - Ed Periodic Table
Periodic Table Song
15 Science Experiments with Food/Candy - we did the gummy bear one already. The girls loved it.
64 Positive Things to Say to Your Kids
Warren County Cadet Squadron
Map of Best Book for Each State
Literary Map of London

French Beret
Bloomswirl Headband
DIY Blocking Station for Squares for Afghans
How to Crochet a Cluster Stitch

23 October 2014


One day this week, I heard a conservative talk show host say, "Why would you use a person who has stated that they do not want to make your cake for a Gay Wedding?" I really thought about this. There is a need. Why doesn't someone open places to create wedding flowers for Gay Weddings? Why doesn't someone open a bakery to make Gay Wedding Cakes? Why doesn't someone get licensed to perform weddings and open a chapel or a very nice area to hold Gay Weddings or Gay Wedding Receptions?

The reason I am thinking this way is because I agree. Why would you go to someone who has already stated that they do not want to do this service? I have food allergies and when I was looking for a place to make my wedding cake, I had to search for someone who would make me a wedding cake that did not have eggs in it. I went to many bakeries and found one in Newport, KY that would make me a cake. The cake was delicious and beautiful. It was worth every penny. I didn't once think of filing a law suit against any of the other bakeries because they discriminated against me for not wanting to make a cake without eggs. I just went looking for a place to make my cake.

I would think the same way if I was looking for a place that didn't want to make me something because I was getting married in a Christian church. I would just look for someone who didn't object. I would be worried that by forcing them to make a cake they didn't want to make it didn't live up to standards. That it was undercooked, overcooked or they put something in it that made it taste bad. As to the flowers they could be wilted or dying. The other thing I think is going to happen now, is that these places are going to raise their prices so that they can cover the costs from a lawsuit.

I might be wrong, but it just seems that there is a need. Why doesn't someone open a bakery, a florist, etc that caters to Gay Weddings. I think if they become the best, they will be able to service any and all and get more business than the places that are refusing to serve Gay Weddings.

Now, I want to add one other thing. I may be a Christian Conservative, that does not mean I judge anyone for the life styles. That is not my job. My job in this world is to love all and live and let live and let God judge. That is His job.

Gorgeous George

Did I mention we have a new kitten? Yep, we have had him for a few weeks. He is a little beggar, he loves attention and he gets into trouble. We cannot eat without him trying to snitch our food. We had to lock him in the basement, so we could eat without a cat head in our drinks or bowls. He sits in front of the screen looking at the moving letters and cursors. On this day, I was looking at the math for one of my girls and he sat there just following along. Silly kitten.

Rotten Dog

This week has been a hard week for all of us. My husband's uncle was buried on Tuesday. In order to have Lily with someone while we were gone (for long periods of time), we took her to my parents house, just for the over night. All was going well. She was loving the extra attention, being called "Sophie" and all the extra food (she doesn't get food from tables at my house). The next morning, my parents were having work done by a cable guy and my dad was opening and closing a door and he was not as fast as my 8 year old Beagle, Red Heeler, Pointer mix. She got out! She ran and she ran and she ran! My poor (in their 70's) parents were trying to catch her. They threw treats out for her. They tried to lure her with their, really well behaved, Australian Shepherd. They even had the cable guy calling them when she came close to the house. She wanted no part of them. She ran and ran and ran. So my mother calls as we are trying to get together and get out of the house and says, "Your dog got out and she is running in the woods." I told her, "Call the dog warden, call the non-emergency police number, and ask your neighbors to come out and call to her." She is a hussey! She will go to anyone she doesn't know, just as long as it is not you, or us. When she gets loose on us, we call the dog warden. We ask neighbors to help us. We have even had someone park their car, get out and grab her. My mom, could not get the dog warden as the office did not open until 10 (and this was 8), she didn't want to call the police, I did. She also, finally asked a neighbor to help her and she was caught. My parents kept her closed up in a room so she could not get away again. They were very tired and my father said, "You feed her too much! She won't come for treats, you need to cut back on her food!" Silly, pops, she would just eat poop. 

19 October 2014

Goodbye, Uncle Harry

On Wednesday, 15 Oct 2014, my husband's uncle passed from this life and started a new life with Jesus. Harry was a great man. He had an infectious laugh and loved all the children who came into his life. The children, also, loved him. My last memory of Harry was him and my husband cooking food together for Labor Day. He challenged my middle daughter to a bowling competition on the wii and won. Harry, one time told his daughter that he left her child with some man that he thought was his son-in-law, the father of the children. She ran off to make sure that was correct. Just recently, he was at my bil's wedding reception and sat next to me for the meal. It was a very fancy table. A very crowded table and he was having trouble setting his glass down. I then told him where all the utensils were and helped him set the glass down. He passed away 1 day before his 49th wedding anniversary and 1 day before my husband's birthday. My husband has been very sad over the loss of his uncle and keeps saying he is okay and I know he will be okay, but I also know that he has been going through the steps of grief. I feel for my children as they miss their great-uncle. I feel for my husband and his family as they deal with this sudden loss.

13 October 2014

Field Trips with the Girls

Last year, I started homeschooling/eschooling my girls. Best decision ever. Girls work hard at times and other times they don't want to work at all. But I am determined that one day a week we get out of the house and explore and see what we can remember from the lessons. So far we have gone to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden three times, once with OHVA, once with families from SOHO and once on our own. We have gone to Entertrainment Junction with OHVA (K12 in OH). We have even gone to SunWatch (in Dayton, OH).
Black Rhino running in it's enclosure. 

I just love cheetahs. 

Loved watching the giraffes. 

Gibbons on Gibbon Island. 

Painted Dogs. New to the zoo. 

In the Jefferson Memorial.

Krohn Conservatory. 

Vulture reminds me of the Jungle Book vulture. 

Asian Elephants. 

This is near us and we walk it frequently. 
Antelopes in their new enclosure. 

Sun Watch. Indoor and outdoor areas. 

Silverback Gorilla. 

Baby Giraffe about 6 months old. 

Barn Owl. 

Cactus room at Krohn Conservatory. 

Love these gibbons. 

Snow Leopards. 

Light filtering into the Fern Room at the Krohn Conservatory. 

So many places to go and so many things to do, but try to go when we can and where we can. I think the girls get more when we do enrichment trips. Things make more sense to them and they retain it better.