19 October 2015

The Raven

The Raven written by Edgar Allan Poe was made into a lesson today with my girls. Below are the links that helped us with our work.

Christopher Walken telling of the poem to allow listening/hearing of the poem

The actual poem for reading

Information on Edgar Allan Poe

Where to Find Handmade Gifts

Last month, after the death of my mother, I found these towels (plus the ones I made for my father and brother) in the bottom of a box. My dad is using the other towels, although my brother's complaint about them is that the initials are the same as those for our dad. Well, what do you expect when you are the Junior? Also, 1. don't complain to me about your initials, I didn't name you. And, 2. I have the same initials as one of our sisters. I don't complain about that, because I didn't choose our names.

But according to my youngest sister, I never made anything that she wanted to use or liked. So it is no wonder that nice hand towels were in a box.

11 October 2015

Patterns from my Emails

Sassy Ruffle Bag - Intermediate
Entrelac Messenger Bag
Percy Bag
Cable Knit Bag
Sweetheart Bag
Fallen Snow Cable Bag

Forever 21 Knockoff Scarf
I love Lucy Headband
2 Hour Scarf
Random Lace Scarf
Frozen Lake Cowl
Linen Stitch Colorblock Wrap
Purple Storm Cowl
Linen Stitch Scarf
Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf (I have a few friends who are fighting or fought this disease)
Knit Sushi Scarf

Baby Uggs - knit pdf format
41 Easy Crochet Baby Blankets
Precious Panda Baby Set
Rainbow Knit Baby Blanket
Easy Baby Booties
Tiny Earflap Hat
Textured Baby Hats
Premie Donna Hat - for very small babies in NICU
Dream Catcher Baby Blanket
Hoover Baby Blanket supposed to be like one made by First Lady Hoover
Crochet Angel Heart Baby Blanket

Fall Crochet Hat
Rainbow Rolled Brim Hat

Crochet Pumpkins

6 hour throw - Lion Brand
Fool Proof Afghan
Arrow Stitch Afghan
Half Log Cabin Ombre Blanket
Delicate Diamonds Throw
Angel Afghan

Goddess Shawl
Downton Abbey Shawl
Princess Diana Shawl
Princess Kate Shawl
Pocket Prayer Shawl
Celestial Blue Wrap
Elegant Lace Shawl
Mindless Silver Shawl
Greyscale Wrap
Dummy Clap Shawl
Dandelion Shawl
Crochet Angel Shawl

Free Red Heart Book

Fingerless Mitts/Arm Warmers:
Gumdrop Arm Warmers
Pieces of 8 Mitts

Mock Cable Socks
Knitted Moccasin Slippers

Just for Fun:
Minion IPAD Case
All Free Minion Patterns
Apple Pin Cushion
Little Giving Bird
Little Frogs
Cell Phone Case
Crochet Snood Headband
Little Black Owl

Cable Washcloth
Basic Cotton Dishcloth
Basic Simple Dishcloth
Breast Cancer Awareness Dishcloth

Basket weave blanket

Crochet Angel Topper
Angel Wings and Halo Baby Photo Props
Angel Baby Booties
Yuletide Throw
Fall Ripple Afghan
Lavender Lace Throw
Mellow Yellow Throw
Merry Melon Afghan
Pastel Baby Afghan
At My House Angel

Charity List for hand made goods

Christmas is coming and knowing that my some in my family do not appreciate the hand made gifts, the best thing I can do with my hand made items is donate them to those who need things like hats, gloves, scarves, afghans, shawls, etc. So below is a list of places that like hand made items and know the true value of these items.

Charity Knitting

Local Needs
Look in your own neighborhood first; most communities have service organizations that will accept knitted items. The Salvation Army, churches and synagogues, abused women's shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, hospitals and animal shelters all have needs that may be met by local knitters.

In Lebanon, we have Dawn's Light at Urbancrest Baptist Church. 

Other Opportunities
If you prefer to look further abroad for your charitable donations, check out the following:

Caps for Kids provides needy children with cozy hats to keep them warm. Nearly one million caps, along with other children's accessories, have been knitted and crocheted by volunteers since the program began. The hats are given to nonprofit, nondenominational agencies in the communities of the donors.
Through participating stores across the country and the organizers of the program, caps are collected and distributed to agencies serving children.
To obtain the name of a registered store in your area, write to the address below:
Caps for Kids -- CYCA
c/o Bonnie Greene
30112 Echo Blue Drive
Penn Valley, CA 95946-9422

Newborns in Need makes and donates baby gowns, blankets, and other essential baby items to hospitals, homeless shelters and other organizations that provide for premature and newborn infants. All items are donated completely free of charge.
Newborns In Need Inc.
Box 385
Houston, MO 65483
(417) 967-9441

The Precious Pals Program was begun by The Knitting Guild of America as a means of providing immediate comfort to children in crisis, who often wonder if there is anyone who cares about them. Precious Pals let them know that they are cared about and loved. According to one police officer, the Pals are invaluable, since the children sometimes tell the animal what happened, then the animal "tells" the investigating officer.

Simply purchase (or knit!) an animal, knit an outfit for it, and bring it to the Knitting Guild's conference/convention of your choice or mail it to the address below.
The Knitting Guild of America
2692 Richmond Road, Suite 205
Lexington, KY 40509
(800) 969-6069

Warm Up America! sponsored by the Yarn Council of America, encourages participants to work with family members, neighbors and friends to make complete afghans and distribute them in their own community. When this is not possible, the Council will gladly accept sections, strips or completed afghans. They distribute the completed blankets to social service agencies that contact our office.
To participate, knit or crochet one or more 7-inch by 9-inch rectangles. Join your section to 48 others to complete a full-size afghan or send it to Warm Up America! to join. The original Warm Up America! afghan resembles a patchwork quilt of many textures and colors. Of course, you can knit or crochet more than one section or complete an entire afghan in any pattern or color yarn you wish.
Warm Up America! Foundation
Attention: WSD
2500 Lowell Rd.
Ranlo, NC 28054

Children in Common packs and sends boxes of relief supplies overseas to eastern European orphanages. These orphanages are bleak and very cold, and the children need warm hats, mittens, scarves, socks and sweaters. Items to fit any child between newborn to age 16 are needed. Socks should be for kids age 3 and older, slippers for young and old alike.
Warmth and durability should be considered and natural fibers are a real plus (wool and wool blends). Items are hand carried over to orphanages in Russia and Lithuania by parents traveling to adopt a child. They are received warmly and are most appreciated by the women who run the orphanages. Good clothing is at a minimum and children share, with no real "ownership" of items, due to their scarcity.

Children in Common
c/o Adoptions Together
5740 Executive Drive #108
Baltimore, MD 21228

The Hugs for Homeless Animals/Snuggles Project was founded in 1996 to comfort shelter animals. Most shelter animals are kept in areas with stainless steel braces and hard plastic flooring or even bare concrete floors. Security blankets (called "snuggles") are made from leftover scraps of yarn or fabric and donated directly to any of the participating shelters. These shelters have specifically requested snuggles and understand how they should be used. Since size and appearance do not matter, this is a good learn-to-knit project, and a good way to use up leftover yarn. Blankets should be made from acrylic yarn so they can be washed.
Suggested size guidelines are:
14 x 14-inches for cats and small animals24 x 24-inches for cats and small to medium dogs36 x 36-inches for medium to large dogs
The Web site has a list of approved shelters:

74 Days to Christmas

Wow, Christmas is coming soon. I am always shocked at how long it is until Christmas at this time of year, but this time it just seems so much closer than ever. My girls are so excited over Halloween and have been to one party already this year. They went as "Dr. Horrible" and a "Grim Reaper." They were so cute. We are going to a "Trunk or Treat" at a church we attend and where we have some friends.

I am saving so many different things to make or cook or use for lessons with the kids.


My mom didn't know how to cook when she married my dad and so she learned and she kept recipes in a box and all over the place. She would save them from friends, from relatives (mostly my dad's family) and all kinds of places. She would copy them onto recipe cards, after her 1st computer, she would type them and have nice sheets of paper. But sometimes her recipes would be missing things, like a name or where she got it from or even directions on how to make it. But there were some that we would ask her for copies of because we liked them and would want to make them at our homes for our children and husbands. So I created a blog to save the recipes so my sisters and brother can get at them. It is simply My Mom's Recipe Box. If someone knows who gets correct credit for a recipe, please share in comments and I will definitely do that. You will notice that I have entries where I have the name of the recipe and a link to that and who or where it can be located.

16 Harry Potter Inspired Recipes
How Sweet is That Blog


Horse Purse
Fall Oak Leaves
Frogs - Crochet
Double Knit Reversible Hats
Christmas Stocking
Easy Crochet Prayer Shawls
Pretty Princess Patterns
Mathematical Knitting
Baby Sampler Crochet


Book of Kells
Science Fair Projects
Ultimate List of Free Grammar Games
How to Make Geometric Solids


43 Books Can't Stop Talking About
10 Books by Authors like Agatha Christie

Time to Stop

This week, I woke up to the news that there was another school shooting. The news has taken to giving information on the shooters and nothing on the victims. I want this to change. Let us remember and celebrate the victims and their families. Remembering them in prayers and thoughts. So here is my thought, below are links to the names of the victims, let's look at those people and remember them and their families in prayers. Forget the shooter and stop glamorizing him/her/them.

Newtown, Connecticut

Amish School Shooting: Fatalities
Naomi Rose Ebersol, aged 7, died at the scene, October 2, 2006
Marian Stoltzfus Fisher, aged 13, died at the scene, October 2, 2006

Anna Mae Stoltzfus, aged 12, was declared dead on arrival at Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, October 2, 2006
Lena Zook Miller, aged 8, died at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, October 3, 2006
Mary Liz Miller, aged 7, died at Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware, October 3, 2006

Charleston, SC  
Oregon College

AZ Shooting Victims (this was this week): Colin Brough was killed and Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato and Kyle Zientek were wounded, the university said.

02 October 2015


6 years ago, a small black cat appeared in my back yard. She was starving and scared. She was very feral. So very slowly, I started by putting food and water out where she could come down and get it safely. I would keep the door open a crack (not much just enough that I could talk to her). I would talk to her while she ate. Eventually, after months of this, she would let me sit outside with her. Then, finally, she let me touch her. This was how we found out that she was a girl. As Halloween was approaching we decided that we would empty the garage of cars and set it up for her to be in until we could get her to a vet and then decide what to do from there. She turned out to be a very healthy 1 year old cat. She is still tiny, but she has become a great blessing to us.