29 December 2016

361 Days to Christmas

Funny count down, right? A friend was commenting on how Christmas is over and now Valentine's Day items are already out and a friend of hers commented that he was seeing Christmas decorations on houses and it was 363 days to Christmas! Right now we are still allowed to celebrate Christmas. Christmas ends on Epiphany, when the Wise Men came to the stable and see the tiny baby. I know I said that I feel better now that Christmas is over, but I was referring to the day that everyone goes out and buys tons of stuff for people to hate and return and put stress on people to go out and buy. Christmas shouldn't be about buying things, it should be about the birth of a child who saves us all. It should be about family and gathering and spending time together, not about stuff. I think that more than anything is why I hate Christmas.

I am finally making myself a blanket. I keep saying that it is mine and I will only share with my husband. I keep reminding myself that I am allowed to have this and it is to be mine. In the meantime, I am also making things for my daughters, husband, sil and nephew. My husband is funny, he says, if they don't like it, I will take it back. It will be mine. He is very covetous of things that I make. I love that man. He is wonderful and a gift and I am lucky to have him and that my girls get him for their dad.

Cat Lady Afghan
Prairie Star Afghan
Spiral Lapghan
Mini Octagon Granny
Pink Plaid Picnic Throw
Spring Lace Squares Throw
Kaleidoscopic Throw
A Little Bit of Everything Afghan - lots of different squares.

Teddy Bear
Star Wars Light Saber
Pac Man and Ghosts

Rainbow Dragon Bag
Summer Clutch

Tunisian Stocking
Folkways Christmas Stocking

Nautilina Scarf
Aurora Borealis Scarf
Turquoise V Cowl
Casual Cowl
Ribbed Unisex Cowl
Twisted Tracks Scarf
Alice Cullen Scarf

Ombre Knit Mittens
Easy Fingerless Gloves

Spin Cycle Hat
Braided Beanie
Anna Hat
Mini Brim Hat - My middle would love this hat. I may have to make it for her when she isn't paying attention.
Lazy River Beanie

Two Piece Swim Suit Dish Cloth
Radiant Rose Mandala Doily
Fall Dishcloths

Kiwi Puzzle
Olive the Octopus Puzzle
Amish Puzzle Ball
Pumpkin Segment Ball
Flower Puzzle Ball

October Shawl
Top Down Shawl
Mariposa Lace Shawl
Texture Stitch Wrap
Country Cottage Shawl

Wintermint Sock Trio

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