25 December 2016


We delivered our Christmas Cookies to 2 libraries. We need to make more since we gave out quite a bit. We also set them out on the night we had family over, so it was good, because they were eaten. My girls have been good about not scavenging through the cookies when they were to get hungry. We went down to my dad's house for a bit on Christmas Eve and we need to go down to Ky again to celebrate with my husband's family. I had to go shopping on Friday and it was a nightmare some places and not so bad others. Walmart didn't have any carts, so I had to hold my choices (pjs for the girls), at the pet store, I was told to stand aside so that they could assist other people. Rude! I was standing in line first and if I hadn't needed the item (a new halter for my dog) I would have just walked out! Parking was a nightmare at the Kroger store and shelves were empty in places. I looked at few of the emails that I had been getting and saw some things that my girls had been asking for and that I thought would be good for other friends, too.

Trifonus Baby Blanket CAL - sign up now and pattern release starts on Jan 9th. After the last day is released the pattern will be sold.

Boot Cuffs:
Bow Boot Cuffs

50 Minute Easy Cowl
Julia Cowl
Super Faerie Scarf
Lacy Ripple Scarf
Pretty in Pink
504 King West

Simple Mittens

Stacked Shells Headband - my youngest might love this.
Comfy Cozy Headband
Whimsical Warmth Headband
Farmer's Market Hat
Babbling Brook Beanie

Galaxy Shawl
Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl
Pink and Purple Scarf
Paris Shawl
Crocheted Scarf
Delightfully Southern Shawl
Solaris Shawl - free for a short time after that paid.
Evelyn's Shawl
Rainbow Afternoon Shawl
Spanish Baroque Shawl

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