14 November 2010

So Much Going On

On the 2nd of November, I took my gorgeous DDs with me and went to the polling place and voted. I took a picture for Ravelry where Crochet Queen asked all her forum people to post photos of them with their stickers. It is not me, but my daughters, but we are outside the polls with our stickers.

Then I drove them to Frankfort, KY. The state capitol of Kentucky. I discovered some sad things. 1. Marshall's Restaurant is closed and replaced with something else. 2. The Old Capitol Buildings that used to be a museum are closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, with limited hours on the other days. One building is converted into offices for some state agency and God forbid you enter the building through an open door looking for restrooms for your children (who are young). Once the lady realized that I hadn't broken in and that I was looking for restrooms for my young children (one that started to cry) she took us to the restrooms and then took us out and discovered that the door was in fact open (the wind opened it). The place that was opened to replace the Old Capitol for a museum space, was also closed on the above mentioned days. 3. All the homes that used to be opened for tours, are closed. 4. The old Arsenal that was a Military History Museum is closed for renovations, but everyone believes it to be opened already, but in point of fact it is closed. 4. To get into the New Capitol building you need to walk through a metal detector that is so sensitive that my camera set it off and we had to provide identification and be signed in.

The good things: 1. Poor Richard's Book Store is still open and the women running it are still so very nice. We found some Magic Tree House books, some Junie B. Jones and a cat book and a Grimm Sisters Novel. 2. The New Capitol was open and we were able to wonder around inside and take some photos still. The officer realized that we didn't have anything dangerous on us and when the metal detector went off he still let us in. 3. We met a nice man in the Law Library of the 2nd floor that allowed the girls to look along the stacks. 4. We were able to go into the KY Supreme Court Room, The Senate Room and House Room. 5. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial for KY was still in place and just and awesome as it was over 15 years ago.

That night there was an explosion close to our home. 11 families were displaced by this explosion and fire. 2 are still in the hospital (they were severely burned and air lifted out). The fire was still being fought when my husband came home from work and that was aroudn 4 a.m. Yes, my husband is on night shift now and the girls and I are adjusting.

Thursday evening my daughters tore my room to shreds, sheets and blankets off the bed, clothing everywhere and the drawers open and my medicine was moved (I take medication daily and I keep it in the same place so I don't forget it). I screamed at them while I cleaned up the mess and then sent them to bed. Around 11:30 p.m. (everyone was asleep) my middle DD got up and took a walk that ended with her falling down the 13 stairs. She broke her arm. I stabilized her arm, called my husband at work and told him he needed to come home to help me. I took her to the ER and they said it was broken and it needed to be "reduced" and needed to see ortho surgeon. We got home from the hospital at 5 a.m. When I asked for a note to keep her home on Friday, they balked....She can go to school. You don't need to keep her home. I pointed out the time and said by the time we get home and go to sleep, we'll have to wake up 2 hours later....then go to school for a whole day! Then they wrote the note. I had to ask for a note to keep her out of P.E. (otherwise she has to go). Every request was met by an argument. I feel that common sense has left people. To think that she can go to school on no sleep after breaking her arm and staying all night in the ER. To think that she should be allowed to go to P.E. and do all the games.

After I saw the Ortho with Esther she got her new cast. It is purple with rainbow sparkles and she loves it. I asked the Ortho for permission for the nurse to give meds at school. They asked what she was taking for pain and I gave them the list. They said we can't do that it is a narcotic, I asked for Regular Strength (Adult-she is a big girl) Tylenol. They wrote it the way the ER wrote it and then signed off on it. I took it to the school nurse and she called to verify the strength of Tylenol and a nurse named Gert at the Ortho's without verifying the child's size, said that the amount was too much. On the note to keep her inside on cold days...Put a blanket around her and send her outside, but she is not to run (she ran everyday last week on the playground), she is not to play contact sports (try this one on for size, she played tag and "Star Wars") and she is not to play in P.E. Seriously, what kind of people are they hiring that the woman doesn't even pull the chart first, she makes an executive decision, she puts all these weird rules in place about how she is to go outside and sit on a bench (as if).

But I did finish 3 dish cloths this weekend and I saw my oldest neice playing soccer. She played a good game, but the boys need to learn to share the ball with their teammates and not be ball hogs. Her team lost 5-2. Oh well. Lessons learned.
Have a good week. I have to go make my bed and put away some clothes.

01 November 2010

It's November

I can hardly believe it is here! November! We have had some cold days and very little rain. We are under advisement to not light fires of any kind as a stray ash could start a major fire.

There are 54 days to Christmas, so it is time to buckle down and get the Christmas gifts finished. I have so much to work on. There are 21 days to my daughter's birthday! Hard to believe that 6 years ago I was on bed rest to try and prevent her early arrival. There are 23 days to my birthday. This is a year where reversing my age won't be any fun. It is a year where the number is the same. I have a lot of fun telling people my age is the reverse of what it truly is. When I turned 39 I told people I was 93! When I turned 40, I said that I was 4...I didn't have to go to work or school or nothin'.

Tomorrow we get to vote. I have been encouraging my friends to get out and vote. I don't care what their views are or who they vote for, that is not the point. The point is to get out and vote.

My husband loves his new job. He is so very happy at his new job and is excited about getting more training. He started a new job on October 4th. He was so excited to get this new job and then to be working somewhere different. The girls and I are getting used to his new schedule and then it will change again. But he said that there are so many people from his old job there that he doesn't feel like an outsider. A friend of ours (who was at the old place also) just started and said that he has been helping her so much.

I am working on a new throw rug for my bathroom, but I neglected to keep track of what I was doing and so this will definitely be a one of a kind rug.

Well Happy November all. Make your voice count and vote!