31 March 2017

Quirky Hats

I love hats. I love to make them and give them away. My kids love them, too and they like quirky ones. Hats are good to have many. They can be worked on in the summer (small project and won't cover you) and they can be carried everywhere. They can be simple or very intricate. You can show your skill or style. What kind of hats do you like?

  1. Easy Peasy Panda Hat
  2. Punky's Funky Hat NEW!
  3. The quirky hat you absolutely need for Easter
  4. Unconventional Aviator Hat Inspired by Amelia Earhart
  5. Kitty Cat Beanie Hat
  6. Bob the Square Sponge Hat NEW!
  7. Crazy Colorful Circus Scrap Hat
  8. Mario-Inspired Hat Pattern
  9. Quirky Foxy Fun Hat Everyone just adores this
  10. Watermelon Baby Easy Hat
  11. One-of-a-Kind Joy-Inspired Hat Pattern
  12. Eccentric Crochet Beanie Such an original pattern
  13. *M A G I C A L* Unicorn Hood
Most of these hats are for tots or babies. Mostly because babies and little kids will wear the fun hats, while adults and teens tend to avoid them. 

30 March 2017

Majestic Monarchs in March

Every year, around this time, until June, the Krohn Conservatory hosts a Butterfly Show. This year it is focusing on Monarchs and you can buy Pupae to grow at home and release. They have all kinds of butterflies and "Citizen Scientist" locations. It was crowded. That is what you would expect with this show. My girls enjoy it and we can go as often as we like and Benny is there for us to talk with. He is such a sweetheart.

29 March 2017

Knitting to the 1970's (Music)

I download an audio book from the library and listen to it on my computer. Sometimes, I'll listen to talk radio or music and always my kids. What do you listen to when you knit or crochet?

  1. Night Fever
  2. Stayin' Alive
  3. I Will Survive
  4. Dancing Queen
  5. Heart of Glass
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  7. Le Freak

28 March 2017

Presidential Knits

Someone thought these would be good matches for our Presidents. It is fun to see some of them and they are definitely red, white and blue. Have fun with them.

  1. Washington -Our First Prez!
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Lincoln
  4. Teddy Roosevelt
  5. Woodrow Wilson -The New Freedom!
  6. FDR
  7. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  8. JFK
  9. Obama
  10. Trump -Make Knitting Great Again!

26 March 2017

Weekend Again, Lock In for Kids, Anniversary Celebration

The weekend has returned and my washing machine has developed a leak and we need someone to come and help my husband so he can fix it. We called my brother-in-law and he will come up to help tomorrow. My girls are going to a lock in and my husband and I will have a date. It is good to have time alone with him. I continue to read the Bible and I am ahead of the plan, and that is good since I can fall behind quickly. It only takes a day where I spend most of it driving for me to fall behind. I try to read in the morning before too much starts to happen, but there are times where I get up and have to start moving and doing. Weekends are for cleaning and it looks like this week will be one where I have to constantly do laundry, in order to catch up with what is sitting unable to be done, since the washer is not working.

A few weeks ago, we brought an exercise bike into the house and it has seen a lot of use, by the kids, too. They get on it a few times a day. I am glad for that because it helps them to focus a little more on their work.

My emails continue to grow. I still need to find time to work on them, but I really need to finish things. So I work a little on them and a lot on the WIPs and the daily chores of life.

Topographical Maps
Fossil Facts and Finds
Math in Real Life
US Map Redrawn for Population

1 Hour Stroller Blanket
Bricklayers Lace Baby Blanket

My Little Pony
Sabrina's Amigurumi

Animal Knits/Crochets:
Crochet Cat Bed
1 Skein Pet Bed
Crochet Car Blanket
Dog Snood
Cheeky Mice
Mock Turtleneck Sweater for Cats

On the Go Bag
Out and About Bag
Chinese Waves Pouch
Soho Gold Leaf Clutch

Wide Triangle Scarf
Honeymoon Cowl - colorwork
Shelter Valley Cowl
Chinese Fans Infinity Scarf
My First Wave Cowl
Summer Dream Scarf and Shawl
Once Around Cowl
Lightning Fast Lattice Cowl
Mead Scarf
Vanilla Scarf
Shelton Cowl

Women's Norwegian Mittens - Fair Isle Work
Wicker Swedish Style Mittens - matching hat below.

Honeymoon Beanie - gorgeous! The web page is both English and French.
Feathered Arrow Headband
Aurora Borealis Beret
Happy Hearts Hat
Spring Shadows Hat
Twilight Rose Beanie
Viking Helmet Hat
Spiral Rib Cap
Wicker Swedish Style Hat - matching mittens above.
Gina Messy Bun Hat - current fashion.

Home Decor:
Cat Paws for Chairs
Celtic Dream Basket
Color Block Crochet Basket
Toy Basket
Cable Stitch Basket - the creator uses for holding crochet hooks and I think if it were a little taller, that would be perfect for all of my hooks, too.
Floor Basket

Just for Fun or Travel:
Travel Jewelry Pouch
Car Pillow
Flower Key Chain
Travel Blooms - to attach to luggage when traveling

Stained Glass Dishcloth
Crochet Swiffer Cover
Sun Catcher Dishcloth

Wild Garden Knit Shawl
Triangle Shawl
Perfectly Elegant Shawl
Evening Shadows Shawl

Double Bubble Socks
Starlight Women's Slippers
Toe Up Gingko Socks

25 March 2017

Books, Reading, Bookstores

I love to read and I will read many books at once, in many forms (real pages or ereaders or tablets). I have books upstairs, I have books downstairs, in my car, in my purse, on Kindles or Tablets and I carry them with me. You never know when a time might present itself to read. One time, I was stuck in a really bad traffic jamb, there had been a bad accident ahead of me and we were parked. Yep, parked! I got out a book to read and so did my girls. The police officer walked back to apologize for the time it was taking to get the accident cleared and said we were smart to have something to do. (Did I mention that the police in my area are wonderful men and women, as I am sure they are most everywhere, but we are a small town with lots of farms.) We thanked him for the information and continued to wait for the accident to be cleared. We were not impatient or worried, the blessing of homeschooling, it can happen in a car, and we had something to do while we waited. Sooner than we thought, the accident cleared and we closed (turned off) the books and continued on our way. Today, while I was looking around on FB, I saw a blog from another who loves to read and she has book blurbs and categories, it is called Modern Mrs Darcy. It is worth taking some time to go over the blog. You might find another good read! The blog even has a 2017 Reading Challenge, it is shorter than some and might help you kick start your reading. The first says, a book chosen for it's cover. I love that. I choose books for covers alone.

Do you like to travel? I do. I like to go different places and wonder around and find things that are not the common. When my husband and I were first married we went to South Carolina. He wanted to show me a place he had been stationed when he was in the Navy. On the way, we passed Bat Cave! I really wanted to stop there, but he wasn't ready to stop. We passed the "Home of the Swamp Fox," better known as General Francis Marion, who fought during the Revolutionary War. We didn't stop on the way down, but we went back and explored a little. We spent most of our time in Charleston and that area, found forts, toured Navy Museum (got to go on a tour of a submarine used during WWII) and toured gardens and went on a ghost tour! Another thing I like to do is find yarn stores and get something fun from the spot. Today, again on Twitter, I saw an article that talks about Bookstores and the ones that are the best in every state. The one for Ohio is not far from where I live and we could go there one day when we go to see the zoo or museum. They even have a great LYS up there that is fun to explore. I even live close enough to Kentucky and Indiana to even try and check out their premiere book sellers. I will keep track of this list since I never know when we will go somewhere and I can take the list with me and maybe check them out, too!

22 March 2017

Working on WIPs

I have been trying to work on my WIPs, when the time allows, but I had to tear one out and start over. It was just too heavy, especially for a baby. I need to make it lighter, so I went for bigger needles (this project has been difficult as it is all white and started during my mom's year long illness and the needles were broken and had to be replaced). It is going faster, since the needles are bigger. It also cannot leave the house, because the color is white, so I can only work on it when I am at home and not liable to get up and down....lots of stitches. I also found another WIP and started working on that a little here and there. So many WIPs, so little time. I am bound and determined to finish all these WIPs before I start anything new. I don't mean I won't work on small projects that can be worked on anywhere, I just want to finish all the big ones before I start another big project. What are some of your WIPs? I have a friend who says she has a couple of WIPs that are in time out, because she is mad at them. Do you have any like that?

I like to make shawls and I have another friend who makes gorgeous shawls using sock or fingering yarn. She likes those as she can buy one skein of something fabulous and make one whole lace shawl. I have one of her shawls and they are wonderful. My girls love it, too. I was recently thinking about wedding ring shawls. That is where the shawl when finished can pass through a wedding ring. I would love to make one of those and put it away for my girls for when they get married. Then I think I would have to make three! Yikes! My girls are worth it! Do you have someone that is worth all the effort of special work? I have a few. I have my husband, girls and my sils and my Maryland nieces.

Student Liked TED Talks

Lace Cable Afghan I wonder what this would look like with a colorful yarn or multi colored yarn.
Fall Romance Throw - Love the look of this one.
Cat and Mouse Throw
Zodiac C2C Afghan
Granny Afghan

Cuddly Crochet Bear
Cuddly Crochet Caterpillar
Cuddly Hedgehog
Manatee or Sea Cow

Crocodile on the Beach Bag
Chevron Market Bag

Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornaments

Island Lace Scarf
Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf
Bandito Cowl aka Southwestern Cowl
Snake Scarf - I have made this scarf a few times for my girls. They love it and we use all kinds of colors.

Radiant Rose Mandala

Easter Baskets

Bat Mitts

Little Lindy's Aviator Hat
Baby Kitty Hat
Madly in Love Hat

Ripple Potholder
Not Your Mum's Hotpad
Dutch Skies Potholder
Pot Handle Cover for those of us who still have a cast iron skillet.
Milk and Cookies Hotpad

Unforgettable Top Down Shawl
Be So Bold Ombre Gradient Lace Shawl
Amazing MItred Shawl - gorgeous!

21 March 2017

COSI, Veteran's Park, Cincinnati Zoo

My husband and I like to go and explore and be outside when the weather permits. Before the weather changed, it was good time to go places. I went to Kentucky for an errand and went to the Northern Kentucky Veteran's Park. Prominently was a plaque commemorating the service of Alvin Charles Poweleit, MD. I had worked for him and his son when I was in college. He was a great man and I loved working for him.

He served as a medical officer with a tank group out of Kentucky and was sent to the Phillipines. He was then forced to March in the Bataan Death March. He wrote books about his life and times and I know that NKU library has one of them. I know that he gave these books to many libraries, I just don't know who has one still. I did borrow the book from NKU library and read it. It was very interesting how much he had survived.

Then my girls and I went down to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. They have lots of babies and I know that it will be a lot of fun to explore as the weather improves and the babies are more visible. Right now there are some special babies getting lots of special attention, but we were only able to see the Malayan Tiger Cubs (I keep wanting to call them Malaysian). They are so cute and they were cuddled with a big stuffed lion. When the care takers came in to feed the babies, they brought the "Nanny Dog." It is interesting that people are donating monies to help for the special care of Fiona (the preemie baby hippo) and the baby tiger cubs are also getting lots of special around the clock care, too.

After that, the girls and I began working on their practice for making items for a Teen Bake Off. They did really well and I was there to help, but not to make for them. They needed to learn how to do this all on their own. They did really well. My oldest made a colorful cake and icing and covered it with fondant so she could make a fondant snake climbing the cake. My youngest made Tiger Cookies (recipe available on Hershey's site). My middle volunteered to work the Bake Off, she loves to volunteer and work with the adults.

The next day, we took the girls and went to COSI, they have a new exhibit called Mind Benders Mansion and they loved it. We wondered around all the other areas and watched Rat Basketball and everybody laughed because the female rat, Ivy, would go through the hoop with the ball, while the male rat, would just drop the ball through.



What have you been up to lately? Anything fun? Are you on Spring Break or is it later in the month?

09 March 2017

2nd Week of Lent

I am trying to read a few books (aka finish) and some have some have to be returned quickly, so no renewals. I am still reading the Bible, not daily, but trying to read a few days at a time, to catch up and maybe even finish early. It helps that a friend started a page where we could share what we are reading and where we are talk about our own take of what we are reading. A few of us are reading beginning to end, and that helps, too.

I am still working on the 40 bags. I am a little ahead, but I did some research and found a place that will come and get my treadmill and sell it. I don't have to try and get it out and haul it somewhere, they will pick up. The problem still exists that we have a trampoline and a see saw and since children could get hurt on them, no one will take those items. Really? Children will get hurt on stairs, a chair and a table! They can get hurt walking on a sidewalk. If you use the item as it was meant to be used, there is less chance of injury, but it you abuse it or use it improperly, you can get hurt! I understand why you can't take baby items (car seats, baby beds, etc), they are recalled too much for someone to be certain. I can take that apart and put it in the recycling or take to a recycling center and get a few paltry dollars for it.

Still working on cleaning out the emails. I get a little ahead on the Yahoo as I cancelled the emails going to it (pattern links), but I get behind on the Gmail as that grows daily, but I try to look at some and delete, but when I can only look at it on my phone, I really can't decide as easily. I will try to work on it a little at night while the kids are not doing school work.

Getting a bad grade inspired a man to get a change made to the Constitution. I saved this for my girls as I think that this is a great story. Now to get them to read it....

These 2 are for IPods, IPads, IPhones, etc. Apple listening. Sorry, but they are worth listening if you get a chance.
8 Bookish Podcasts
Literature Lab - I just listened to Why Read? and it was a great talk about reading and how to make reading classics fun.
Homeschool Pi Day Activites
E-Learning on Auschwitz

Log Cabin Arrow Afghan
Foxy Baby Blanket
Mermaid Lap Blanket
Cables and Blocks Afghan
Giant Hooded Bunny Blanket
Embossed Crochet tutorial

Crochet Muppet Glasses Holder they are adorable.

Cat Toy

Basic Baby Booties
Lightning Fast Baby Hats - these are suggested for hospitals, new borns, NICUs.
All in One Baby Hat
Bavarian Rainbow Baby Afghan
Krister Booties
Monsters Inc Baby Hat

Water Bottle Bag
Book Bag

Boot Cuffs:
Seed and Cable Boot Cuffs

Braided Cables Infinity Scarf
Braided Cable Cowl
Periwinkle Infinity Lace Scarf
Water Lilies Cowl
Arrowhead Lace and Cable Scarf
Seifenblasen Lace Scarf
Falling Leaves Scarf

Traveling Cable Hand Warmers
Swedish Style Knit Mittens
Bella's Mittens

Adult Beanie
Rib Braid Headband
Arctic Sunset Cable Hat
Anna Hat
Joy Hat
K1 P1 Hat fun hat for knitters
Sweetie Pie Hat
Tropical Twist Hat
Swedish Style Knit Hat
Secret Garden Hat
"Deathly Hallows" Beret

Essential Draft Dodger
Kitty Egg Warmers - great use of scrap yarns and just for fun, covers of eggs.
Country Charm Dishcloth
Peach Crochet Potholder
Crocodile Stitch Roll Up Flower
Heart Placemats
Christmas Tree Candy Cane Holder

Unique Lace Wrap
Merlot Hooded Cape
It's Just Triangle Shawl
Prism Shawl
Lost in Time Shawl

Pound Puppy Slippers - super cute slippers for littles feet.
Knee High Boot Socks
Darling Lace Socks
Crochet Flip Flops - I have a friend who makes and sells these in her etsy account. These and cat hats are very popular.
Slipper Sandals

08 March 2017

Pie Time

There are patterns that have a pie references....This came from my emails, too.

  1. Cherry 
  2. Key Lime -Yum!
  3. Chocolate
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Apple -Printable!
  6. Pecan
  7. Blueberry -Editor's Pick!
  8. Coconut Cream
  9. Banana Cream
  10. Lemon Meringue -Adorable!
  11. Something Else!

07 March 2017

Mystical Crystals

More from the emails. They linked patterns to crystals.

  1. Ruby - Passion & zest
  2. Amethyst - Royalty & spirituality
  3. Sunstone - Good fortune & independence
  4. Opal - Freedom & emotional stability
  5. Sapphire - Wisdom & prosperity
  6. Peridot - Purification & growth
  7. Rose Quartz - Love & harmony

05 March 2017

First Weekend of Lent, 2017

I am diligently working on the 40 bags project. So far we have removed 8 bags (only 4 days). I have 4 more items to remove, if I can find a way to get rid of 2 of the bigger items (a trampoline, a see-saw and a treadmill), it would be good. Why am I getting rid of the trampoline? We have kids in neighborhood that don't respect owners rights and I cannot have it up without fear that someone's kid(s) will come into my yard and start jumping and get hurt and/or die from misuse. I have a see-saw that we bought for our girls and they have outgrown. I have a treadmill that I haven't used in 10 years because every time I used it there were complaints from my family about the noise created from my walking on it. I was able to get a exercise bike and I have been using that and so I need to remove the treadmill, so we have room.

I told my husband don't bother with taking things to the St. Vincent de Paul since they are not welcome to accepting things, like they used to, but he learned that they want everything cleaned to within an inch of it's life before they accept it. I will call the Vet's and see if they will help us with these items and see what happens. Maybe they will take them, maybe not, all I can do is ask. Failing that I guess I will do my hated thing and have a yard sale.

Are you doing the 40 bags challenge? How is it going for you?

Shark Afghan
Geometric Throw
Mayflower Baby Blanket
Tropical Pineapple Squares
Harvest Afghan for the farmer and his family.

Bunny Brite
Monster Easter Egg
Hound Dog Pup
Woodland Owl
Stuff and Spill Picnic Basket

Sunny Days Market Bag
Owl Bag love this pattern! So bright and colorful and best of all, cheerful!
Helping Hands Garden Bag I need to make at least two of these. I have friends who like (see love) to garden.
Open Face Ipad/Iphone Cozies

Chevron Infinity Scarf
Bittersweet Cowl
Once Around Cowl I like this one.
Spring Cowgirl Cowl This is one my middle would love.

Grey Days Hat
Sea and Sand Hat
Slice of Life Hat
Dear Daisy Woodland Crown

Crochet Bath Scrubbie
Groovy Dishcloth
Suncatcher Dishcloth
Crochet Angel Dishcloth
Monkey Dishcloths

Monday Blues Shawl
Desert Lace Shawl
Sapphire Shawl

Rainbow Sherbet Socks - Here is something that I had to look up to make socks for my nephew. I was told his shoe size, but not his foot size (in inches, no less) and I needed to know this to make his socks so they fit his foot....so I googled this information and since I may need it again, I am saving this Shoe to Foot Size Chart.
Multicolor Sock
Spiral Socks

St. Patrick's Day:
Leprechaun Boot Cuffs

Across the Universe

More from the emails...these are patterns that are linked to celestial bodies. Just another fun way to look at the patterns.

  1. The Mercury Blanket
  2. The Venus Afghan
  3. The Earth Day Afghan
  4. The Mars Patchwork Blanket
  5. Jupiter's Moons Baby Blanket
  6. Rings of Saturn Blanket
  7. The Uranus Throw
  8. The Neptune Blanket Pattern - Reach for the stars!
  9. The Pluto Granny Square

04 March 2017

Some with Amigurumi

I love going through my emails and finding some fun patterns. I also am partial to making toys or amigurumi. I like those more than the traditional baby clothes or afghans. What do you really like to make? 

  1. Star Wars Amigurumi  These are the droids you're looking for
  2. Adorable Spring Bunnies 
  3. Too-Cute Huggy Koala  NEW!
  4. Springtime Amigurumi Doll 
  5. Crochet Baby Penguin Amigurumi
  6. My Little Banana Monkey
  7. Cookie Monster Critter NEW!
  8. Hershey Kiss Amigurumi
  9. Cheerful Spring Easter Bunny
  10. Bouncy Bunny Amigurumi Fave!