26 November 2016

What Happened in the Space of a Year?

Last year at this time, my husband and I took our daughters up to Cleveland, OH area and some of the surrounding areas (Berlin, Navarre, Sugar Creek, etc) and wondered around up there and stayed in a nice hotel with a breakfast. We would get up and go down to breakfast, wearing the clothes we were going to wear out and about. So would the other guests, this is an important note, so would the other guests.

This year, we stayed in two different hotels, because the one we stayed in for 2 days was already booked for the third night and we had to change locals between one night and the other. Both the hotels had pools and breakfasts.

The first morning, Thanksgiving morning, we go down to breakfast, and we are again dressed for the day. Several of the other guests were also dressed for the day, but there were many guests who were in their pjs in the breakfast room and wandering throughout the hallways. Now, these were not 5 year olds, these were not 10 year olds, these were older teens and their mothers! Not the fathers, but the mothers! I get that you are on vacation, but really folks, you are not at home! Get dressed if you are wandering hallways.

The next morning was more of the same, but we were packed and ready to move to the next hotel and wander about the area, like we had planned. We get to the next hotel and again go to the pool and there is a young teen (about 14-15 years old), playing with her phone and doing all kinds of weird things filming herself. She was bored (she stated) and her dad and her sister were in the pool and dad was teaching sister how to swim (I am guessing that this was sister). My girls (also teens) were in the pool swimming around and having fun and getting their gills wet.

The next morning, I was shocked to see more people wandering about in their pjs. One of them was an older woman about late 50's or 60's. They just refused to get dressed before coming into the public area and I was just shocked. How have we come to this point that people feel that it is okay to wander around in their pjs. If I had wanted to spend time with people in their pjs in public, I would have stayed home (my kids love to live in their pjs when we don't have anywhere to go), where I could see men wandering around in public with their pj pants on.

My final pet peeve....as we were driving home (the car fully loaded with kids and luggage), we stopped at a rest stop and there was a poor pup that had been hit by a car and looked starved running around the rest stop barking at people. She was in obvious pain and so scared. My heart broke and I just wanted to get home faster, to my cats and dog. I really dislike people who get an animal and then just dump it somewhere, where it can be killed or die of starvation, just because they don't want it any longer, because it is ill, or old, or has a bad habit (tipping Christmas trees, scratching furniture, etc). Pets are meant to be kept and loved for their entire life, not until something. Right now we have 4 cats, all rescues, and 1 dog, also a rescue. Our dog is about 11 years old and is starting to go blind and starting to have trouble moving. Do we want to get rid of her, NO! We made adjustments to our home to help her be able to get around better. Our cats claw a piece of furniture, do we get rid of them? NO! We love them and work to help them learn that clawing every piece of furniture in the house is not the way to go. If you don't want to love them for their entire life, then don't get them! Let them go to someone who knows what it means to get an animal for a pet and keep them for their lifetime. These animals depend on us and they show us unconditional love, the most perfect kind of love. My favorite quote is, "Try to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are." That is what I try to do with all my animals. Now, I am going to go love on my pets and know that they are safe and loved here.

24 November 2016

Cookie Links

My daughters and I make cookies for Christmas. We gave them to our 1st responders last year. It was a great way to celebrate our 1st responders. We gave some of the cookies to friends, too, but mostly we just gave to police and fire.

It is always nice to have other cookies to try and make for Christmas.


No-Bake  Truffles

21 November 2016

Mother Nature is BiPolar

Last week our weather was gorgeous....into the 60's and 70's and then the weekend came and the snow came and below freezing temperatures. I am not making fun of anyone who is bipolar, not by any shape of the imagination, I just stating that our weather has been wildly changing. When I had my youngest, I went in to the hospital in shorts, as the temperatures were in the 70's and came out in long pants and coats as the day she was born (very early in the morning) we had snow.

I am still trying to clear out the emails and just as I think I am getting somewhere, I don't have any time to get onto the computer to go through the emails and I don't have time to sort all those links and then I have days where I just want to work on my afghan. Yep, I am making myself an afghan. I have many times started an afghan for the sole purpose of it being mine and then given to someone else, but that will not be the case with this one, as I have pulled out blankets from my closet and said, mine and they were taken by the kids or the husband, or even the cats! This is going to be mine. I need one, too.

Pumpkin Earthquake Cake

Mosaic Afghan
Madrid Comfort
Shamrocks Afghan
Aztec Medallions
Tiki Sunset
Shark Afghan
Geometric Tweed Blanket
Hexagon Afghan
Geometric Afghan
Geometric Color Lovers Throw
Super Cool Hexagon Throw
August Moon Baby Blanket
Crazy Ripple Blanket
5 Shades of Gray Throw
Afghan with Sleeves
Texture Throw
Ultimate Festive Throw
Peppermint Bliss Throw
Retro Ornament Throw
Blushing Cables Crochet Throw
Rich Mitered Crochet Throw

Mini Crochet Gift Bag

Crochet Snowman Sack - to fill with special treats for kids.
Christmas Tree Bookmark
Amigurumi Snowman Ornament

Crochet Dragon Wing Scarf
Swiss Check Scarf
Cloudwalker Scarf
Stormy Lace Cowl
Super Stripes Scarf
Shelton Cowl
Cabled Cowl for Men
Cascades Knit Scarf
Up and Down Knit Cowl
Luscious One Skein Cowl
Freyja Cowl
Shelton Cowl
Simple Cable Cowl

Essential Draft Dodger - for windows or doors.

Traveling Cable Handwarmers - I want these for myself.
Granite Mitts

Cosmic Crochet Beanie
Single Skein Beanie
Basketweave Hat
Quick Knit Beanie
Ombre Pom Pom Beanie
Twilled Stripe Hat
Guacamole Comfy Beanie
Textured Knit Hat
Winter Knitted Hat
Purple Haze Knit Hat

Car Pillow like pillow pets, except a car.

Four Square Potholder
Cupcake Tea Cozy
Snowman Potholder

Angel Shawl
Ujaala Lace Stole
Lovely Day Shawl
Stockingette Stitch Shawlette
My Pink Shawl

Toe Up Ginkgo Socks
Pansy Path Sock
Fuzzy Faux Knit Slippers
Geranium Knitted Slippers
Traditional Fair Isle Slippers

Aztec Stripes Square
Lace Square
Serenity Afghan Square
Angel Heart Granny
Sunflower Granny
Raised Bunchberry Square
Rainbow Burst Reversible Square
Crochet Christmas Tree Pixel Square
Bobble Stitch Afghan Square
Easy Peasy Flower Squares

Super Scarves: Super Scarves are the new thing. They are super long and super wide and super thick. They can be used to keep the wearer warm. I don't know if anyone would actually enjoy them, but I am saving the patterns, because I may make one, to use for myself. I don't like coats and have a habit of tossing my coat into the back of the car and get it out to wear when I have to walk any great distance....car to store, store to car, the zoo, the parking lot somewhere to another location. Would you wear one of these?
Clear Skies Super Scarf
Cloudwalker Super Scarf
Jumbo Stripe Scarf
Wavy Drop Stitch Super Scarf
Posh Pocket Super Scarf
Sprawling Seas Super Scarf
Moss Stripes Super Scarf
Purple Knit Super Scarf
Textured Stripes Super Scarf
Honeycomb Twist Super Scarf
Regal Ruby Super Scarf
Super Stripes Super Scarf
Charismatic Super Scarf
Cabled Lace Super Scarf
Cozy Plaid Super Scarf

Travel Blooms - these can be attached to suitcases to help find them during travel.

20 November 2016

Dragon Scale Ear Warmer

y youngest wanted a headband/ear warmer instead of a hat this year. I agreed that she could have an ear warmer, but that she still needed a hat. Then she requested that her ear warmer look like her fingerless mitts....Dragon Scale. So I started playing with this pattern. It has only been tested by me, and if you find an error or don't understand something in the pattern, please leave a comment and I will fix the problem or I will explain to the best of my ability. Enjoy!

Dragon Scale Ear Warmer/Head Band

Written using US terms

Hook: H/8
Worsted Weight (I used Caron Cakes)

Chain 76 (work in groups of 4) 4x19 = 76

Being careful not to twist the chain, connect to make one large circle. Ch 1 and in same place, put a sc. Sc all the way around (should have 76 sc).

Do not connect, but continue to sc a 2nd row (76 sc).

Sl St to 1st sc in 2nd row and ch 3.

Row 1:
The ch 3 is the very 1st dc, then put a dc in the same sp as the ch 3. Ch1, sk one sc and put 1 dc in next sp. * Ch 1, sk 1 sc, put 1 dc ch1 dc ch1 in next sp, sk 1 sc, 1 dc, ch 1. Repeat from * this until you have 19 V stitch and end with 1 dc, ch1.

At this point, you want to go into the 2nd ch and sl st and ch 1, into the 1st V stitch. Then you want to put 5 dc on the leg of the ch 3 going down, then put 5 dc on the leg of the dc going up. This will create your first scale. *To tack down the scale, you will sl st around the leg of the single dc. Then move to the next V stitch and place 5 dc down leg of 1st dc and 5 dc up the 2nd. Repeat from * until you have 19 scales. Stop after the 19th scale, you don't want to tack the 19th scale at the top of the last single dc.

At this point you want to make the 2nd Row - through the 4th Row and they will be the same.

Ch 3 and dc in the 1st space. Ch 1, then place a dc in the center of the scale space, then ch 1, place a dc, ch 1, dc in the top of the single dc of the previous row. Continue this way until you end with a single dc in the last scale space.

At this point, you want to sl st to the 2nd ch and ch 1 and begin making 5 dc down the leg and 5 dc up the other leg and tack down as before.

You will continue in this way until you have created 4 rows of scales. When you have your scales, you want to ch 1, then put a sc in the same sp and put 75 more sc around the top of the scales. Without joining, sc a 2nd row at the top and put 76 sc in the 2nd row. Finish off and weave in ends.

Ch = Chain
Sl St = Slip Stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
sp = space
sk = skip

19 November 2016

Thanksgiving....Getting Nearer

As Thanksgiving gets closer, I need to work more on things that need to be made and get them out the door. My youngest's birthday is also drawing closer. She is so wonderful and sweet. She also has prankster streak in her, yep, she's mine. She loves to go and do things and loves to hike. Hiking is a little hard for me now, but I still try and I make sure to do it when my husband is off work so when there is a spot that I am unable to manage on my own, he is nearby for me to lean on. The last time we went hiking, my ankles did not like me, but I loved every minute of it. It was such a gorgeous day and we had so much fun. I am thankful that we live such a gorgeous lake that we can go out and hike around it.

I am currently looking for patterns that are quick and easy to make, so I can give them to the special people in my life. I am also still working on emptying my emails. Just when I think I get somewhere, it goes away, but it is more manageable. Just a little every day! 

Easy Tote Bag 

Boot Cuffs/Socks/Slippers:
Celtic Dream Boot Cuffs

Dragon Wing Scarf
Gray Scale Granny Super Scarf
Foggy Crochet Super Scarf
Silk Knit Scarf
Matching Mommy and Me Scarves
Bandito Cowl - so very pretty.
50 Minute Crochet Scarf
Anthophilia Knit Scarf
Chevron Lace Cowl
Periwinkle Lace Infinity Scarf
Lace Ruffle Scarf
Simple Cable Cowl
Men's Knit Cowl
Fair Isle Cowl
Winter Snowflake Scarf
Snowy Hills Scarf
Light as a Feather Cowl

Zoom Out Fingerless Mitts

Lazy River Beanie
Cabled Slouch Beanie
Bobbles and Leaves Beret
Pumpkin Pixie Hat for toddlers
Around we Go Headband - my youngest has been requesting headbands instead of hats.
Cascading Leaves Hat
Tree Bark Hat
Macchiato Slouch
Madly in Love Hat
Slouchy Diamond Cap for boys...about 5-10 year olds. .
Stretchy Slouch Hat

Radient Rose Mandala Doily
Coasters in Color

Just for Fun (really weird things to knit or crochet):
Bandaid Glam - for those who want to cover up their bandaids.
Big Nose Spider

Links for Hats

Cinnamon Fling Wrap
Cabled Shoulder Shrug
Dark Comfort Shawl
Askew Wrap
Fortune's Wrap
Threaded Evening Stole
Unforgettable Top Down Shawl
Easy Dreamy Shawl
Show Off Boomerang Shawl - beautiful
Mezquita Shawl
Plum Shawl
Kate's Ruffled Shawl
Natural Leaf Wrap
Cabled Wrap
Coral Glam Wrap
October Shawl
Croeso Shawl

Rainbow Sherbert Socks
Fun Multicolor Crochet Socks
Toe Up Gingo Socks
Spring In Step Socks

17 November 2016

Afghans, Blankets and Throws

It has been interesting weather. One day the temperature goes below freezing and then the next it is above freezing, and goes up to the 60's or 70's. I finally broke down one day and turned on the furnace. I am glad that I did that because it got cold. I don't have the temperature set very high, it goes colder at night, but the furnace is now officially on and I am wanting to make afghans, because as they grow they keep me warm. I just have to keep the cats off them, too. My favorite afghan, is the simplest, but I have been wanting to make more intricate afghans with pattern or cables.

Holiday Squares Afghan
Ripples of Happiness
Zig Zag Ripple
Granny Ripple
Forest Ripple Crochet
Soft Clusters Ripple
Soft Wave Chevron
Ribbed Ripple Reversible
Fans and Pansies Ripple
Brighton Blanket
Mint Julep Afghan
Crochet Zig Zag - different than the one towards the top.
Little Checks Ripple
Chevron Afghan
Mosaic Afghan
Lazy Check Ripple
Happy Harvest Throw
Jacob's Ladder Ripple
Tri Color Granny Squares
Herringbone Stripe Afghan
Crochet Cable Afghan
Cozy Gingerbread House Afghan
Striped Wrap Around Throw
Corner To Corner
Two Color Reversible Shell Afghan
Scrap of Beauty
Turkey Talk Afghan
Peppermint Bliss Throw
Crocodile Stitch Square
Woven Rainbow Baby Blanket
Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket
African Flower Afghan
Wedding Ring Crochet Quilt
Cosmic Dorm Throw
Granny's Attic
Vintage Christmas Poinsettia Throw
Autumn Glow Afghan
Chevron Afghan
Twilight Shells Throw
Celestial Delight Granny
Super Star Afghan
Star Crossing Blanket
Falling Star Square
Starfire Square
Huggin' Stars Square
Sublime Light Granny Square
Galaxy Afghan
Small Winter Burst Square
Grandma's Fav Holiday Afghan
Cinnamon Twist Afghan
Effortless Cherry Wine Afghan
Chunky Wool Blanket
Horseshoe Cable Blanket
Make It Quick Afghan
Popcorn Ripple Afghan
Links for Afghans
Pink Plaid Picnic Blanket
Santa's Favorite Afghan
Patchwork Plaid Baby Afghan
Matalasse Afghan
Lattice Cable Throw
Crochet Ripple Afghan
No Place Like Home Throw
Ripple Afghan

16 November 2016

Knits for Bookworms

These are knits for people who love to read ans ome of the favorite books are below. Some of these books are actually on the banned book list. In fact, I recently read that #8 is one that if a student wants to read it, a parent has to sign a permission slip. So my girls are reading it.

  1. The Hobbit
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Gone Girl
  4. To Kill a Mockingbird
  5. Twilight
  6. 50 Shades of Grey 
  7. The Hunger Games 
  1. Fahrenheit 451
  2. The Giver 
  3. Divergent
  4. 1984 
  5. A Game of Thrones 
  6. Life of Pi 
  7. The Fault in Our Stars

15 November 2016

Halfway Through November

Wow! Where has November gone. We had my dad and fil and bil up for supper again. We had my dad's favorite meal and favorite dessert. I know that the old men love home cooked meals and so this is kind of fun to do with them. Bring them up and feed them a home cooked meal once a month. They love their lunches with the girls every two weeks, too. We are also getting ready to celebrate my youngest child's birthday. We will be celebrating the weekend before since my husband has to work during the week, some, and he likes to go with us, to zoos, museums, etc. We will be cooking a big meal for her birthday, because that is what she likes. She likes the Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the vegetables, and pumpkin pies.

Links for Christmas Cookies
Crazy Cake

Clamshell Afghan Tutorial
Contemporary Granny Ripple Throw
Country Fair Chevron Afghan
Pinal Afghan
Light Lace Throw
Breaking Bad Afghan
Bavarian Crochet
Dinosaur Tail Snuggle Snack
Princess Crocodile Stitch Blanket - for baby....this is something you wouldn't want to make for a full size twin or full bed.
Mayflower Baby Blanket
Spirals Throw
Happy Harlequin Throw
Modern Houndstooth Patchwork Blanket
Magical Mist Throw
Sundance Afghan
In the Round Square Navajo Lapghan
Wild West Sunset Lapghan
Happy Granny Afghan
Hypnotic Tiles Afghan Tutorial
My Picot (Tutorial)
Irish Panels Throw
Irish Lace
Chameleon Afghan

Firefighter Set Knit
Irish Wave Baby Blanket
Mini Square Bunny Lovey
Sleepy Bear Teether Lovey

Shamrock Basket
Cotton Basket

Pattern Island Lace Scarf
Anthophila Scarf
Majestic Hooded Scarf
World's Softest Cowl
Cuddly Cat Scoodie
Lightning Fast Lattice Cowl
Mosaic Cowl
Cable Knit Cowl
Quick Knitted Cabled Cowl
Fibonacci Scarf - for math geeks or just someone who loves math.

For the Pets:
Catnip Bunnies

Fox in the Snow Mittens - colorwork
Cable Handwarmers
Pieces of Eight Mitts

Cat Ear Hat for girls
Wine Harvest Headband
Effortless Chic Beanie
Fair Isle Earflap Hat
Easy Cabled Ear Warmer
Spin Cycle Hat
Tweedy Hope
Chunky Cable Knit
Cable Crush Winter Hat
South Haven Slouch
Just to Be Cute Slouchy Beanie
Tunisian Slouch Hat
Reversible Textured Slouch Hat
Waffle Cone Slouchy
Men's Chemo Cap - for men who are bald or have lost their hair due to chemo.
Which Stitch Hat
Fallen Leaves Slouch Beanie
Celtic Dream Beanie

Just for Fun:
Easy Shamrock
Lemon Stress Ball Tutorial

Christmas Chair Socks
Crockpot Cupcake Cozy
Catherine Wheel Tissue Box Cover

Links to 86 Dr Who Patterns - thanks to And She Games for compiling the list.

Moon Star Motif
Never Ending Zinnia

Saffron Shawl
Easy Dreamy Shawl
Top Down Shawl
Wrap and Go Shawl
Across the Galaxy Shawl
Pineapple Lace Shawl
Tassel Shawl
Print O the Wave Shawl
Simple Box Stitch Shawl
Amazing Mitered Shawl
Midnight Ripple Shawl

Crochet Knee Socks - tutorial Pattern
Business Casual

14 November 2016

Christmas Ornaments, Decorations and Presents

I am not sure why, but I am getting excited about Christmas this year. I haven't been happy about Christmas for years. I even got to the point where I didn't enjoy my birthday. I would celebrate my kids birthdays and husband's birthday, but mine could slide. I have been making ornaments that we can hang on the trees (outside) and my kids are getting into the act, too. They are getting excited and helping to make things and deciding how we can decorate for the celebration.

Christmas Noel Afghan
Old Fashioned Evergreen Blanket
Christmas Heirloom Afghan
Simple Christmas Blanket
'Tis the Season Throw
Christmas Spirit Mile a Minute
Retro Ornament Throw
Christmas Cheer
Christmas Chevron
Candy Cane Afghan
Happy Hearts
Holly Jolly Throw
Jewel Tone Snowflake Ornament
North Star Ornament

Santa's Angel Baby Booties

Striped Peppermint Cowl

Berry Leaf Table Runner
Holiday Bulbs
Crochet Angel
Cone Christmas Tree
11" Angel

Thread Cross Bookmark - perfect gift for bookworms who don't like digital media.

Little Help Elf Hat

Christmas Pudding Dishcloth
Snowflake Dishcloth
Gingerbread Man Dishcloth
Stocking Dishcloth
Santa Claus Dishcloth
Praying Hands Dishcloth

Littlest Angels Ornaments
Crochet Star Ornament
Wreath Ornament
Angel Bells
Snowflake Monday
Crochet Snow Swirls
Bright Star Ornament
Christmas Wreath Ornament
Tiny Ornaments and Stars
Flat Angel Ornament
Wreath Ring Ornament
North Star Ornament
Star of Bethlehem Ornament
Rory the Reindeer Ornament
Granny Star Ornament
Dog Poop Christmas Ornament
Roses in Snow Ornament
Snow Man Ornament
Small Candy Cane Ornament
Poinsettia Ornament
Gnome Cork Peg Doll Ornament
Christmas Bauble
Snow Swirls

Little Stocking
Holly and Berry Striped Stocking

Crochet Christmas Wreath
Christmas Bells Wreath