28 February 2011

So very busy...

Too busy for knitting at times. Most of it has been driving back and forth. My mother-in-law has been moved into rehab and next week will be moved to a skilled nursing. Most of that is because of her motivation levels. Her sister-in-law (a nurse who is 3 years older than my husband) came into town and has been with her and has been working with her. She does have some control of her left arm back, but she isn't still no where near where she used to be. So please continue to pray for her and the family as they continue on this journey.

My children played their last basketball game of the season on Saturday. It was two very good games (my two older girls are on the same team and my youngest was on another team). All last week, I worked with my middle daughter's class to help them make their own pirate flag. We took picture of the whole class to put on the flag, they were wearing hats that they made and eye patches. They made a map (that I brought home to burn and water down to make it look old), to put on the flag. They made a treasure chest (I still need to get some "coins" to put in the chest). They made their own pirate insignia and I reminded them that their teacher is the Captain.

My husband's got-to-have-it truck broke down and I found some listings of places that work on Transmissions. This is the 2nd time he has picked out a vehicle that has broken (big breaks) within 6 months of him getting it. I am making him call the places that are listed and I will call AAA to get it towed to them.

Knitting time has been scarce. But I have still found some time to work on a prayer shawl.

Thanks for all the prayers for my mil and her family. They are appreciated. Have a good Monday.

14 February 2011

Just a Few Updates

I will start with the biggie: My mother-in-law is out of the hospital and in a rehab. She is relearning how to use her left side and how to walk. She has a long road ahead. She has some moments where she is so on, she knows where she is, how many children and grandchildren she has. Other times, she doesn't know and she has forgotten her granddaughters. It will be a long road, but one that she is making.

Next up: I have started a project...I will be making at least one prayer shawl a month (I hope) to give to my friend's practice. She is a nurse midwife and she and I were talking about new mom's who have lost their baby during childbirth (or having to deliver a deceased baby). I helped her acquire her first prayer shawl for a mom who just went through such a sad time. My friend's little granddaughters wanted to touch the prayer shawl and were shocked that I was making something different. Good thing the prayer shawl is easy. Thank you Debbie Macomber for this pattern (you can find it on her webpage).

Then: My husband and I became ill....not just a little ill, but a lot ill. High fevers with coughing. Both of us sick at the same time...not good. I went and saw a nurse practicioner at the Kroger on Sunday and found out it is not flu....thank God. But I need to rest....like that is going to happen. After the days I have had, more than likely I will be heading down to my doctor to get some antibiotics, so that I can finally get over whatever virus I had that decided to morph into something else. Typical days while sick: I had to take the children out of the house so they could use some of their energy...Then I had to do laundry. Today, Monday, I took all the computers (4 of them) that my husband had acquired for donation to a school out of the house - delivering them. Then I went to kindergarten and picked up my daughter to take her on a play date. From there I went to Walmart to buy my daughters some new underwear. From there I went to be a mom for a classroom party. Then I went to Kroger's and picked up a prescription for my husband, picked up some items to use for cooking a supper that my husband asked for. Brought all this home and put it away. Then went back to the school to pick up my daughters from Lego Club...something they are really enjoying. Home again to start homework with the kids, start cooking supper and getting them into baths and bed. From there I will have to feed the kids, and do the dishes and more laundry! Bedtime...I sleep on the couch and wake up when the buzzer goes off on the dryer.

Where is my husband? Good question....he played on the computer all day. Then he went to bed when I brought the girls home. He is not allowed to do laundry because he doesn't follow directions and has ruined enough clothing. He needed to rest because he is sick...When my fever hit 103.3 I still had to take care of the kids! I am sore and I am tired and I am a wee bit irritated with him. Good thing the new couch is so comfy!

Edited to add: He is sick, also. He has been running fevers and he did take care of the kids as he started to get sick, but today just wore me out and I am cranky. He is a good man and he does try to help. Now to start the dishes and put away the food.

06 February 2011

My Mother-in-Law

Yesterday, my mother-in-law fell again. This is the 2nd fall that we know of where she was injured. She fell the week before her anniversary and blackened her eye. Pressure was applied to make the house more accessible for her or moving into a facility that would allow them to be independent and yet have someone checking on them daily.

But, yesterday she fell again and this time it was worse. She refused to allow EMS to be called and she laid on the floor at home for several hours. We were not called until after I had left with the children to go to my mom's for supper. Then they called and talked to my husband who headed down to face off with his mother.

But just before he arrived she deteriorated and had to be taken out by EMS (yes, they were finally able to call because she wasn't coherent). I was then called to the hospital to be with the family and help them keep it together, keep everyone on same page. During night she tried to get out of bed several times and was finally catheterized. My sister-in-law is beside herself and my husband is worried.

Thankfully, my husband's cousins (that I call my own as well) are going to watch my young children for me until I can get back to them and then I can spend several hours with her and my husband can sleep until it is time for work again tonight.

Please keep my mother-in-law and the family in your prayers. It is going to be a long process.

04 February 2011

Christmas 2011

Yes, I know I said, Christmas and I know we just finished Christmas less than 2 months ago. But I just started working on my list of Christmas gifts I want to try and make for this year. I do this every year. I sit downa and write out the names of my family. I figure out what I want to make for them for Christmas and then I'll put it on my computer with the hopes that I can make it seem manageable.

Every year, I purchase a scrap book style calendar and print photos that I took over the year to create a calendar for my family members.

Every year, I make a list of things I want to knit or crochet for people and their favorite colors. This is important, because I want to use a color they like so that maybe they'll wear or use whatever I am making.

My goal...finish a large number of afghans. Wish me luck. I also plan on making a lot of hats and scarves. Several dishcloths....that is being worked on right now. I finished another dishcloth. My list includes those I consider knitworthy...this year I have to make hat and scarf for my husband, he is so very knitworthy.

My children also fall on the knitworthy list and I want to make them several pairs of socks, so I need to get those on needles and learn how to turn that heel!!! I am going to try and go to a LYS on Saturday (last Saturday) morning and learn how to get the heel turned.

What are your plans for Christmas? Are you making things or buying them.

01 February 2011

Calamity Day #7

I can't actually call this a snow day as there isn't any snow on the roads or sidewalks. Lots and lots of ice everywhere. It is supposed to rain next. After the rain comes more snow....wonder if we will have school tomorrow or not.

Today, I have already made food for the girls (turkey bacon, cinnamon buns, scrambled eggs, french toast) and koolaid to give them through the day. I need to get a shower yet and I have laundry to do.

After that, we will play a game that will help my youngest with her counting and math. It will also help older girls with their math. From there spelling, reading and more math. I am a very mean teacher for my girls, snow day/calamity days do no mean no work, just more from mom.

I am also working on finishing my dishcloths. I worked on one at a McDonalds and had people coming up to ask me what I was making and then commenting, "Is that all you can make?" Seriously folks, think about where I am at and what I am doing. I am socializing with my friends and watching my child (and my friend's children) play. I do not want something that requires thought or concentration. I want something easy and not requiring much thought. Also, I have many people who like these dishcloths and ask for them as gifts. So I might as well work on them while I can. Why would I bring out a sock I am working on when I know that to make and turn a heel (something that I need to concentrate on) out to work on when I know that I will end up having to tear out and start again. Why would I bring an afghan out...it is too large. Hats, those have too many skeins at play (I am using at least 3 strands on the hats), I don't want the skeins rolling all over the floor. What is even funnier is that when I take these to basketball, I don't get that question...I get, "Wow you are really good, you aren't even looking at what you are doing!" and "Can you teach me?"

Oh well. Time to get on with the work. Have a great and safe day....stay home if you can.