14 June 2011

Ever feel like a Character from "The Peanuts?"

In dealing with my husband and children, I am feeling like a character out of the "The Peanuts." When I was growing up, my sister, brother and I loved to watch anything with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I felt a lot like Charlie Brown or his little sister, Sally. These days, I am feeling a lot like the adults in Charlie Brown, where all that was ever heard from them was "Wa wa wa wa wa wa." I tell my children something and they say, "WHAT." I repeat myself, and then demand that they come to where I am for the next repeat. They argue with me and then refuse to do what they were told to do and then I am yelling at them. I often feel that the only people who understand my words are my friends (women), because my husband makes me feel like a Charlie Brown adult (wa wa wa wa). So just wondering does anyone else feel the same way that you are speaking some foriegn language to your DH or DD or DS? Just wondering.

13 June 2011

Crazy Weather

Last week our weather was so very hot and humid. It was miserable outside and if you had to go from place to place, the van was miserable to be in. One day we drove to so many places (running errands) that I was so very glad that I could be home and not go anywhere on Thursday.

Friday, I took my oldest to get two teeth pulled. She had two coming in and two staying put. We waited two weeks to see if she could wiggle them loose (she didn't). Then she and I stopped at our local yarn pushers and got a skein of yarn to send in a swap. Really pretty blue/green combo. I need to pick up a post card and finish some dishcloths to send in my swap (and I want to pick up some chocolate) for my swap partner. We discovered that they are starting a Kid's Club for knitting. My oldest wanted to join and so I signed her up and my other two girls are interested in participating also. So I have signed them all up. Then I took them shopping at JoAnn Fabrics to get them some needles. I will take them stash diving for yarn. (DD#2 blue, DD#3 pink). While at JoAnn's we found out that you can make a craft for Dads and card. I will be taking the girls for that activity (all JoAnns).

Come Saturday, it was a little cooler after a little rainstorm at 5 a.m. Saturday was knit in public day (KIP Day) and I convinced some of our knitters to come and knit on this day at church. We had 5 knitters show up. We are going to try and plan a once a month meeting and see what comes from it. But the weather was not hot like it had been. It had cooled down. After running some errands, I brought the girls home and we had some supper and went outside and played a little and then watched some movies.

Sunday, we went to JoAnn Fabrics and got another needle (for the last daughter). We also searched for a yarn color for a Ravelry friend from Washington (we were successful). I just mailed that today. Now Sunday was very cool outside! Very nice day. Today, Monday, was also very, very nice, but haven't been outside (due to playdate with friends at McDonald's). The kids had a blast playing together. I am hoping to get them outside yet! Have a great Monday!

07 June 2011

Secret Languages

I recently acquired a Texting Dictionary with lots of little definitions for short terms used frequently. My favorite is BAG - Busting a Gut. I borrowed a book from the library called The secret Language of Knitters. I found some very useful terms. For instance, FROG POND is described as a place that unloved UFOs and WIPs go to await their froggy fate. These places tend to be bottoms or backs of closets.
FUN FUR: acrylic yarn that is not fun or fur. Hides mistakes and doesn't allow you to frog it.
FROG: The act of ripping out knitting (i.e. rip-it, rip-it).
KAL: a knit along, a group of people working on the same project at the same time. It can be online or in person. Allows for support on projects.
KIP: Knitting in Public. This is the act where someone (a knitter) sits somewhere publicly and knits from a KIP bag.
LYS: Local yarn store...or local yarn pusher. A place where a knitter can go to get their yarn fix or help on a project or even just to be with other knitters.
SSS: Second Sock Syndrome. The problem caused by finishing the first sock and not starting or finishing the second sock.
SEX: (my all time favorite) Stash Enhancement Expeditions. This is where the knitter goes to an LYS and adds to their stash.
STASH: The knitters collection of yarn.
TINK: a way of going back to a mistake stitch by stitch or unknitting (knit spelled backwards).
UFO: Unfinished Object. Something you have started but have not finished. I have many of those. I really need to finish them this summer.
YARN CAKE: a skein of yarn that has just come off a ball winder and is easily stored.
YARN PORN: A term used to help describe beautiful photos of yarn. Sometimes spelled pron to keep dirty minded individuals away from a blog.

What are some of your favorite new words...texting or yarn related.

02 June 2011


I just got the word that Ravelry has been attacked by people who have nothing better to do with their time than make something good - bad. I still like Ravelry and I changed passwords on other areas as soon as I saw that I needed to. I just feel that these people need a better punishment. Something that would make them not want to do this ever again. What kind of punishment would you think is best for this type of person.