28 December 2016

Christmas Week

This is the week after Christmas and I feel lighter. I feel better about the world and life in general. This is the thing, I dislike Christmas and I just want to have people over, have a meal and enjoy the people. I don't need gifts and my children are the same. They love to have company over. They help me clean the house, they help prepare the food and they help make snacks, cookies, etc. After Christmas, we might venture out and do some shopping and we take our time and park far from the doors. It is just easier to be far from the doors. We go to the libraries and get books and games, etc, and we go to the zoo. This year we made a cake for my dearest friend and sister for her birthday. Her favorite type of cake and delivered it to her so she could share with mom, brother and niece. We had fun on the trip down to her house and we enjoyed the ride back home.

I saw a meme recently that said, "If someone makes you something they must really like you. If it is made in black they must really love you." I guess the same could be said, "If they make you something and drive through rush hour traffic to deliver it, they must love you."

We are back at the baking again, I am letting the girls try their hands at it and they are learning and getting better every day. When we are finished, we will package them up and take them somewhere to share. I took the girls to the store to pick up a few items and then we went and browsed through the Christmas reductions. Hershey Kisses were $2.14 a bag and that is a really good price and there is a cookie recipe that the girls want to try and it requires Hershey Kisses, so we bought some. I love that they are wanting to experiment and try new things. I love that they are learning over the holiday. They choose what, but they are learning. It makes life fun. I know that my husband and I are talking about going to a zoo for a few hours, before the holidays are over, but when and which, I cannot say.

With Christmas over, it is time to think of next Christmas. Next Christmas, you say. Of course, next Christmas. If you knit or crochet or cross stitch, these things take time and if you are making things for people who truly appreciate what you are making, you need to have time to work on them. You need to start as soon as the New Year starts. You need to plan things out and where you are going to put the items you have made until it is time to gift them. Also, if you are going to decorate and you want to make some of the ornaments, you need to start on those at this time, too. You need to decide what gets made first, whether it is something you can carry with you or if you can only work on it at home. When do you need it and who is going to get the item and do you want them to see what you are working on or do you want it to be a surprise. All these things go into the planning for next Christmas. It is officially 362 days until the next Christmas. My kids have also expressed an interest in having some decorations for Halloween, too. They asked about having things to put out for Thanksgiving and Easter. They want to have fun at the holidays and decorate the house and let people know that there aren't Scrooges living in the house (even if I do Bah Humbug at Christmas). So planning starts now.

Maisie Flower/Tutorial
Nautical Themed Afghan
Modern Day Hippie Daisy Throw
Oh My Hexagons
Octagon with Space Filler
Chinese Puzzle Square/Tutorial
Chevron Granny
Tropical Pineapple Squares
No Beginning Chain Crazy Block Afghan
Nesting Basketweave Baby Blanket
Green Meadows Throw
Magical Mist Throw
Kaleidosquares Afghan
Old Maid's Puzzle Afghan

Fair Isle Market Bag
Knitted Purse
Knitted Clutch

Santa Ornament
Links for Snowflakes
Gingerbread Family Ornaments
Owl Candy Cane - My favorite! I will need to make a few of these.
Pipsqueak Penguin Ornament
Roses in the Snow
Granny Square Stocking
Classic Christmas Stocking

Chain Stitch Scarf - knit lengthwise....very pretty.
Pivoting Cowl
Nectarine and Periwinkle Cowl
Links for Scarves
Red Scarf Project - Take the Trolley
Nellie Lace Scarf
Purple Knit Super Scarf
Textured Stripe Super Scarf
Lightning Fast Lattice Cowl
District 12 Cowl Wrap
Box Stitch Cowl
Equinox Cowl

Retro Crochet Mittens
Glove Holding Mitten - this is for mom's to hold child's hand.

Knitted Beret
Knit Night Hat
Crocodile Stitch Capuche Hood - I think one of my girls would like this hat.
Classic Variegated Hat
Wide Brim Skull Cap
Parker Hat
Stadium Hat
Inaugural Hat
Steinway Hat
Celtic Dream Earflap Hat
Winter Cable Hat
Vine Lace Hat
Beanie for Girls
Baby Snowflake Hat
Caps for a Cause

Old Fashioned Pot Holder
Poodle Tissue Box Cover - fun.

Simple Shrug 
Misty Memories Lace Shawl
Leher Shawl
Asymmetrical Collar Cape
Blue Jeans and Moonbeams Shawl - one of my daughters would loved this shawl/scarf
Moebius Wrap

Slippers/Socks/Boot Cuffs:
Yoga Socks
Mommy and Me Slippers - I am thinking slippers would be fun and quick to make and would be good for these cold days of January and February.
Links for Slippers
Boot Cuffs

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