27 August 2010

My Child was Missing

Yesterday, was the first day of school for my older DDs. They got to school, they had lunch went to library and played with their friends. They ate their lunch and brought home more papers for me. Then it was time for them to come home. My middle DD did not come home on the bus. She was missing. No one knew where she was. I called the school and was told she was on a bus and definitely not at school. The buses were being searched for her.

Happiness: She was found. She got on the wrong bus. She went for a ride on the bus. My baby was missing for over an hour. I paced and paced and paced.

I made a missing child picture using the first day of school photo on the off chance it was needed. It showed her from her head to her toes.

Today, she is to be placed beside her sister who has been given instructions to hold her hand and make sure she gets on the right bus. They don't have to sit next to each other, but she has to stand beside her, she has to hold her hand and she has to go where she goes. I don't want a repeat of today.

We keep reminding her that she needs to get on Bus 36 and that I will be waiting for her to come home. I had to promise to make my oldest DD something so that she is compensated for her trouble and embarassment for having to watch over her younger sister. Next year, I am sure that I will have to have Esther watched by her younger sister (my youngest DD).

Here is the poster I made and have been teasing her with:

20 August 2010

Horse Back Riding Photos

As promised here are the photos of my DDs riding on a horse. They loved every moment of it. The loved taking care of the horse and saddling the horse and most of all riding the horse.
Also, this week, I took my daughters to a park that we haven't visited in awhile and to Kings Island (each girl got to choose a ride and then we came home). Today, I took my youngest to the Optical store to have her glasses examined and a new lens ordered for her glasses. My youngest had to get glasses this summer and the glasses have been left lying around the house. Fortunately for us, they are insured. But we have to pay a small price. Since the glasses cost over $200 the first time, the replacement lens was only 1/10 of the price we paid first time ($25). It seems the cause of the damage to her glasses is that a cat has been chewing on the frames and the lens. Who would have thought that one of my cats would eat a pair of glasses. When I was in college one of my parents dogs chewed up my glasses, but never my cats! We just aren't sure which cat it is. So we have to find a new place to keep her glasses so that the cats don't chew on them. Oh well. Have a good weekend.

18 August 2010

Difficult to write, knit or read...

Right now I have a child on my lap and I keep adjusting her so that I can read blogs that I like to follow. I keep trying to adjust her so that I can type (write this blog) and get pictures off my camera, but she is in a mood (actually all my DDs are in a mood). My DDs do not like to stay home for one day of rest. They like to go continually, although one is sleeping on the sofa and complaining of headaches (she doesn't like to stay hydrated) and one has to work on her homework for her hearing impairment (she doesn't like to do that) and the other won't keep her glasses on. It is very frustrating.

Monday, I took the girls to a park so that they could play. We were there for over an hour and it wasn't until we were ready to leave that someone showed up. It was a nice day and it wasn't really humid (like it had been for a long time) and there weren't any people at the park.

Tuesday, I took the girls to the pool so they could play in the water for awhile. Then in the afternoon, we went down to my friend's house and over to the farm behind her and the girls got another lesson on how to care for and ride horses. I took some photos, but as I said it is very difficult to do much with a child on my lap.

Hopefully, later I will be able to get the photos off the camera onto the computer and then I can post some of the photos from yesterday's lessons.

Have a good day.

14 August 2010

More Finished projects

I have finished three projects and started working on a pattern for my DD3 and DN3 (neice). They are both about the same size and I make my girls new hats and scarves yearly and I will be including my neice in this as well.

But for now I have finished a scarf for a friend, a dishcloth for a bil and a hat for a friend's baby. I would like to thank RaAnn Clegg and Henya for their wonderful patterns and sharing them.

I made a Navy Eagle Dishcloth. My husband and brothers-in-law all served in the Navy and served on submarines. I truly appreciate your skill in making this pattern.

I would also like to thank Henya of Chicken Stitches for her wonderful Got Milk Hat pattern. I have a friend who has a very tiny baby (just 3 months old and smaller than my babies at 3 months) and so I made this pattern. It is fun and not frilly. Both of which my friend requested. I hope that she sends me a picture of her baby wearing the hat.

I also finished a scarf using yarn given to me by a lady from church. Her husband got a job in another area and they have to move. She didn't want to move all her yarn and so I received her yarn and have been using it frequently to make scarves.

I am continuing to work on an 3 afghans, 2 hats and 2 scarves. I really need to finish a few things quickly. Thank God, school starts soon!!! I will be able to work on more then and I need to finish my neice's hat soon because I want it in time for her birthday.

Good Weekend All!

07 August 2010

Something Else Finished

I finished DD2's scarf. Her new one for winter. She chose the yarn from the enhanced stash and I worked on it. I had to restart her hat because I didn't like the way it was looking and the scarf that I started while waiting for my surgery had to be torn out (something to do with dropped stitches and stitches that I picked up from another row while trying to rescue it).

Yes, I had surgery. Minor procedure for exploratory purposes. I have been having a problem with something for awhile and so before making decisions, I have to have tests to see if there is something else going on first. I will see doctor again in two weeks and we get to make the decision. But for today, I will be resting some and then taking a walk with my family, It is a nice day outside.

Have a good weekend.

06 August 2010

Value City Funiture Continued

Okay, so I purchased some really cheap furniture to store clothing for my daughters. I brought it home on Tuesday and two of the pieces broke....they were stapled together. I called the store and told them my sad tale of woe and they reordered the broken pieces and my husband goes to get them. Now here is the funny part: It is Proudly Made in the USA. I don't think I would want to advertise that information!!! Seriously you are proud of this work!!! We get the pieces up the stairs and take the boxes (ha, ha) off the pieces and start putting the knobs on them. My daughters are excited and then....the drawers break on all THREE pieces!!! Seriously, I sat there with pieces of chest in my hands looking at the staples that were meant to hold them together!!! Again, this was PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. I remember a time where people were proud of the work they did and now here we have this junk!!! Pieces of furniture that fall apart when moved!!! Now I took photos and I will download these later and post here and on Facebook. I really think people need to be warned you do not want to buy furniture made by the company (Harden Manufacturing) and Value City (since they sell this junk). Seriously, if they are proud of this work something is seriously wrong with them.

In one way we are fortunate...I have a hammer (and I know how to use it) and I have nails (again I know how to use them) and I have a husband (to lend the extra hands) and we used wood glue and we reattached the pieces of drawer (can you say I really did not want to call them again and reorder the parts, sitting waiting with 3 broken chests waiting for new ones that would fall apart also.

So be warned do not purchase Harden Manufacturing furniture from anywhere, especially Value City Furniture.

03 August 2010

Value City Furniture is Terrible

I bought three chests to use as dressers for my children. I went and picked them up from Value City today and brought them into the house. I lifted them gently and did not drop them, but one broke at the bottom and when I took it out of the box (ha, ha) it was coming apart at the bottom. I called and they ordered another to replace the broken one.

I opened the other two and when my husband and I were lifting the one to carry it up the stairs, I got a nail in my hand and then when we went to flip the chest to carry up the stairs, we discovered why I got a nail in my hand. The bottom of this one was coming apart. The whole bottom is coming apart.

I think I would like the kind where I build it and then I can use wood glue to help hold them together and they wouldn't be coming apart at the bottom. It's not like they are heavy and it is not like I dropped them. I lift 50 lb bags of cat litter all the time. I lift 40 lbs bags of water softener salt all the time. So lifting these were not difficult. Not entirely easy, but I didn't drop them and I didn't need to drag them.

It is frustrating to get something new and have to return it to the store and have new ordered. Seriously, I would think we could at least get a few years from them before they fall apart.

I wish I could buy better furniture, but that is low on priority list considering how my children have broken the other chests in the past. I really don't want to spend great quantities of cash on something that could potentially be used as a stepping stool by a child.

Oh Well, life goes on. Have a good week.
Remember Value City Furniture is poor quality.

01 August 2010

So much going on....

Let's see, we bought a new vehicle. My husband killed the Toyota one day on the way home from work. So we started the search. He found a Ford Truck and he is in heaven. He can't take all the girls with him, but he is happy. He can haul stuff again. So on Saturday he got to do just that. My friend found someone selling a Trampoline (full size and good shape and best of all a really good price). So I went and looked at it and bought it. Then he had to go pick it up and bring it home.

I went to the store today and bought three new chests (for use as dressers) for my daughters. They are very, very hard on their furniture and as a result we went from 3 to 2 and now we are at one broken dresser. So I searched online and found a store selling what I wanted for a price that I would be willing to pay. Went to the store today and purchased them. Now I have to wait for them to come to the store, so that I can return and pick them up and drag them home. Supposedly they come assembled. I will be shocked if they do. I have always had to build the dressers and that is what I am prepared to do.

Tonight, my husband and I built the trampoline for the girls. I told him that I think it would be best if we take it down before it snows so that we can keep it in good shape. Rebuild it every year. Also, it might keep idiot children from the neighborhood using it whenever they feel like it.

Today is Sunday and I am grateful that we had this day. Went to church this morning and the pastor had a very good sermon. The music was wonderful, but the children could not sit still through the whole service. It went even longer than it has in the past.

I made a friend through ancestry.com. He is a member of my husband's family, a very distant relative. He and I have been sharing photos and other things. My husband knows about the friendship and thinks it is funny that his family is reaching out to me and I only married into the family. I told him, it is because I have taken an interest in the family tree. I hope that we can get more photos together. It is good to have them. I printed one that he sent me, so I can give it to my mother-in-law. I know that she will like that.

I am still trying to finish things, but I work on it haphazardly. Since I cannot drive and knit at the same time, it is difficult. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I think the girls will not want to go anywhere except to the backyard to jump on the trampoline. They love this item and are excited about it. Have a good week. I will try to finish a few items and then get them up here and on ravelry.com.