08 September 2010

More of the Same

Last Thursday, my oldest daughter complained of a sore throat and a fever. I took her to her doctor and was told it was not strep and she could go back to school the next day. The next morning came and her fever was higher. I sent a message to the secretary asking if the note I have would work for two days or if I would need a new one for the Friday. No response. I have noticed this a lot with the school district. They want more money and they aren't willing to show parents that they care enough to respond. Why would I vote more money for this school district when they aren't showing the care. So fine, I think the note will work.

Saturday comes along, and my daughter is worse! Her fever is very high and she is miserable and refusing to drink. I call the doctor and get the doctor on call who doesn't give her an antibiotic, just tells me to get the fever down. I was already working on that. Three days of fever is something serious.

Sunday, more fever, lower than the day before, but still high. Go to Kroger's and find out that Tylenol Jr tabs is not available due to a recall (wasn't that back in January?). I can't get any more Tylenol. Now what to do. I buy Ibuprofen and move along.

Monday, the fever is definitely going the right direction. I am thinking, she is going to school on Tuesday.

Nope, she doesn't get to go to school on Tuesday, but I take her to school to turn in her work and then take her to doctor. She has morphed into something else and the fever is gone (at doctor's office). She has medicine finally.

I take the girls to the bus stop in the van today. Our bus stop is 1/4 mile away and today I am very ill. I feel horrible. I drove them so I can get more rest. My youngest daughter's bus driver (a wonderful woman) is off and we have a substitute, who blew past her stop without even stopping!!!! I call the bus barn after I get my other daughters onto their bus and the bus driver lies....
Lie 1: The signs are all knocked down and I couldn't find H. Drive.
Lie 2: The child wasn't even at the stop. (If he couldn't find H. Drive how does he know she wasn't at the stop?).

I made them come back for her. Sorry, your job, paid by my taxes says you are picking her up at the bus stop (that I take her to). You don't want to do this job, get another job!!!

Sorry, I feel very frustrated that they actually allowed this man to tell these lies while I was listening and then make it look like I didn't do my job. I really think I need to vote against the taxes that they want us to pay.

01 September 2010

Mistake Rib Hat

I finally, finally finished my DD2's hat. I am calling the mistake rib, because instead of 3x3 ribbing (like it was at one point) I ended up with some k3, p3, k4,p2, k2, p4. It really is messed up. But considering that the first time I cast on this hat it was going along nicely until a cat got tangled in the yarn and the stitches came off. I wasn't able to rescue the stitches (I made this using alpaca yarn and it just wasn't easy to find the stitches to rescue).

The next time I cast on, I used a set of bamboo circs with a loose cable. I didn't realize how loose the cable was until DD2 wanting to try on her hat, put the unfinished hat to her head and stretched the cable pulling all the stitches off when the cable pulled out of the needle.

I cast on again. I had it to the crown shaping. I was so excited. I put it down where I thought it would be safe. Silly me. I had my cousin and her family and my nephew over for a Harry Potter night. We drank Sangrias. (Wow, I really liked those). We played cards, while the kids played and watched the movies. Unknown to me, my nephew (aged 21) and my cousin's son (age 4) got hold of the hat and tore stitches off! I cried. I rewound the ball and started again.

I cast on the hat for the 4th or 5th time (I lost count). I started it late one night and worked on it during church. Somehow, I made a mistake on the rib. The only thing I can say, is that at least I was consistent. Wherever I had 4x2 I stayed at 4x2, 3x3 stayed 3x3. It is not easy to see that I messed up.

I continued to work on the hat. I finally got it to the length that made my DD happy. I made the crown (I kept the hat in lock down). I cast off. She came home from school and I tried it on her. It is too loose.

I remember reading that Stephanie (aka Yarn Harlot) wrote there are just some things that aren't meant to be made with certain yarn. I should have listened better to this yarn. I know in my heart of hearts, she won't wear it to school. It is too loose and she doesn't like that.

Oh well. It is finished and I am tired of that yarn and that hat. I think I will finish a scarf, a clown and a penguin. I am on the other hand liking the hat I am making for my neice. It is turing out quite nice.