30 April 2016

April Coming to a Close

Hard to believe that April is ending. It has flown by. We had snow, very little rain (usually my backyard is a swamp) and lots of sun. We had a lovely storm on a Friday, with a little bit of hail and beautiful rainbows!

We have cut the grass many times this month (usually we have to wait for it to dry out before we can cut and then hire someone to cut the swamp). We have gone on field trips and seen butterflies. We watch the birds as they gather around the bird feeders, calling them welfare birds, but knowing that we will continue to feed them, as they entertain the cats throughout the day (and us, too).

It has been such a pretty April and we have been enjoying life of open windows and being outside and grilling out. I am looking forward to grilling through the summer! Experimenting with different recipes on the grill.

I really cannot believe we have come to the end of April. It seems like the month just started and now it is ending. Wow! May is around the corner. We have birthdays to celebrate! We have Mother's Day to celebrate. Last year, we celebrated it in the hospital with my mom. She was in the CCU for that one, her last. But she was surrounded by her family. That hasn't happened in awhile. I will usually call, but I didn't go down. Last year, we went down. It was very crowded in the room with all the family. This year, we will go our own way and celebrate my daughter. Without her, I would not be a mother and she came early, so I was able to celebrate my first Mother's Day 14 years ago. Last year, her birthday was not celebrated the way we had in the past. I was afraid to go too far from home. It seemed just when I thought I could go somewhere, I would receive another text saying something else had happened. I ordered her cake from my friend's cafe. She makes the best cakes. So inventive and tasty. Her name is Sabrina and she owns The Nook Cafe in Maineville, OH. If you are in Ohio, you need to check out her cafe.

Pixar Ratatouille This is a fun link. I will make some version of it as I love veggies and this looks fun.

Country Star Afghan
Square Stripes Baby Blanket
Hexagon Afghan with tutorial
Garden Gate Afghan
Joyous Squares
Mountain Mists Afghan

Spicy Crab Cake

Garden Tote Bag

Crochet Orchid

Just for Fun:
Lollipop Angel
Gopher Golf Club Cover - this would also be a wonderful Father's Day present for dads who play golf and possibly love the "Caddyshack" movie. My husband used to play golf a few weekends during the spring and summer and fall months, but hasn't played as much.

Starburst Dishcloth
Crochet Placemats

Zodiac Scarf

Bridal Shawl

Anatomy of a Hand Knit Sock

20 April 2016


I have seen a lot about happiness and finding your own happiness and how eating at the office makes you unhappy and steals away from contentment. I started reading about what people think make them happy.

I noticed in the article about eating at the office making someone unhappy and I thought back to the days I worked in an office. One of the places I worked was not convenient to places to go buy food or even to run out and get food. The person who ran out had to eat at their desk if they got food for the others. But that didn't take away their happiness. We would take turns. When we ate together, we ate in the lunchroom and joked and teased and played cards or read a book or crocheted (yeah, that was me). My friend taught me how to do counted cross stitch and we would work on that together. Happiness is not something someone can give you, it is something you have to create for yourself. You have to want to be happy and you have to find it in the simple things. I find happiness in listening to my girls, listening to them talk, play pranks, laugh and just be together. My girls are great. I find happiness in watching my cats play with an ice cube (in their water or on the floor). I find happiness in listening to my dog dream (her howling in her sleep in the funniest thing ever). I find happiness in reading a book, listening to a book on tape, music, singing (even if it isn't great), or just making something to donate or give to a friend. I find happiness in silence and solitude (yep, I do enjoy silence and solitude). I find happiness being next to my husband, partner or friend. Toward that end, I think I would like to share some tips for happiness:

1. Dream!
    I dream all the time. I dream of when my girls will be grown up and creating lives that make them happy. I dream of places I would love to go (with them or with just my husband). I dream of rescuing cats and dogs (not living in a place where we can do that, but I would love to have a nice big farm filled with rescues). I dream of owning a yarn shop and continuing to teach others how to make things with string and sticks (or hooks) or needles. I love to teach what I love. Also, if you have a dream, nurture it and figure out how to make it come true. Don't depend on someone else to make your dream come true, it isn't their job to make your dream come true, it is your job to make it come true! Research your dream, what will it take to make this happen!

2. Give!
   Yeah, there is the rule, it is better to give than to receive. Do that! Give. It doesn't have to be big, just something you can do! Give with your talent, give with small things. Maybe you are waiting in a drive thru to get a drink or something, pay for the person behind you (maybe that is all they are getting, too) and let them know to have a great day. I can guarantee, that small gesture will have made someone smile. If you can make things, make things and donate them to places, for instance, there is a group that makes prayer shawls and they are given to nursing homes. There are groups that make baby hats and baby blankets for new moms. Sometimes these are only given to the moms who lost a baby, sometimes for all moms, it depends on the group. I have even heard of a group that makes cute outfits for the moms who lost a baby. The nurses will put the baby in the outfit and when the moms have had a chance to hold the baby, they remove the outfit and give it to the moms. I remember after I had my first child, the nurse told me that moms who lose their baby keep everything (staples from ER C-section, instruments that would normally be thrown away, etc). You could help pack meals for kids who don't have enough to get for weekends. Ours is called Warrior Backpack and they accept monetary donations, help packing, help unloading the truck of food. Great program and I really love helping them out.

3. Don't try to buy happiness.
    You cannot make yourself happy going out and buying new shoes, new clothes, new purses, etc. Happiness is not in the stuff you buy, but in taking care of yourself. If you need something buy it, but don't go out shopping just to spend money. I love to read. I go to the libraries frequently and borrow books. The girls borrow books. I have found that I enjoy having a Kindle, it allows me to carry many books with me, books for the girls to read (for when they forgot theirs or the charge is too low), books for me, books for my husband (he likes biographies). I found that I can search on Amazon and some other sites and find the books for free and if the book is horrible, I can delete it. I don't need to buy things to be happy. I can go outside and enjoy the sun, or open a book and enjoy the story. Sometimes even listen to a book on tape (in the car while I am driving) or a movie with my girls.

4. Find a balance.
    It is not your job to make someone else happy. Find out how to be where you want to be and with whom you want to be, when you want to be. Be where you need to be when you need to be there.

5. Abide by the Golden Rule (Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated).
   I was always told this growing up. Treat others as you want to be treated. I would do that at school. I would treat people as I wanted to be treated and they would beat me up, call me names, in one case, push me down stairs. I was called Poison Ivy. I remember the boys hitting me until I was black and blue. I cried a lot when I was in school. When I got to high school, some of my classmates were not very nice to me, one girl got really nasty when I wouldn't buy drugs from her. But as far as what they did, it was nothing. I actually liked high school. I made some friends. I had fun and life was good. These girls had nothing on grade school. They only called me names.

6. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (and it's all small stuff).
    A year or so ago, my middle wanted a CD from Celtic Thunder. We ordered it and checked the tracking to see where it was and when it would show up. She got upset because it would say it was in Cincinnati, and then it was in Florida. It didn't come to us on the day it said it would. It traveled the US more than she had. But I couldn't get her to understand that the store would ultimately be responsible for sending a new one if it didn't show up in a certain amount of time. Eventually, the time passed and the store had to issue store credit to her and she got something else and the CD that she wanted finally showed up after travelling through the south.

7. Don't compare yourself to someone else.
    When I teach someone to knit or crochet, I tell them, don't compare your work to someone else's. You don't know how long they have been at it or how many hours they put in. If you compare yourself to someone else, it will only make you unhappy and frustrated. Compare your work to what you started with! Keep the first thing you made and compare to that. That is where you will see your best efforts and most improvement. This life is not a race! It is an endurance. You want to get to the finish line no matter how far away it is.

8. Take responsibility.
    When I worked in one office, I learned something great from a wonderful lady I worked with, if you make a mistake, own it! I know that at times, I get frustrated with my children (who hasn't gotten frustrated with their children). I will yell at them to get their attention. After I have worn myself out in my fury (they weren't listening until I yelled), I will calmly ask them to come to me, I will give them a hug and tell them I love them and that I am sorry, but I am tired of them not listening when I tell them something. People are more important than gadgets (or books or TV). We should always pay attention when someone talks to us. I know that if I am reading and a daughter says something, I stop what I am doing and look at them (helps me to hear them better, as I am hearing impaired and sometimes have to read their lips to understand all their words). If the TV is on, I turn it down or silence it. I am also in the process of getting out of the habit of looking at my phone when it chimes (got into when my mom was so ill).

9. Smile!
   I read a story about a young person who was so very sad, that he/she had planned to kill him/herself. They said that they just felt that they didn't matter any longer and that he/she wished someone would just notice him/her and smile at him/her. I have always encouraged my girls to look people in the eye and smile at them and greet them. Just a friendly hello. I have noticed that that small gesture has been good for the person and for me and the girls. I know that when I am in a business where the person has to wear a name tag, they often forget that they are wearing their name, I greet them by name. They often stop in shock and say, "How did you know my name?" I will often remind them of the name tag. Many people don't greet them by name. If someone introduces themselves to me, I will remember their name. But I do have a bad habit, I developed working in one office. I worked in doctor's offices and learned to recognize people and greet them by name when they came in, but when I would be out away from the office, I wouldn't recognize them. I compartmentalized because in medicine, especially psychiatric offices, you have to protect the person's privacy. They would have to greet me.

10. If faced with a challenge, find a way past it.
     If you encounter a problem, try to figure out how to get around, over, through it. Do you need help? Ask! We are not islands all alone in the ocean. A few years ago, our water heater broke and we needed to replace it. We found a plumber and a new water heater. We had to go elsewhere for awhile to get showers (thank God for YMCA and friends), and on the day he was installing, I had to take 2 of the girls to practice (they played basketball) and he was still working in the basement. I asked a really wonderful neighbor to help and a friend hung with the girls while I went back and forth. We really do have good neighbors.

11. Live for today.
    Don't live in the past, "if only I had done this, instead of that." Don't live in the future, "one day I will do this or that." Live for today. Today is the gift. Thank God for all the things you have. I remember one time reading that if you are only left with all the things you thank God for, what will you have? I thank God every day for everything. I thank Him for friends, animals, children, husband, food, housing, clothing, etc. He has truly blessed me with many great things and people.

12. Lift others up!
    If you have to destroy a person in order to feel better about yourself, you actually won't feel better. I was listening to my children (again, I do that daily. They have so many lessons for me to learn from them), and my middle said something and her sisters started laughing. As they laughed, they said to her, "Don't ever change! We love you just the way you are!" Think about that! Yes, they were laughing at her words, but they also said, "Don't Change!" Stay true to yourself! They could have torn her apart, but they didn't, they lifted her up! They loved her just the way she is and was! We have family stories, stories that have meaning for us and the girls love to retell the stories. I think because they love the innocence of those words from those times.

13. Don't allow negativity.
    There are lots of negative people in this world and they can pull you down. Surround yourself with happy people, with positive people. Allow them to love you and love them, too. I have some wonderful friends. As our lives have changed and grown, it is not as easy to be with them like we used to. But we keep in touch. My favorite quote comes from a friend who has adopted children, "It will be funny in 24 hours." I wish when my girls were little, I had had that quote in my life. There were times where I just wanted to cry. It seemed no matter how hard I worked to keep a clean house, the children didn't care and neither did my husband. I was trying to live to my mother's standards. (Another thing for being happy, don't let others change you into someone you don't want to be.) Then I realized, I was only making myself and the children and husband unhappy. I may not have the cleanest house, but I have happy children. In fact, it took longer than 24 hours, but the day the girls dumped a container of Kool-Aid on the floor and added water (the carpeted section, not the kitchen) and stained the carpet is a lasting memory. I was careful of silence after that. I also started spending more time with the girls. Instead of spending so much time cleaning and being unhappy when I was the only one who tried to keep the house to other standards of clean, I took the girls to parks, zoos, museums. I would watch them play. I would listen to them laugh. I would enjoy every moment with the girls, because they would not be small forever!

14. Most importantly: Be Happy.
    Many years ago, a person came out with the song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" What a great thing to remember. Be Happy. You must choose to be happy and go after it. I choose to be happy. I choose to enjoy every day. I choose to love my family, friends and any animal (cat or dog) that crosses my path. And, I choose to be thankful for everyone and everything!

Now it is up to you. What do you want to do?

19 April 2016

Half Way Through April

Five years ago, I asked my girls what is happiness. Then happiness was having a cat sleeping with you or having a dog or just being outside. Today, their answers have changed. My middle loves to go to the library and read books. My oldest states that happiness is her family and chocolate and reptiles. She loves snakes. She loves to draw and getting pencils and paper and other things made her happy. My youngest loves to cook (bake mostly) and her animals (especially cats) and being with her daddy (when he is off work). Happiness is being able to read a book or make something. 

Pokemon - Pichu - My girls got hooked on these and love them still.
Blue Bunny
Baby Groot
Joy (From Inside Out)
Olaf from Frozen
Anger (from Inside Out) Such a cool toy. She did a great job creating it!
Bing Bong (from Inside Out) Wow! So much talent! I want to make them all!
Disgust (from Inside Out) I don't remember this character, but now I have to rewatch the movie.
Fear (from Inside Out)
Sadness (from Inside Out)
Riley (from Inside Out) The lady who designed these beautiful patterns is very talented. She has a link for donations if you like her patterns. They are officially not for sale, but she depends on sales of her patterns. Here is her main page, where you can see all her designs. Enjoy! Thanks Sabrina for the wonderful designs.

Baby and Me Socks - Simple Stockingette - this is originally Dutch, but the translation is below the original.
Textured Tootsies 

Everyday Market Bag
Crochet Tote Bag
Uptown Knitted Tote
Light Weight Shopping Bag - I want to make several of these. I think they would be good for shopping at Aldi.
Easy Mesh Market Bag
Vote Tote Bag
Reggae Inspired Bag
Shopping Card Bag
Crochet Fat Bag
Easy Market Bag
30 Minute Knit Purse (good for those large dump bags....help to sort things better)
Mesh Knit Market Bag
Owl Pouch - so cute.

Gift Bag
Crochet Poinsettia - For people who have little children, cats and dogs. This way you can have a pretty flower, but they are safe.
Dog Poop Ornament - For the Dog Lover(s)
Snowboard Accident Santa aka splat Santa
Crochet Snowman Family
Mr and Mrs Snowman
Snowman Dishcloth
Snowman Mug Hug

Two Needle Fingerless Mitts
Winter Sky Mittens
Thumbs Up Fingerless Gloves
Adeline Fingerless Mitts
Simply Easy Mittens

Gin and Tonic Hat
Reversible Crochet Briochet
Purple People Eater Hat - Kids. It is a really fun hat.
Flapper Hat
Teen Cabled Hat

Just For Fun:
Survival Key Chain
Gratitude Stones
Crocheted Cozies to End Swearing (or Smoking)
Crochet Skull Tablet Case
Rainbow Trout Bookmark
Tea Cup Bookmark
Cactus Pin Cushion great present for someone who sews.
Springtime Pansies

Moogly's Wiggle Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth 

Stash Buster Socks - quick knit
Best Sock Pattern 

10 Major Benefits of Reading!

I love to read! Have loved to read for a long time. It is something I will do even if there is a television playing. Something on TV has to catch my attention for me to ignore my book. When I was first married, my husband would sit and watch the TV and flip channels. He will watch something until he is bored with it and then flip stations on a commercial. I would be sitting with a book or crocheting or cross stitching. But usually a book. I used to have a lot of books, but when the children started coming, I stopped getting books for me and started buying for the girls. About 6 or 7 years ago, my husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday. Then a year or so later, the girls got their own Kindles, as gifts from their Aunts (godmothers) and really good friends. They love to read, too. I found many free books on Amazon for the Kindle and watch daily for free books that I know they would enjoy. They are now reading at such rates that I have a harder time keeping up with their reading and mine. They are also reading different genres. Each child has her favorite, two like cozy mysteries, the favorite being Joanne Fluke. They love the cooking mysteries. The oldest likes dystopian stories. She also likes science fiction and keeps me busy that way. But I recently saw the 10 Benefits of Reading. I think they are something that should be shared with many others.

1. Makes you more creative. 
      It opens worlds. It makes you think and wonder and start exploring other books. I remember one time I read something that made me wonder about what I had read and I started looking at other books on that topic.
2. Enhances smarts. 
      I remember one time I read that if you every day on a topic that you want to know more about, you can become an expert in that field.
3. Reduces Stress. 
      I know that when I have time to sit and read, I am a lot more relaxed and happy. Same goes for my girls. They have learned that reading can be enjoyable. I tell them that sometimes we have to read things we don't enjoy, but we can always read what we do enjoy.
4. Greater Tranquility.
      Try reading something fun sometime. It doesn't have to be a big book, just a quick article. I remember finding happiness just reading an article by Erma Bombeck. Sometimes I will go to the library and borrow a book by here, just for a laugh.
5. Improve Analytical Thinking.
6. Increase vocabulary.
      I know that at times I come across a word that I don't know, I get out my dictionary (or open an app on my phone) and look up the word. My Kindle also has availability for word wise, which shows what words mean. It is a good thing for children or teens reading older books.
7. Improve Memory. 
      I don't know if my memory is better for reading, but I know sometimes I have to read the first few paragraphs to remember that I read the book.
8. Improve Writing Skills.
      I can see that. I know that I am not the greatest writer in the world, but then I don't write for publication, I write for myself. To work through something or just to share a thought.
9. Helps prioritize goals. 
10. Develops imagination. 
      Have you ever watched children play after reading a book that sparked their imagination? I have. My girls have played some interesting games. It is fun to listen to them talk to each other and listen as they play a game or make up something.

10 April 2016

April, No Showers, But Snow!

Another weekend has past us by, and it was busy and windy! Visited with the grandpas (my girls grandpas, my father and father-in-law). They have a good time seeing the girls and having time with each other. Both are now widowers and talk about memories. The girls enjoy having a "day off" from school, but I have them talking to their grandpas and they have do some work in the car while I drive. Today is Reds Opening Day. That means that Cincinnati is a mess. Hate driving through there on good days, but today would not be considered good (at least for me).

My facebook has been place holding some patterns as well as my emails. Time to work on that for a bit, while the girls get some fresh air and do some work. They won't be happy to learn that they are going to an internet safety group, but I think they need to learn this!

I really like to travel throughout the US. I like to find places that I hadn't been to before and explore an area. So finding links for things like Unique OH Road Trip Weekend I have to save and one day, we just may go on this trip.

I was looking for something else and stumbled upon this:Science Saturdays with Mr. C. It is in Dayton, OH and only once a month. I have to keep this in mind for future times.

One day, I took the girls to a program on internet safety. The man who used to work for FBI and Lebanon Police taught the program and recommended Glary Soft program for cleaning up your computer. He said it is free and does a really good job keeping your computer safe.

Hexagon Afghan
Lion Brand Color Block Afghan - free pattern, but you have to sign up for their site.
Lion Brand Overlapping Squares Afghan
Chevron Stripes Story Throw

Soren the Barn Owl
Little Crochet Bird
Hungry Monsters 

Fairy Blossom Booties - I am just saving this for when someone, who likes handmade gifts is going to have a baby girl.

Santa Claus Dish Cloth

Crochet Roses Tutorial
Irish Double Layer Flower Tutorial

Cartridge Rib Fingerless Gloves
Flying Pig Mittens - color work. I live in the area that hosts the Flying Pig Marathon...sometimes it is a bit chilly and sometimes it is perfect running weather. I also have 2 sisters-in-law that have run in this. I wonder if they would like this, but then I am uncertain. I do have a friend who ran this also and I know she would love these and wear them with pride.

Rainbow Sun Hat Something the girls and I need. The curse of fair skin.
Camo Crochet Hats
Kickoff Hat
Cubist Short Row Beanie
Simple Slouch Hat - link to pattern on site.
No Hat Hair Hat
V Puff Stitch Slouch Hat

1 hour projects
20 Reindeer Patterns
10 Easter Baskets - yeah, I saved these links and then never even looked at them. I didn't have time

Prayer Squares:
Prayer Squares
Pocket Prayer Square

Old Flames Scarf
Candle Flame Scarf
Chevron Lace Scarf
Easy Leaves Lace Scarf
Lemon Curd Scarf
April Scarf

Soccasins link on the page to download the pattern. I love the colored version.
Team Spirit Slipper Sock - you have to read through the page to find a pdf link for the pattern.

Tulip Socks
Anastasia Socks

08 April 2016

Cincinnati Zoo

Like I mentioned before, we live between 2 zoos. The other zoo is in Cincinnati, OH and is smaller than the Columbus Zoo. It is landlocked and started buying land across streets to use as parking lots and turning the old parking lots into more spaces to house animals. This year they will be bringing back the Nile Hippopotamus. When I was a child, the zoo had hippos. But sometime between my childhood and my youngest sister's childhood they got rid of the hippos. I grew up going to the Cincinnati Zoo, not as often as my children, but once in awhile. I have a membership to this zoo and have had one for many years. We go frequently to this zoo, but we make sure to watch our time so that we leave before people start rushing to get home. Once that happens, we usually find a place and wait it out. I have spent too much time sitting on the interstate waiting to move a few spaces forward. There is nothing like having young children who need a restroom and people won't let you over to the exit lane so you can get off and find a restroom.

In April, the zoo celebrates the blooms. It plants many bulbs for tulips and other spring flowers. It is a beautiful place in the spring. In May, they celebrate all their babies, and they have a lot of babies. The Cincinnati Zoo is known for its breeding program.

This is the male Stellar Sea Eagle and he is waiting for something, but the female is sitting on the nest as there was an egg.

They have a nocturnal house and this is right inside as you come in. I love owls.

07 April 2016

Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory

Every year, the Krohn Conservatory brings in butterflies from all over the world, focusing on different places. This year is the Carribean. They have to watch people entering and leaving so that the butterflies don't escape because they could wreck our local flora and fauna. But it is fun to go and see these beautiful butterflies and see all the gorgeous plants that the Conservatory puts out to feed the butterflies and all the beautiful decorations! This is another place that we have a membership. A family membership is $40 and worth every penny. Christmas was gorgeous! I loved seeing how they decorated. The spring show was so much fun.

If you have a moment, are in Cincinnati, OH and like butterflies and plants...go to the Krohn Conservatory!

06 April 2016


Last week, the majority of schools were on spring break. My husband was off work for a few days and we took the girls to COSI. We have a membership. It is a good place to explore and learn and have fun. There is the Adventure cave, where you have to find clues to find more clues so that you can find the "treasure." I took the girls there the last time and they loved it. This time they enjoyed it, too, but it was so much more crowded than the last time. But we still had a good time. The lady who did the chemistry show was fabulous! She did such a great job and it was good to have a woman doing the show. The girls have seen this show many times and they always want to go, it is usually a man running the show.

And, let's not forget Gadgets Cafe! So much to do through this whole place. The kids had fun and they love the idea of having a membership so that we can visit as often as we would like.

Membership for a family is $169 and worth every penny. They don't have a parking pass, you have pay to park, but the amount is not that bad ($4) for one time visit.

Columbus Zoo

We live in an interesting place...we live close enough to 2 different zoos, but coming home from one is more problematic than the other. As a result, we have a membership to the Columbus Zoo. This is in Columbus, OH. It is a very large zoo. Lots of walking and lots to see. The kids love to go to the zoos. They love learning about the animals and the chances they sometimes get to touch a snake or a lizard or a turtle or a bird. They love wondering through the zoo and listening to the docents. Having a membership means we can go and spend a few hours wondering through the zoo and then come again another day. We can come when people are not likely to be there (a school day, a work day or just a day that rain is starting and stopping). This is another place where the membership is worth every penny. You can put 2 guests on your card and you can have free parking. Columbus Zoo also allows you to name a guest. This is where they put the guests name on the pass and you can give them the pass and they can come in any time they want.

They have 2 aquariums and a reptile house and many other places to explore. If you have about 8 hours, it is a great place for a day, but if you want to break it up, get a membership and wonder different areas every time.

01 April 2016

Easter Week - The week After Easter

So far we have stayed home and vegged (my husband had things he had to do and I was doing laundry, all the bed clothes and clothing). Then Tuesday, we went to COSI. The girls love going to COSI and it is a good place to spend some time when it isn't Spring Break for all the state. It was crowded...so are many other places. Wednesday, I am cutting my grass and getting an egg delivery. I have a friend who has chickens and she has fresh eggs and is selling them. I am so excited. I have not had fresh eggs. Thursday and Friday are predicted by the weather people to be rainy. Wednesday is a good day to cut grass and play at the park or hike or do something! Friday is also my shopping day. Since the Lebanon store that I used to frequent hasn't been good at keeping things on the shelves and the management had the nerve to tell me I should feel guilty for buying a product until it was gone, I don't go there as much. I now go to 4 or 5 stores to get all that I need for the 2 weeks. It is also my anniversary. A great day to celebrate. This weekend, we are just going to do things around the house. Take it easy and wait for the new week to begin.

Traditional Cable Knit Afghan
Mitred Squares Afghan
Striped Star Afghan
Dresden Plate Throw
Brightly Colored Tunisian Throw
Shades of Sunset Afghan
Prairie Star Afghan
Bavarian Rainbow Afghan
Nantucket Afghan

Hershey Kiss Newborn Hat
Sock Yarn Baby Booties
Baby Textured Socks
Cowboy Booties
Daffodil Sock
Exploding Flower Baby Blanket
Baby Giggles Afghan

Grocery Tote Bag
Hanging Basket
Breezy Tote
Wavy Messenger Bag
On the Go Knit Bag
Chevron Market Bag
Purple Purse Pattern
Rose Briar Bag - just a tote bag

Little Knit Stockings Ornament
Noel Knit Sweater Ornament
Polar Bear Hat
Snowman Mug Hug
Holiday Balls Throw
Funky Santa
Santa Minion Ornament 
Santa Gnome Ornaments
Santa Hot Pad
Crocheted Nativity Set
Stocking with Mitten pocket
Crochet Snowman Family
Snowman Baby Bib
Crochet Snowman Hat

Crochet Wedding Flower Bouquet
3 Layer Crochet Flower

Zig Zag Mittens
Beginner Thumb Mittens

Cable Knit Hat and Scarf Set
C is for Cookie Hat for children...This is a really cute pattern and the author took it down, but courtesy of the wayback machine, I was able to get it on here.
Where's Wally Hat Another cute hat for kids.

Just for Fun:
PMS Survival Kit
Itsy Bitsy Spider - April Fool's is coming....make a lot of these and put them in a kid's bed and then ask them if they want you to get the spiders out of their bed before they turn in....if they are like mine, they will scoff....then find these.

Fish Dishcloth
Flower Dishcloth
Crochet Angel Dishcloth...Tutorial
Old Fashioned Pot Holder
Daisy Teapot Cozy
Leaf Washcloth

Pleated Pattern Scarf
Diagonal Scarf
Old Flames Scarf

Hills and Valleys Shawl
Across the Galaxy Shawl
Stockingette Stitch Shawlette

People of the Water Fish Granny

Crochet Pacman and ghosts