03 January 2012

Dream Catchers

My oldest DD complains that she has nightmares every night. So in an effort to stop her complaints, I decided I would make her a dream catcher. So I will share my pattern for them here. They are very simple and require very little.

Supplies needed:
1 metal ring....it can be any size you desire, mine was about 8 inches.
enough yarn to go around and make the web (less than 6 feet)
1 crochet hook (size I used was a G Hook)
1 yarn needle
3-5 beads
3 feathers

Begin by doing a single crochet all the way around the ring.
When you have sc all around the ring, end it together, but cut a very long strand of yarn (about 3 feet). Put this on your yarn needle and start making a web, as you go along put a bead on the web in various areas. The feathers I used allowed me to stitch through them to attach to the bottom of the dream catcher. I finished by weaving the end into the sc on the ring.

The Dream Catchers don't look alike, but were made in my daughter's favorite colors.