28 February 2016

More Emails

Time to get back to work on the emails and keep getting them farther down. I decided to work on the ones that have "Secret" as the tag line first. It seems last year the senders would mark a few "secret" and you would have to click on the link to find out what pattern was linked. There aren't that many and most of the patterns are not something I really find interesting.

Crochet Hexagon
Crocheted Amish Quilt Inspiration
Pastel Wind Chime
Pink and White Shell Baby Afghan
Rainbow Dash Baby Afghan
Valentine's Heart Afghan
Star Shell Afghan
Stormy Weather Throw
Rustic Panels Afghan
Colorful Afghan
Long Live the Queen Throw
Rose Twist Afghan
Spicy Diamond Throw
Merry Melon Afghan
Loco for Cocoa Afghan
Merlot Afghan
Heirloom Wedding Ring Quilt Afghan
Dresden Plate Crochet Throw
Chameleon Afghan very pretty!
Comforting Kitty Afghan
Tunisian Entrelac Throw
Patchwork Afghan
Antarctic Throw
Pink Moscato Double Shell Throw
Neat Ripple Afghan
Log Cabin Arrow Afghan
Sand Dollar Dream Afghan
Mountain Mist Afghan

Happy Colors Penguin
Owl Family

Ella Elephant Lovey

Mesh Knit Market Bag
Rainbow Dragon Backpack
Owl Pouch
Owl Coin Purse
Crochet Envelope Purse

Polar Bear Ornaments
Crochet Angel Topper
Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Angel
Angel Ornament
Santa Coaster
Striped Christmas Stocking
Snowflake Dishcloth
Gingerbread Man Dishcloth
Christmas Star Afghan

Swimsuit coverup also called a beach top.

Circle Point
Pie Dishcloths
Water lily Dishcloth
Sun Catcher Dish Cloth

Fingerless Gloves
Triangulation Wrist Warmers

Easy Crochet Trio
Hello Kitty Witch

Steinway Hat
Simple Slouch Hat
Guacamole Comfy Beanie
Easy Fitted Hat
Darkover Hat this site is in English and French.
Spearmint Cable Hat for kids
Hope Knit Hat
Double Knit Hat with Earflaps
Short Rows Hat
Dad Hat
Grey and White Hat
Slouchy Hat Just by the picture alone, it is a pretty nice looking hat and I am certain 2 out of 3 girls will wear it.
Rosalie Hale Hat

Hat Links

Entrelac Fingerless Mitts
Fair Isle Gloves
Women's Norwegian Mittens
Broad Street Mittens - Convertible Mittens. They can be fingerless gloves or mittens.
Crocheted Mittens
Adeline Fingerless Mitts

Ocean Air Scarf
Hitchhiker's Scarf
Gallatin Scarf my husband has cousins with the last name Gallatin.
Rainbow Dream Scarf
Short Row Scarf
Candle Flame Scarf
Definitely Diagonal Scarf
Jefferson Scarf
Pleated Pattern Scarf
Lady Mary Triangle Scarf
Harry Potter House Scarves

Easy Cranberry Shawl
October Shawl
Oversized Box Stitch Shawl
Irish Crochet Shawl
Amazing Mitred Shawl

Crocheted Soccasins
Hybrid Slipper Socks
Loafer Slippers

Lazy Day Knit Socks
Lacy Toe Up Socks
Darling Lace Socks

Framed Church Windows
Granny Square Hexagon
Mini Hexagon Square I know it is not a square, but it can be used to make many and put together to make an afghan.

8th Gem Blog she is from the UK and her blog is more sharing of patterns than mine (I share links to patterns and some patterns).

27 February 2016

Teen Lock-In and Friday Night

It is Lent and last night was Friday. Normally, my husband and I take the girls and go to the nearby Catholic Church (St. Francis de Sales) and we sit with friends and have a good conversation and enjoy the meal. It is also a good deal. There isn't any place where you can get a full fish meal for $40 for a family of 5. My girls groan about going, but they do enjoy some of the meal. Last night, though, we had to be in Centerville by 6 p.m. and it would have taken more than 30 minutes to get through the line and to eat. Also, my husband had to be at work by 6 p.m. and had to leave by 4:30 p.m., so we could not go.

My oldest girls are in the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) at the Washington-Centerville Library. Last night, they were able to participate in a TAB only Lock In. A lock-in at the library is where they get to play games and have a meal with their friends. They get to watch a movie ("Monty Python's Holy Grail" was the choice) and stay for 6 hours after closing. The girls were in heaven! For me, that meant, Nicole and I got 6 hours alone. We watched a movie that she wanted to watch. We went through my yarn stash and she picked out many skeins of yarn. She says she is going to make an afghan for herself, but making squares. We sorted the yarn (again) and made popcorn. We had an ice cream and just had a nice evening together.

When it was time to go get the older girls from their event, I noticed how much traffic was on the road. I know that since I married and became a mother, that I have become more of a home body at night. Daytime, I will be out and about enjoying the day, but at night, I want to be in the house and enjoying a book or yarn or cross stitching. Part of that has to do with deer on the side of the road, that can cross at any moment. Last night, we had just that, a herd of deer on the side of the road. It was a pretty large herd. It startled me and I know it startled the drivers on the other side (the deer were on that side).

As I was driving along, I remembered that there had been a time where I would be out until midnight or later. I used to have a life at night and would hang out with my friends. I know that I will have to work at making sure that I start going out at night again and having a life at night. I didn't drink and drive and I certainly didn't need to drink alcohol when I was out. I would just be with friends and enjoying life. I guess when you are young and don't have children or a husband, you do spend more time out at night, because you are working full time and are at an office or job all day and you would hang out at night and have a night life. Also, when you are a teen, you have that set time where you have to be home. Most parents set that at 10 or 11 or midnight. I know my curfew was midnight when I was in high school, but then I had passed "the test" and my parents trusted me to not get into trouble. They also liked the person I would hang out with.

What is "the test?" When I was a freshman in high school, some girl at the school I went to, tried to get me to do drugs with her and buy from her. When I refused, she started causing me trouble. I turned her in at school and she turned me in. The officials started watching us both and my lockers were searched nightly. The school officials never found drugs in my locker, but they did find it in hers and she was expelled. So were 2 other girls, also for drugs and bad grades. I think more should have been done for them, but at the same time, I was so grateful that my parents learned that I would not get drunk or high when I was out of their sight.

I know that my girls are going to start wanting to go out at night more as they get older and that is all part of growing up. I think it will be good for them to have things to do and friends to hang out with. I am pretty sure that they won't try drugs, but today's world, they will have to be careful, no one puts stuff in their drinks when they aren't looking. But for now, they are hanging out with a good group of people.

Are you more of a homebody or night life person?

25 February 2016

Mr Lemoncello and Dr Libris

Last year, my younger two children were given "Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library," by Chris Grabenstein. It was a really good read. (I read most everything my kids read, but now that they are older and read all kinds of different books and it is 3 to 1, I try to get to most things.) At the time, I found out that he also had a book called, "The Island of Dr. Libris." I made a note to find the book and read it and see if the girls would read it, too. Not a problem. We found the book and read it. It was fun and had some really interesting parts to it. While we were reading it, we found out that in January of this year, "Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics" was released. We went on a search to find a copy to read. Found it at the Lebanon Public Library and I finished the book after midnight and my children are in the process of reading it, also. They take turns reading it and use different colored post it notes to mark their place. They are enjoying the story as well. Tonight, we found out that the book is the next book club book for my youngest (the older girls are in a teen book club). She is excited to participate in a program after the book is read. I do recommend reading any of these books by Chris Grabenstein. They are fun reads and at the end of the books, the author lists the books that were used or mentioned. Enjoy!

24 February 2016

2 Concerts, 1 Zoo and the Khron Conservatory

Over the past couple of weeks, I have taken the girls to the Khron Conservatory so we could see the Spring Show (gorgeous) and to the zoo and to two concerts...one for my oldest niece (a choral concert) at the Cathedral in Covington, KY and one for my middle niece (clarinet) at Mother of God Church in Covington, KY.

 They are beautiful and easy to grow, but bees love them!

Time Off, Concerts, Lunch with Dads, Emails

Lebanon Library redid the basement and made it more fun in some respects....This is on the ceiling:
 and the wall.

I took some time off from the computer and it was good. I took the girls to lunch on Friday with their grandfathers and as we entered the Big Boy in Erlanger, the police looked at my daughters and questioned why they weren't in school. In the 3 years that we have been homeschooling, we had not been asked that before. I had my letters and my daughters knew that they were not in the wrong, but they froze. They were scared. I told the officer, very nicely, that the girls were in school as they were getting to hear history from their grandfathers. They tell what they remember from when they were growing up, what the world was like and life for them during WWII. I explained that we homeschool and that the girls come out with their grandfathers once every two weeks and listen to the old men talk. We also had computer lessons at night on Thursday and music would happen on Sunday night when they went to a concert their very talented cousin was participating in. They go to book clubs and writing clubs and as many things as I can find for them. The officer was impressed at how much I had them involved in and then my father said, "She is a hard task master. She makes them work in the car!" The officer also commented that homeschooling was becoming more popular.

  The program.

We went to the concert at Mother of God Church in Covington, KY. It was a wonderful concert. Such wonderful performances. It was good to spend that time at the church. Many may not have liked that I was crocheting during the performance, but I can listen without staring up at other people's heads....yep, sat far enough back that I could work on something and the girls could read their books. They heard the music and enjoyed it. Every now and again, we would look over and the girls heads would be up and there would be a look of intense concentration on their faces. They enjoyed the performance. My father told me about the next concert...Morgan and a Choral Group at the Cathedral Basilica. The Cathedral is gorgeous. I was excited about the concert. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo in the afternoon and then supper at my dad's favorite place, Burger King, and then onto the Cathedral. I felt bad that I wasn't home when my husband woke up, but I really wanted to see my niece's performance. It is also good for my daughters. The performance was so wonderful. The music was well chosen and the girls were enthralled.

  The program.
 This is from the practice.

 The snow leopard is "sucking his thumb" they said. They are trying to break him from the habit.

The Stellar Sea Eagles are sitting on a nest of eggs. But this guy was sitting down by the fence.

My emails continued to go up while I was off the internet, but that is okay. Many could be deleted as they were not important, the free books were quick and I already had many of them. I will remove more tonight after the concert, after we get home. It will be late, but I have so much laundry that I need to get through as tomorrow is another event and computer classes.

Autumn Leaves Afghan
Falling Leaves Afghan
Manly Man Man-ghan
Autumn Throw
Color Block Afghan
Fans and Pansies Ripple Blanket
Crocodile Flower Square
Light Spectrum Afghan
Mountan Mists Afghan

Striped Baby Hat

Knitted Fall Tote

Christmas Tree

Gothic Witch Cape
Black Cat Baby
Skeleton Mittens
Spock Ears
Jekyll and Hide Hat
Golden Stitch

Parisian Dahlia Beanie
Driggs Avenue Hattitude
Retro Crochet Hat
Spin Cycle Hat
Hadley Hat

Dancing Leaves Coasters

Glamourous Zig Zag Scarf
Zodiac Scarf
Definitely Diagonal Scarf
Spooky Hands Scarf
Paintbox Scarf
Rainbow Dreams Scarf

Autumn Shawl

Knit Muk Luks

Business Casual

Sleeping Buddies cute little dolls

George Washington and Hot Chocolate
34 Things About WWII

18 February 2016

Early, Early Morning

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. It is another cold morning and the cats are heavy on my ankles. They are cold and cuddle as close to me as they can get and their weight pulls down on the blankets making it hard for me to move my legs or change positions and then I start to hurt. When we just had 2 cats, they were bigger than 3 of the cats we have now, they would do this and I would wake up crying from the pain and my husband would lift and move them to relieve the pain (my ankles have severe arthritis and getting worse, but I am still walking and moving and I will keep trying). But after I got out of bed, I put my dog outside. She is a really good dog and she is fun to watch. She goes out and she starts the morning ritual, she pees, then starts to sniff through the yard. As she sniffs, she has to poo and she poos and sniffs and so there is poo everywhere! Then when she finishes pooing, she starts hopping through the yard, sniffing and and hopping. She is a big time friendly dog and when people come over, she is all over them, as if they came to see her, not to visit with us. She also loves to walk, but she licks, so we aren't walking because we don't want her getting salt on her paws. She would be such a sick puppy after that. I am waiting for warm weather and a good rain that will wash away the salt. After that, we will get back to walking her through the woods. She loves that! She will pull this way and that trying to sniff everything! She is very much a hunting dog! She is a sweet, loving dog, that will love anyone. But she does love her kids. That is a good thing. Best dogs in the world are those that are rescued.

As long as I am awake, I will get some work accomplished on the emails again. I took a few days off to get my craft room rearranged. One of my cats jumped to the top of my tallest bookshelf (he used other things in the room to get up that high) and he knocked my china dolls off the top of the bookshelf. One was very old and it shattered. After a good cry, I began the process of cleaning up all the broken glass. I can't be mad at him. I put the dolls up that high. I did it when the girls were young, so that they wouldn't touch and break the dolls. He is just a cat and he doesn't know any better. He just wanted to get up high because the other cats were bothering him and he knocked the dolls off. It is sad, but they are just things and things can be replaced, people cannot.

Log Cabin Afghan There are few versions. So I may end up putting duplicates up a few times.
Millionaire's Afghan
Reversible Log Cabin Afghan
Log Cabin Afghan this one is definitely different than the two listed above.
Mosaic Afghan
Round Stained Glass Afghan
Spiral Crochet Afghan
Cable Knit Afghan
Parcheesi Afghan
Patch Sampler Throw
Light Spectrum Afghan
Catherine Wheel Throw
Melon Ripple Afghan
Crochet Ripple Afghan
Country Star Afghan
Retro Circle Afghan
Color Block Afghan
Scrap Afghan Weaving Very cool effect and uses up ends of yarns.

Crochet Cat Bed
Knit Dog Coat - my dog could really use a coat, but then she hates them and it wouldn't be worth it. But maybe for the cats!
Bumble Cat Toy

Colorful Crochet Baby Blanket
Jester Hat older baby vs newborn
Sock Yarn Booties
Mini Top Hats

Large and Medium Bags
Big Grove Isle Bag
Sweet Candy Pouch
Summer Tote
Book Bag

Bath Pouf

Amazing Crochet Topiary Tree can be made in different colors for different holidays or seasons and then decorated to celebrate that way. This is from the Amazing Crochet Crowd Site and Mikey is fabulous at putting up tutorials to help make things.
Christmas Snowman Stocking
Jolly Fireplace Stocking
Tiny Tim's Stockings
Colorful Christmas Socks
Bird Ornament
Crochet Sheep Ornament
Rory the Reindeer Ornament

Blooming Flower Dishcloths
Christmas Scrubbies

Mini Brim Hat
Cable Hat, Scarf and Mittens
Lucky Leprechaun Hat for child
Rasta Hat
Comfy Headband/Earwarmer
French Beret
Crochet Santa Hat
Men's Hat and Scarf Set
Back Loops Beanie
Men's Beanie
Lizard Ridge Hat
River Ripple Hat
Retro Crochet Hat

Just for Fun
Faux Boob for Breast Cancer Awareness
Dog Poo Crochet Ornament gag gift for dog lovers
Das Beard Hat yeah, just for fun a hat with a beard.

Pacific Sunset Fingerless Mitts

Crocheted Potholder

Cozy Blue Scarf
Star Stuff Cowl
Biased Opinion Scarf
Autumn Leaves Scarf
Snowflake Scarf
Holiday Knit Scarf
Stained Glass Scarf
Fibonacci Scarf - Math scarf - this uses the fibonacci sequence. I love this idea because I am finally learning to love math.

Tea and Sympathy Shawl
Autumn Shawl
Flower Triangle Shawl
Wavy Warm Winter Shawl

Basic Socks

Tea Cozy
Scalloped Tea Cosy

Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball
Hello Kitty Witch
Year of the Tiger
Crabby the Crab
Penguin Bowling Pins
Teddy Bears

16 February 2016

501st Post!

Wow! I have posted 501 times with this post! I know that most of these posts have included links for patterns and links for homeschooling. But that is all good. There have been a few recipes shared from my mom (before she passed) and patterns that I created. I started this blog 5 March 2009. I know that I started it as a place to save things, because right before that I had been saving to my computer, but then it got infected and crashed and I lost all the things that I had been saving! I didn't want that to happen again and this seemed to be the best way to do that. I also have many things printed and saved in sheet protectors, the things that I use the most or are a very long pattern and would be difficult to make using a tablet. Enjoy, today's selections of patterns from the email, recipes and homeschool links from FB.

Afghan - Log Cabin Spread
Millionaire's Afghan
Arctic Throw
Knitted Patchwork
Rainbow Sherbet
Pirate Granny Squares
Cozy Halloween Throw
Four Leaf Clover Throw
2015 CAL Afghan
Yo Yo Afghan
Beachside Afghan
Rainbow Chevron Afghan
Ripple Afghan

Animal - Cat in the Hat for Dog This is a cute hat for a dog who doesn't mind being dressed up (not my dog)

Baby - Crochet Owl Hat
Baby - Frog Cocoon and Hat
Baby Zoo Afghan
Sweet High Tops for Baby - Tutorial
Crochet Baby Bear Hat and Crocs

Children - Crochet Rain Boots Cute set of slippers that are meant to look like rain boots for a young child.
Turban cute hat for a young girl.
Batman Hat for Kids
Child's Cow Hat

Christmas - Snowy Garland
Pinwheel Garland
Bright Knit Hats and Mittens Garland
Santa Gnome

Coasters - Toe
Pink and White Coaster English is towards bottom.
Aspiring Accents Coaster

Hat - Vanilla
Family Hats
Knit Cat Hat
Beginner's Favorite Knitted Rib Hat
Cable Beret
Crochet Unicorn Hat
Marigold Slouch Hat
Short Rows Wavy Hat
Lizard Ridge Hat
Ombre Hat
Izmir Hat
Lazy Day Lace Hat
Knitted Hat
Rosalie Hale Hat
Tulle-riffic Hat
Gin and Tonic Hat
Plaited Headwrap
Lazy River Beanie

Headband - Shamrock

Hotpad - Mandala Pot Holder
Not Your Mom's Hotpad
Coffee Cup Hotpad

Links - Meow! Crochet Kitties

Mitts - Diamond Leaf Fingerless Mitts
Taming the Butterfly Fingerless Mitts
Maplewood Mittens
Thrummed Mittens

Scarf - Reversible Cable Braid

School - Stashbuster - Pencil Case

Shawl - Beloved Shawl
Bamboo Wedding Shawl
Lilaceous Shawl
Flame and Ember Shawl
Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl
Sweet November Scarf Shawl
Autumn Shawl
Autumnal Triangle Shawl
Emily's Lace Circular Shawl
Crochet Shawl from Bernat
Tristan Eyelet Lace Shawl

Slippers - Aunt Alm's Dorm Booties

Socks - Black and White Chevron
Random Tracks Socks
Business Casual Socks I think these would be good for my nephew who requested socks.

Squares - Fan Dance

Toys - Little Yoda Crochet with Tutorial
Flo the Elephant
Laid Back Cat
Sleepy Sarah
Large Crochet Monkey

Fun Roadtrip:
OH Waterfalls Roadtrip
KY Waterfalls Roadtrip

Overcoming Obstacles
William Shakespeare
Bombing with Banknotes

Bagel Recipes Links
Peanut Butter Fudge Cake

10 February 2016

Snow, Snow, Emails, Ash Wednesday (Lent is starting)

Tuesday is over (and we had a lot of snow, yesterday) and we had more snow overnight. In about an hour, I will be waking the girls, so we can go out and shovel the drive again, so my husband can get his van up the driveway. When we get enough snow, we do have to remove some to get up and down the incline. The plus side is that when the sun comes out, it melts the remaining ice and snow and dries out and it is beautiful and dry. But I read a law opinion that said that if I shovel my drive or walks and someone falls on them, because they don't know that it is winter and that even if the drive or walk is shoveled, there could be ice that no amount of shoveling is going to remove, I can be sued and held liable for their not being intelligent. Yeah, I am a klutz. If I fall on ice, if I can get up and walk away, I laugh, because yeah, it is funny, I get up and walk away. If I get hurt, I call my doctor get an order to get x-rays and go make sure I didn't break anything. Now, for the flip side, if I owned a business and don't clean my drive, parking lot and/or sidewalks, and that same person falls on the snow or ice, I can be held responsible for them not being able to walk on snow and ice. Seems to me that if you have lived anywhere that is cold, you know that if there is rain and it gets cold while it is raining, that will turn to ice. If there is cold, there is snow and ice and you should walk appropriately. If you step on ice and were not walking carefully, it is your fault. Get up and move on, or if you are injured, get help and move on. If you fall on your own property, who do you plan on blaming? I would rather that drives and sidewalks are shoveled and since, I do have a south facing house, allow the sun to do its good work. But who am I? Just another person who feels that too many people have not been taught to take responsibility for their actions.

I just heard the most horrible thing, just encouraging people to not get out and spend time with God....Drive Thru Ashes. Some churches, in Cincinnati, are offering drive-thru ashes. Too many people already can't give up an hour of their day on Sunday to attend church and run from the building before the priest has ended the service. They would kill each other trying to get out of the building, the parking lot and home. If you are going to offer drive-thru ashes, just call it off and forget that it is a Holy Day (for the Catholics) and don't do the ashes. Just don't celebrate the service, don't give the blessing and don't open your doors. In my hometown, there used to be St. Francis de Sales, Corpus Christi, St. Stephen, St. Vincent de Paul, But the churches started losing people (and never got them back), The Bishop (and the Catholic Church) realized that they could no longer afford to run all those churches. There was also the issue of fewer and fewer men available to be priests for the those churches. The priests were aging and retiring and fewer men were joining the seminary (I have a story there, too). But fewer people were attending the churches. Churches need money to run and if people aren't going and aren't giving, then money isn't there to run the church. I know many who could attend a Saturday service (Christian Churches), but their kids are playing games for their school or they are in other activities that require travel. It makes it hard for many to get to church, but I know many who make an effort. They search for a church with a service during a time when they are not doing something, but there are still many who run out before that service is even over. I understand having something for those who can't get to church easily (because of work), but too many take advantage because they don't want to give up the time.

Story on seminary...back in the 1930's, my uncle wanted to be a priest. He worked very hard to become one, but the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area, did not want him. Why? Because he was poor. His family didn't have any money (his father had been a brick layer and had been attacked and injured and unable to work, his mother was deceased, his sister (my grandmother) had to stop school after 8th grade and learn a trade and start working to help the family). So he eventually applied to a seminary far north (MI). From the stories I heard, he was an amazing priest. He loved the people of his congregation, knew them by name and went to visit them. I remember when my husband was in the hospital, he wanted a visit by a priest and we were told by a priest that they didn't have time. Another thing, I know about hospitals and priests, if you know the priest really well, they will come to visit, but forget it otherwise. If you stopped going to church, my uncle would show up at your house to find out what happened. He would offer comfort and love. I only saw one priest who offered comfort and love, that was the priest we had when I was in high school. He came running to my house after church the day my grandfather was found dead in his bed. He lived with us, and had had a stroke and died during the night and was found by my mother (his only child) on Mother's Day. But when I stopped going to church, my mom and dad were mad at me. How dare I leave their church. But no priest showed up. No priest asked me why I stopped. But my uncle was different. He would have come around. He wanted to make sure that all felt welcome at his church. He was a different breed of priest and he did a lot of good at his church.

Minion Square
Minion Blanket
Granny Scrap Afghan
Hexagon can be used to make a scrap afghan
Seashell Square
Contemporary Stash Buster Afghan I love how this looks. I have lots of yarn ends that I could use for this.
Happy Harlequin
Red Eye Square
Granny Square I learned how to make granny squares when I was 10. I have been making them for a long time. Usually the color combinations change with a name change, but all are the same.
Dream Catcher Square
Vintage Wobble Afghan

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Minion Booties
Teddy Puppet
Ella Elephant Lovey

Knitting Tote
Sea Breeze Beach Bag
Easy Knit Backpack
Drawstring Bag
Wavy Messenger Bag
Chevron Market Bag I like the market bags. I need make a few of them. I think they will hold up better than the bags that I bought from the stores.
Kiss Kiss a small bag that you can fill with candies and give to a young girl or teen girl.

Minion Stocking

Point of Hope Reversible Chemo Hat
Cable Slouchy Beanie
1920's Cloche Hat

Basketweave Knitting Infinity Scarf
Lucinda Scarf

Candy Apple Knit Shawl
Mt Vernon Shawl
Reversible Cable Wrap

Heart Dishcloth/Washcloth

Juggling Balls

08 February 2016

New Week, More Emails

I am totally amazed at how many people feel that they need to go places (like banks, libraries, restaurants, etc) when they are ill. I understand when people go to the store, because they have to get things for their home....popsicles (sick kids and high fevers = popsicles), juices, liquids, sometimes even medications, but you really don't need to go out to other places. Stay home and sleep and rest! Really folks, when you go out and you are ill and you go places that you really don't need to go to (even taking your kid to these places) all you do is share your germs with others who are just trying to get things accomplished, borrow books (you can do that online), banking (a check can wait until you are healthy again or mail it in), restaurant (get simple foods like soup in a can). Why am I on this kick....simple, I got the flu (and so did my whole household) because someone decided that they needed to go to the library with their sick kid. Now, I have something new, my system had already been compromised (flu started my asthma) and I took my kids to the Credit Union to deposit monies into their accounts. Guess what, another person who decided that their banking business needed to be handled that day. So now, I am, again, ill! High fevers and all! I just hope I can kick this one and no one else gets it. We are all still dealing with the remnants of the flu (it started everyone's asthma). I just don't understand people who feel that they need to go out and do things when they are ill. If my family had not become ill and running high fevers and we hadn't run out of medication (more taking means going through faster), I wouldn't have felt the need to leave my nice comfy chair and venture into a store. I would have gladly stayed at home. Oh, well, I guess there will always be those who feel that they need to drop their sick kids at a day care because they need to be away from them. There will always be those who need to go out when they are ill.

As it is, I'll just be happy if I can clear more of the emails from my account. Even if it doesn't come close to my goal, a few a day is better than none.

Recipes for my daughter....She wants to make a rainbow cake, so I am going to have to save many and then when we get to the time to make them (competition) she will have to choose so we can get them made and out....
Cake - Rainbow in a Jar

Afghan - In a Pinch
Afghan - Magnolia
Afghan - Noel
Afghan - Split Shell Ripple
Afghan - Christmas Throw and Pillow looks like a colorful poinsettia.
Afghan - Holiday Balls
Afghan - Christmas Star
Afghan - Old Lady listed as ancestral favorite, reminds me of the kind you would find in the 1970's! Also seen in some old TV shows from the 1980's thrown over the backs of couches.
Afghan - Dahlia
Afghan - Drew Embarsky's Monet
Afghan - Comforting Kitty
Afghan - Mountain Mist
Afghan - Thanksgiving Dinner
Afghan - Happy Halloween

Bags - Crochet Shell Backpack
Bags - Shopping Card Bag this could also be used to hold library cards or memberships to zoos, museums, and other places you might have a membership.
Bags - Ballerina
Bags - Owl Coin Purse

Cozy - Knit Tea

Dishcloth - 3 color Simple Stitch
Dishcloth - Crunch Stitch
Dishcloth - Praying Hands

Hat & Scarf - Pink Cabled

Flower - African Flower Motif

Christmas - Gift Tags
Christmas - Cottages

Mitts - Fingerless Toasty
Mittens - Stashbuster or Tweedy - free Ravelry download
Mittens - Bella's I might have to think about making mittens and hats that use my niece's names in the pattern names (for instance, this is one niece's middle name).
Mittens - Tannenbaum (Christmas Tree)
Mittens - Texting mittens - About 10 years ago, we would have not needed these, but the need for texting gloves and mittens has grown.

Scarf - Swiss Cheese free Ravelry download
Scarf - Hand Puppet
Scarf - Hooded Cat
Scarf - Hooded Snow Bear
Scarf - Neon Dreams Infinity the email called it the Willy Wonka...it is very pretty and fun.

School - Shark Time Pencil Case
School - Minion Pencil Case

Shawl - Casual Knit Lace
Shawl - Spring Elements
Shawl - Crochet from Bernat
Shawl - Tristan Eyelet Lace
Shawl - Strawberry Pie
Shawl - Downton Abbey

Socks - Double Rib

Toys - Mr. Fluffs Crocheted Kitty
Toys - Cat Bus with tutorial

06 February 2016

Cleaning out the Emails

I have to work on the emails again, as they are going up and down little by little. They go up by 2 to 4 a day (depending on how many come in from various sources) and down by many depending on how many I can get through in a day without someone getting antsy about wanting on the computer. Right now we are doing science with "Mythbusters." Seems weird, but they do have some good science and they use a good scientific methods. Anything that inspires the girls is a good thing. I do have them reading science books as well, but sometimes we just need something different and fun.

Afghan - Retro Circle
Afghan - Circles in Rectangles
Afghan- Pastel Lacy Shells
Afghan - Geometric Afghan
Afghan - Crochet Diamonds
Afghan - Dublin
Afghan - Catherine Wheel
Afghan - Tally Ho
Afghan - Parcheesi
Afghan - Patchwork
Afghan - Granny Hexagon - if you click for free pattern links or crochet tutorials it will teach you how to join the hexagons.
Afghan - Neverending Granny from Crochet Crowd.
Afghan - Granny Square Guitar chart and you have to figure it out as you go.

Amigurumi - Little Hoot
Amigurumi - Year of the Monkey

Applique - Peacock Feather Pattern and Tutorial

Baby - Knee High Socks
Baby - 10 Stripe Baby Ball
Baby - 2 Seam Cube
Baby - 5 Hour Booties
Baby - Adorable Booties
Baby - Hermes Winged Booties
Baby - Easy Stay on Bib
Baby - 6-12 month old giraffe hat so very cute!
Baby - Jericho Baby Knit Blanket

Bags - Dog Carrier Bag or can be used for other things.
Bags - Reusable Strawberry Field Market Bag

Christmas - 3 Wise Men
Christmas - Knit Mitten Ornaments
Christmas - Granny Square Stocking
Christmas - Decoration Pot Holders

Cowl - Grey Owl Cowl

Dishcloth - Knit with Friends
Dishcloth - Snowman
Dishcloth - Snowflake

Halloween - Boo Treelicious Ghosts to decorate a scary tree
Halloween - Ghost Bob
Halloween - Treat Bags free download from Red Heart

Hat - Rainbow Beanie for kids
Hat - Snowman Hat
Hat - Skunk Hat

Kitchen - Easy Oven Mitts
Kitchen - Colorful Trivets shaped like flowers with different centers.

Links - Free Patterns

Mittens - Cable
Mitts - Fingerless Walden's Wood Mitts
Mitts - Endpaper Fingerless
Mittens - Colorwork

Scarf - Pink Ribbon Scarf
Scarf - Blogathon Lace Triangle
Scarf - Hooded

Shawl - Northern Lights - free Ravelry download and beautiful.

Socks - 2 Needle Lace Socks
Socks - Heart Lace Socks
Socks - Men's Maizy Trailmix
Socks - Men's Argyle
Socks - Anastasia
Socks - Toe Up

Squares - Peace Sign Granny
Square - Farmington
Square - Eliot

Toys - Fantasy Castle with Characters
Toys - Airplane
Toys - Not Quite Duck Pins Penguin Bowling Set
Toys - Superhero Cape and Mask

Wreath - Crochet Autumn I think if you change colors to pink, red and white you have Valentine's and Pastel colors you can get Easter and/or spring. Red, Green, White for Christmas. I think this is one that I will have fun making and it can be washed!

03 February 2016

Tuesday, A Day to Go Out, Wednesday, A Day to Remember a Life Well Lived

Today, is another warm winter day. I need to refill bird feeders and I really want to go somewhere. After that week of illness, I just want to get out and do something. I know that tonight I will finish working on my emails and try to get it down another 50 emails. (My goal, lower by 50 every other day or daily). I also need to get some things off my FB page, too. It has been awhile since I cleared it off. I think it partially has to do with my just wanting to do other things. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. I will try and get a few more of my mother's recipes on to her blog page. I know that my one sister has marked that she is following it. That is good. I know that my brother has been looking at the page, too. He wants some recipes to make for our father. Lent is also on the way. Soon we will see the old men eating fish on Friday and Ash Wednesday. I do enjoy the fish fry at the nearby church. So does my husband. We end up meeting up with friends and just enjoying the company. I hope that my dad and father-in-law go to a few during the season as they will enjoy it as well.

Last night, we had a pretty good storm blowing around outside (Tuesday night) and since my house has been hit by lightning twice in the past, I turn off the computer and the internet, etc and just read books. I just finished reading "Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders" by Peggy Webb. This is a Southern Cousins Mystery. I have yet to read the first book in the group, but I have read 2 of the other books by her in the series and I just have a little trouble with Callie being wishy washy about how she feels about her husband (who she says she wants to divorce but still hasn't). Too much time is spent on how she feels about her husband and how she loves him and how he is good for her, but at the same time she wants children and he doesn't and this is the impasse that they have reached.

Tonight, I will be going to a funeral home for the visitation of the husband of a friend of my mom's. I grew up with their children and have known them all my life. He lived a good life and has been a good husband to her and good father to their children. He has been a good friend to my parents and while she was unable to come to my mom's funeral, he did make an appearance. He will be missed.

Knitting Time Calculator for those people who think my time is worthless. A way to figure out what I made is worth.

Homeschool - Using Netflix lists of shows and age groups and classes.
Homeschool - Explore Science with Food

Homeschool - Smithsonian - Virtual Tour for those days where you want to go to a museum and getting there is not an option.

Saint - Brigid Resources

Pattern - Afghan - Andante Crochet Throw
Pattern - Afghan - Snow Queen
Pattern - Afghan - Round Stained Glass
Pattern - Aghan - Juicy Fruit
Pattern - Afghan - Arrowhead Lace Knit Throw
Pattern - Afghan - Warm Stripes Throw
Pattern - Afghan -Peppermint Candy Afghan
Pattern - Afghan - Mitred Squares
Pattern - Afghan - Shades of Sunset
Pattern - Bags - Desert Sunset Tote
Pattern - Bags - Dynamite Market Bag
Pattern - Bags - Plarn Market Bags - Plarn is yarn made out of plastic bags. Plarn also makes good seat covers for sporting events and ground covers for campers or for homeless.
Pattern - Bags - Wicked Lime Green Backpack
Pattern - Bags - Dollhouse Purse Great bag for a young girl.
Pattern - Bags - Mesh Knit Market Bag
Pattern - Basket - Cotton Crochet
Pattern - Dishcloth - Cherry
Pattern - Dishcloth - Pink Grapefruit
Pattern - Dishcloth - Buttery Sunshine
Pattern - Gloves - Fingerless
Pattern - Hats - Textured Turban
Pattern - Hats - Winter Cable Hat
Pattern - Hats - Crochet Crowd Houndstooth Tutorial
Pattern - Hats - Crochet Crowd Crystal Ice Tutorial
Pattern - Hats - Sunset Slouchy
Pattern - Hats - Airy Avalon Slouchy
Pattern - Hats - Breath of Spring
Pattern - Hats - Modern Knit Beanie
Pattern - Hats - Mighty Warrior scrap hat for child/boy
Pattern - Hats - Cladach Hat
Pattern - Hotpad - Flower
Pattern - Hotpad - Dutch Skies
Pattern - Hotpad - Stir Me Up Potholder free Ravelry download
Pattern - Kitchen - Dish Scrubber with tutorial
Pattern - Kitchen - Spring Cleaning Scrubber
Pattern - Kitchen - Tiny Flower Scrubber
Pattern - Links to Amigurumi
Pattern - Scarf - Lovely Leaf Lace
Pattern - Scarf - Easy Leaves Lace Scarf
Patterns - Scarf - Candle Flame
Pattern - Shawl - Sport Shawl
Pattern- Shawl - Ocean Front
Pattern - Shawl - Escapist
Pattern - Shawl - Perfectly Elegant
Pattern - Shawl - Comfort Hug Prayer Shawl
Pattern - Slippers - Orange and Blue
Pattern - Slippers - Flower
Pattern - Slippers - Crochet
Pattern - Socks - Crochet Shell Socks