26 November 2016

What Happened in the Space of a Year?

Last year at this time, my husband and I took our daughters up to Cleveland, OH area and some of the surrounding areas (Berlin, Navarre, Sugar Creek, etc) and wondered around up there and stayed in a nice hotel with a breakfast. We would get up and go down to breakfast, wearing the clothes we were going to wear out and about. So would the other guests, this is an important note, so would the other guests.

This year, we stayed in two different hotels, because the one we stayed in for 2 days was already booked for the third night and we had to change locals between one night and the other. Both the hotels had pools and breakfasts.

The first morning, Thanksgiving morning, we go down to breakfast, and we are again dressed for the day. Several of the other guests were also dressed for the day, but there were many guests who were in their pjs in the breakfast room and wandering throughout the hallways. Now, these were not 5 year olds, these were not 10 year olds, these were older teens and their mothers! Not the fathers, but the mothers! I get that you are on vacation, but really folks, you are not at home! Get dressed if you are wandering hallways.

The next morning was more of the same, but we were packed and ready to move to the next hotel and wander about the area, like we had planned. We get to the next hotel and again go to the pool and there is a young teen (about 14-15 years old), playing with her phone and doing all kinds of weird things filming herself. She was bored (she stated) and her dad and her sister were in the pool and dad was teaching sister how to swim (I am guessing that this was sister). My girls (also teens) were in the pool swimming around and having fun and getting their gills wet.

The next morning, I was shocked to see more people wandering about in their pjs. One of them was an older woman about late 50's or 60's. They just refused to get dressed before coming into the public area and I was just shocked. How have we come to this point that people feel that it is okay to wander around in their pjs. If I had wanted to spend time with people in their pjs in public, I would have stayed home (my kids love to live in their pjs when we don't have anywhere to go), where I could see men wandering around in public with their pj pants on.

My final pet peeve....as we were driving home (the car fully loaded with kids and luggage), we stopped at a rest stop and there was a poor pup that had been hit by a car and looked starved running around the rest stop barking at people. She was in obvious pain and so scared. My heart broke and I just wanted to get home faster, to my cats and dog. I really dislike people who get an animal and then just dump it somewhere, where it can be killed or die of starvation, just because they don't want it any longer, because it is ill, or old, or has a bad habit (tipping Christmas trees, scratching furniture, etc). Pets are meant to be kept and loved for their entire life, not until something. Right now we have 4 cats, all rescues, and 1 dog, also a rescue. Our dog is about 11 years old and is starting to go blind and starting to have trouble moving. Do we want to get rid of her, NO! We made adjustments to our home to help her be able to get around better. Our cats claw a piece of furniture, do we get rid of them? NO! We love them and work to help them learn that clawing every piece of furniture in the house is not the way to go. If you don't want to love them for their entire life, then don't get them! Let them go to someone who knows what it means to get an animal for a pet and keep them for their lifetime. These animals depend on us and they show us unconditional love, the most perfect kind of love. My favorite quote is, "Try to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are." That is what I try to do with all my animals. Now, I am going to go love on my pets and know that they are safe and loved here.

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