01 November 2016

More Afghans

At present, I am working on several afghans.

1. An afghan for my brother-in-law, a log cabin style. I didn't have a pattern, so I was making it up as I went along.

2. A baby blanket. All white and therefore something that I haven't been able to work on all the time as I cannot take it with me.

3. I just started an afghan for myself. Something I haven't done before. I have NEVER made an afghan for myself and I am loving it!

4. I have squares for all kinds of other afghans for my girls (they love their afghans).

5. I also have a Groovyghan CAL that I started, but haven't worked on in awhile. It is gorgeous and I really want to finish it for my husband (he loves his afghan, too, but it ripped and tore and needs to replaced after 15 years).

As a result, I love afghans and I have a tendency to save the patterns for afghans.

  1. Secret Afghan #1 - Sea Glass Afghan
  2. Secret Afghan #2 - Cosy Stripe Blanket
  3. Secret Afghan #3 - Blast Off Snuggle Snack NEW!
  4. Secret Afghan #4 - Wobbly Rectangles Blanket
  5. Secret Afghan #5 - Homey Plaid Crochet Blanket
  6. Secret Afghan #6 
  7. Secret Afghan #7 Solstice Sun Rising
  8. Secret Afghan #8 - Links for 10 Cozy Crochet Afghans
  1. Secret Afghan #9 - Coatigan
  2. Secret Afghan #10 - Dinosaur Tailighan NEW!
  3. Secret Afghan #11 - Wavelength Afghan
  4. Secret Afghan #12 - Neptune Stripes
  5. Secret Afghan #13 - Ombre Stripes Afghan
  6. Secret Afghan #14 - Granny Square Tunisian Throw
  7. Secret Afghan #15 - Log Cabin Arrow Throw
  8. Secret Afghan #16 - Cute Shark Afghan

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