20 November 2016

Dragon Scale Ear Warmer

y youngest wanted a headband/ear warmer instead of a hat this year. I agreed that she could have an ear warmer, but that she still needed a hat. Then she requested that her ear warmer look like her fingerless mitts....Dragon Scale. So I started playing with this pattern. It has only been tested by me, and if you find an error or don't understand something in the pattern, please leave a comment and I will fix the problem or I will explain to the best of my ability. Enjoy!

Dragon Scale Ear Warmer/Head Band

Written using US terms

Hook: H/8
Worsted Weight (I used Caron Cakes)

Chain 76 (work in groups of 4) 4x19 = 76

Being careful not to twist the chain, connect to make one large circle. Ch 1 and in same place, put a sc. Sc all the way around (should have 76 sc).

Do not connect, but continue to sc a 2nd row (76 sc).

Sl St to 1st sc in 2nd row and ch 3.

Row 1:
The ch 3 is the very 1st dc, then put a dc in the same sp as the ch 3. Ch1, sk one sc and put 1 dc in next sp. * Ch 1, sk 1 sc, put 1 dc ch1 dc ch1 in next sp, sk 1 sc, 1 dc, ch 1. Repeat from * this until you have 19 V stitch and end with 1 dc, ch1.

At this point, you want to go into the 2nd ch and sl st and ch 1, into the 1st V stitch. Then you want to put 5 dc on the leg of the ch 3 going down, then put 5 dc on the leg of the dc going up. This will create your first scale. *To tack down the scale, you will sl st around the leg of the single dc. Then move to the next V stitch and place 5 dc down leg of 1st dc and 5 dc up the 2nd. Repeat from * until you have 19 scales. Stop after the 19th scale, you don't want to tack the 19th scale at the top of the last single dc.

At this point you want to make the 2nd Row - through the 4th Row and they will be the same.

Ch 3 and dc in the 1st space. Ch 1, then place a dc in the center of the scale space, then ch 1, place a dc, ch 1, dc in the top of the single dc of the previous row. Continue this way until you end with a single dc in the last scale space.

At this point, you want to sl st to the 2nd ch and ch 1 and begin making 5 dc down the leg and 5 dc up the other leg and tack down as before.

You will continue in this way until you have created 4 rows of scales. When you have your scales, you want to ch 1, then put a sc in the same sp and put 75 more sc around the top of the scales. Without joining, sc a 2nd row at the top and put 76 sc in the 2nd row. Finish off and weave in ends.

Ch = Chain
Sl St = Slip Stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
sp = space
sk = skip

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