09 November 2016

Hats, More Hats

Hats are a great project. Small, portable, only need one skein and, best of all, you can experiment with different stitches and colors. They are fun and necessary, no matter where you live. Hats for warmth or for sunny days protection or decoration.

Slouchy Hat
Big Hit Beanie Hat
Diamonds Cable Earflap Hat
Summer Joy
Elegant Hat
1920's Snowflake Cloche
Phannie Beret
Miss Downton Abbey I
Reverse Textured Slouch with Crocodile Flower
Cable Knit Pixie Knit
Lace Edged Chemo Hats
Striped Baby Hat
Girls Winter Beanie
North Shore Hat
Cable Crush Hat
NICU hats for preemies
Simple Knitted Beanie
Simple Hoodie Hat
Change your Stripes Hat
Wrapped with Love
Sunset Slouchy - all sizes
Diagonal Shell Slouch
Really Easy Slouchy Beanie
Celtic Dream Beanie
Another Chemo Cap
Scrapbuster Hat
Halsey Street Pompom Helmet
Quick Fix Winter Hat
Knock It Out Hat
A Little Twisted
Diamond Trellis Baby Hat
Amanda Baby Hat
Textured Baby Hat
Bai Yun Baby Hat
Knitted Bunny Hat and Booties (For Baby)
Sweet Watermelon Hat for baby

Headbands are also something that are quick, portable and fun. Just hats without crowns.

Comfy Cozy Headband
Bobble Headband

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