12 November 2016


I don't feel competent enough to make sweaters, yet. I know that eventually, I will make a sweater, but not yet. I will save some patterns, but I haven't looked at them, I tend to just delete without looking, but this time, I am saving. Enjoy.

  1. Moon Shadows Cardigan
  2. Leisure Luxe Cardigan -Printable!
  3. Cozy Fair Isle Sweater
  4. Celestial Cropped Cardigan
  5. The Comfiest Sweater I've Ever Seen -NEW
  6. Cool Winter Cardigan
  7. This Sweater is Magically Seamless -Wow!
  8. Enchantress Cardigan
  9. Morning Star Sweater -NEW
  10. Seaside Beauty Cardigan
  11. Magical Afternoon Brunch Cardigan
  12. Deep Woods Textured Cardigan
  13. Vintage No Sew Sweater -Enchanting!
  14. Handsome Forest Sweater
  1. Bateau Sweater -Reader Favorite!
  2. Midnight Magic Sweater
  3. Enchanted, I'm Sure Sweater
  4. Oats & Honeycomb Sweater
  5. Falling Snowflakes Sweater -Essential!
  6. Stylishly Simple Shrug
  7. Painted Glass Sweater -OMG
  8. Bewitching Sweater
  9. Wine Lover's Sweater -Unique!
  10. Grandma's Favorite Sweater
  11. Cool & Cozy Hoodie -SO Easy!
  12. Enchanting Sunday Best Cardigan
  13. Christmas Cookie Sweater -LOVE!
  14. One Week Sweater

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