10 November 2016

Cold Sheeping

I have been using up yarn to make room for more new yarns. There are so many really nice new yarns. So I find yarn and then I spend some time trying to find a pattern to make with it and then decide who should get this gift or should it be given to a charity. There are lots of charities and I do try to help out with those charities. This way I can get some of the new yarns. Blanket yarns, Caron Cakes, and more Sugar N Cream. But I do love sock yarns. I love wandering through yarn stores and finding what they have that is new. New colors, new styles of yarn and best of all new patterns. People who write patterns are also loving these new yarns, too and making new patterns to show case the gorgeous new yarns. So, for the moment, I am cold sheeping (not buying) and using up yarn that I already have and finishing WIPs and saving patterns that I will eventually make.


Catherine Wheel Infinity Scarf
Blush Rose Crochet Scarf
Shell and Picot Cowl
Bobble Stitch Scarf
Lilac Frosting Scarf - Caron Cakes was used.
Mood Scarf
Mystic Waves Infinity Scarf
Estee Refined Cowl - I love this and think my friend, Margaret might like this, using some really nice purple yarn (no wool).
Old Flames Scarf - I love this and think it would be gorgeous in so many different colors.
Canaletto Cowl - I think this would be good for another friend, not sure who yet, but I have ideas.
Jefferson Scarf - so very pretty, looks a little like the Old Flames, but different.
Madison Scarf - This would look so lovely on two of my nieces, I think the 3rd might like it, too, but not sure.
Gallatin Scarf - Gallatin is a cousin's name and I think she would look wonderful in this. She is so fashionable.
Simple Lace and Mohair Scarf
Picot Hearts Neckwarmer - beautiful!
Heart Warming Scarf - colorwork, beautiful and challenging.
Lacy Ripple Scarf 
Spring Meadow Scarf
Autumn Leaves Scarflette
Jasmine Scarf
504 King West
Keyhole Scarf
Red Redux Scarf
Charismatic Super Scarf
Basic Cable Scarf - I love making cable scarves. I think I might have to make a few more.
Chevron Lace Scarf
Winter Leaves Scarf
Lace Knit Lengthwise Scarf
Trellis Scarf
The Boyfriend Scarf - I may make this one for my husband, too. I am already making one for him, but he loves hand knits. Now I just need to find a good hat pattern for him, too.
Aurora Borealis Scarf
Star Stuff Cowl
Shooting Stars Cowl
Spring Cowgirl Cowl
Mosaic Cowl


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