17 November 2016

Afghans, Blankets and Throws

It has been interesting weather. One day the temperature goes below freezing and then the next it is above freezing, and goes up to the 60's or 70's. I finally broke down one day and turned on the furnace. I am glad that I did that because it got cold. I don't have the temperature set very high, it goes colder at night, but the furnace is now officially on and I am wanting to make afghans, because as they grow they keep me warm. I just have to keep the cats off them, too. My favorite afghan, is the simplest, but I have been wanting to make more intricate afghans with pattern or cables.

Holiday Squares Afghan
Ripples of Happiness
Zig Zag Ripple
Granny Ripple
Forest Ripple Crochet
Soft Clusters Ripple
Soft Wave Chevron
Ribbed Ripple Reversible
Fans and Pansies Ripple
Brighton Blanket
Mint Julep Afghan
Crochet Zig Zag - different than the one towards the top.
Little Checks Ripple
Chevron Afghan
Mosaic Afghan
Lazy Check Ripple
Happy Harvest Throw
Jacob's Ladder Ripple
Tri Color Granny Squares
Herringbone Stripe Afghan
Crochet Cable Afghan
Cozy Gingerbread House Afghan
Striped Wrap Around Throw
Corner To Corner
Two Color Reversible Shell Afghan
Scrap of Beauty
Turkey Talk Afghan
Peppermint Bliss Throw
Crocodile Stitch Square
Woven Rainbow Baby Blanket
Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket
African Flower Afghan
Wedding Ring Crochet Quilt
Cosmic Dorm Throw
Granny's Attic
Vintage Christmas Poinsettia Throw
Autumn Glow Afghan
Chevron Afghan
Twilight Shells Throw
Celestial Delight Granny
Super Star Afghan
Star Crossing Blanket
Falling Star Square
Starfire Square
Huggin' Stars Square
Sublime Light Granny Square
Galaxy Afghan
Small Winter Burst Square
Grandma's Fav Holiday Afghan
Cinnamon Twist Afghan
Effortless Cherry Wine Afghan
Chunky Wool Blanket
Horseshoe Cable Blanket
Make It Quick Afghan
Popcorn Ripple Afghan
Links for Afghans
Pink Plaid Picnic Blanket
Santa's Favorite Afghan
Patchwork Plaid Baby Afghan
Matalasse Afghan
Lattice Cable Throw
Crochet Ripple Afghan
No Place Like Home Throw
Ripple Afghan

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