08 November 2016

Super Scarves

There is a new trend this year. I have noticed that scarves are much thicker and much longer than past patterns. They remind me of Dr. Who Scarves. What are your thoughts?

  1. Galactic Grape Super Scarf – So plush and so cozy!
  2. Heathered Waves Super Scarf Crochet Pattern
  3. Unforgettable Shells Super Scarf
  4. Shades of Fall Tartan Super Scarf – Plaid and fringed: your ultimate fall scarf
  5. Down the Moonlit Path Super Scarf
  6. Oversized Grannies Super Scarf
  7. Cinnamon Sugar Super Scarf – The perfect gender-neutral super scarf
  8. Cocoa Clusters Super Scarf
  9. Neon Checkerboard Super Scarf
  10. Coastal Redwood Super Scarf
Here is a Link for Super Scarves from Oombaka Designs. 

Here are some other scarves and cowls....necessary items in cold weather and cold places. 

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