03 November 2016

Hats, Beanies and Berets

Hats are another great, portable project. At some point they are repetitive and can be worked quickly. Hats are also a major necessity in areas where it gets cold. My girls love to play in the snow (so do we) and sledding on our little hill can be fun and shoveling the drive and sidewalks are great exercise. I also think we are going to do more walking/hiking this year. I would love for my girls to experience the woods in the winter.

  1. 61 Knit Hat Patterns for the Winter
  2. Chic Knit Beanie Pattern
  3. Simple Slouchy Hat -Chic!
  4. Guacamole Comfy Beanie
  5. Knitting for Charity: 23 Hat Patterns
  6. Slouchy Star Knit Beanie
  7. Basic Adults Knitted Beanie
  8. Thick 'n Quick Earflap Hat -Love!
  9. Pink and Purple Colorwork Hat 
  10. Northshore Hat 
  11. Wickerwork Hat 
  12. Links for Knit Hats

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