02 November 2016

November is Here

November is here and the end of the Presidential Election is coming! Thank God! Everyone is so tired of the nastiness that is happening. Someone dumped horse manure outside the Democratic Headquarters, again, this year. It happened 4 years ago and they made such a stink (pun intended) over it, that I thought, it is going to happen again. Personally, I feel that they should have stuck a shovel in the manure, a sign saying $5 a bucket (any size) and let people buy the manure. That is not what they did, they threw a fit and called the police and the person felt like they could do it again. I do not advocate violence and I hate that there are those pushing for violence against others. I saw video of grown men (plural) beating up a black, homeless woman! The cowards need to be arrested and spend some time in jail! She has just as much right to her views as they do to their views. The people filming, should have stopped filming, called the police and photographed the cowards beating on the woman! This was wrong on so many fronts! Too many people standing around allowing bad things to happen and too many who don't realize that being polite is the right way. We are a nation of many! Many colors, many beliefs and many people. I am tired of watching people being torn apart for their beliefs or views and the nastiness that is coming from it. I think I will stick to my yarn and crafts and my family (girls and husband).

Charleston Garden Throw
Lacy Pyramid Throw
Countryside Charm Afghan
Braided Hope Blanket
Color Pop Baby Blanket
Black and White Afghan
Granny Afghan
Galaxy Afghan
Purple Popcorn Afghan
Dynamic Squares
Scrap of Beauty
Navajo Afghan
Joseph's Puff Stitch Blanket
Aran Isle Throw
Never Ending Love Square
Reversible Shell Baby Blanket
Peacock Afghan
Shell Stitch Afghan
Square Dance Afghan
Rustic Romance Cable Throw
Square Dance Crochet Blanket
No Name Knit Afghan
Heavenly Ivory Throw
Traditional Cable Knit
Endless Cables Chunky Throw
Modern Log Cabin Afghan
Patch Sampler Throw - This is a fun afghan...I want to make several of them.
Northern Motifs Afghan
Effortless Cherry Wine Afghan
Countryside Charm Afghan
Light Spectrum Afghan
Mitered Squares Afghan

Catnip Bunnies
Cat Blanket

Hobo Style Farmer's Bag
On the Go Knit Bag
Purple Purse Pattern
Summer Beach Bag

Christmas Socks
Pipsqueak Penguin Ornament
Holiday Bird Ornament
Gingerbread Ornaments
Little Stocking Ornaments
Crochet Jingle Bells
Mini Sweater Ornaments
Snowman Ornament
Rory the Reindeer
Hot Cocoa Mug
Tiny Tree
Tiny Ornaments and Stars
Crocheter's Favorite
Santa Ornament
Little Gift Card Stocking

Mosaic Scarf
Laura's Loop Arctic Wrap
Stack Overflow Cowl
Peacock Lace Infinity Cowl
Coastal Redwood Super Scarf
Sideways Cowl
Autumn Sunset Infinity Scarf
Big Blue Crochet Scarf
Fair Isle Crochet Cowl
Charasmatic Scarf
Ice Queen Scarf
11th Hour Scarf
Sea Glass Knit Scarf
Pure Luxury Scarf
Anthophila Knit Scarf
Knitted Scarf and Shawl
Peekaboo Lace Scarf
Easiest Ever Accordion Scarf
Textured Stripes Super Scarf
Parallel Lines Cowl
Seed Stitch Infinity Scarf
Infinity Cowl
Cherry Blossom Cowl
Irish Mesh Cowl
Bittersweet Cowl

Serpentina Mitts
Ruched Mitts
Widows Weeds Fingerless Mitts

Fox Ears

Bumpy Day Hat
Wheat Fields Slouchy Beanie
Sunset Slouchy
Basic Ribbed Hat
Ski Hat
Nice and Easy Beanie
Fav Winter Hat
Nom Nom Garter Hat
Grammy's Hat
Super Chunk Hat
Layered Yarn Beanie
Broken Rib Hat
Purple Haze Knit Hat
Candy Corn Knit Hat
Pumpkin Hat
Pokemon Pokeball Beanie - I know that my girls would have fun with this hat.
3 Hour Chunky Ribbed Hat
Glitter Blizzard Hat
Man Slouch Hat

Pumpkin Spice Shawl
Mini Mochi Flower Garden Shawl
Greek Revival Shawl
Wild Roses Shawl
Peacock Stitch Shawlette
Easy Dreamy Shawl
Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl
Setting Sun Shawl - crochet and gorgeous.
Pink Ribbon Prayer Shawl
Gentle Solace Prayer Shawl
Say a Little Prayer Shawl
Comforting Hug Prayer Shawl
Friendship Shawl
Power of Prayer Shawl
Charmed Prayer Shawl

Basic Chunky Slippers
Step Into Spring Socks - very pretty

Bavarian Stitch Tutorial
Third Dimension Stitch
Pebble Stitch
Suzette Stitch
Larksfoot Stitch
Puffy Spike Stitch
Side Saddle Stitch
Diamond Stitch
Four Point Star Stitch
Open Fan Stitch
Trinity Stitch
Chinese Puzzle Stitch

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