31 July 2013

Greek Mythology Knitting and Crochet

Apollo  - Sunshine Shawl                               God of the Sun
Aphrodite - Scrappy Heart Bag                      Goddess of Love
Artemis - Woodins                                         Goddess of the Wilderness
Athena - Owlie Sleep Sack                             Goddess of Wisdom
Demeter - Golden Wheat Scarf                      Goddess of Grain
Hephaestus - Marley's Ghost Scarf                God of Metalworking
Hera - Heavenly Pink Shawl                          Queen of the Heavens 
Hermes - Hermes Winged Baby Socks          Messenger God
Poseidon - Wandering Waves Shawl             God of the Sea
Zeus - Ombre (Hat)                                        God of the Sky and Thunder

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