01 August 2013

Kitchen and Dishcloths

More and More from the emails.

Blooming Flower Dish Cloth                                                   Rose Dishcloth and Potholder
Simple Shell Dishcloth                                                             Ship's Helm Dish cloth
Lighthouse Dishcloth                                                                Beachball Dishcloth
Catch a Wave Dishcloth                                                           Crochet Flip Flop Dishcloth
Knit Sunflower Dishcloth                                                         Cookie Jar Dishcloth
Angel of Welcome Dishcloth                                                   Little Garden Boy Dishcloth
Lattice Hearts Dishcloth                                                           Gingerbread Man Dishcloth
Snowflake Dishcloth                                                                Santa Claus Dishcloth
Posy Dishcloth                                                                         Not Your Mum's Hot pad
Two Hour Potholder                                                                Citrus Slice Dishcloth
Roll Stitch Hot Pad                                                                  Really Fierce Dishcloth
Crochet Apple Cozy

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