27 July 2013

Holiday and Birthday Knitting....

We have (on Saturday), 150 days to Christmas. If you are knitting/crocheting/cross stitching for Christmas, you are definitely feeling the pinch of trying to get it finished in time without losing hair, sleep or sanity.

In my email, again, there are patterns for Christmas. So this blog will share patterns for Christmas.

If you are making things for Halloween or Thanksgiving, there are 95 days to Halloween and 123 days to Thanksgiving.

If I find any patterns for those days, then I will share those here also.

Stocking Stuffers                                                             Jovie the Elf Knock Off Hat
Mini Stockings                                                                Sugar Twist Hat
Victorian Ornaments Afghan                                          Elf Pixie Hat
Winter Wonderland Hooded Scarf                                  Cable Knit Scarf
Pom Pom Trimmed Fingerless Mitts                              Hat and Mittens Garland 
Jingle Bell Hats                                                               Knit Santa Hat  
Holiday Knit Scarf                                                          Jolly Crochet Santa Outfit (for baby)
Snowball Scarf                                                                Wicked Knit Mittens
Chunky Mittens and Scarf Set                                        Winter Accessory Set (hat, mittens, scarf)
Holiday Knit Slippers                                                     Crochet Santa Hat
Bostonian Hat and Scarf                                                 Peppermint Knit Cowl
Holiday Hats                                                                   Crimson Ridge Cowl
Mittens for the Whole Family                                        47 Christmas Knitting Patterns
Easy Fingerless Gloves                                                  Cozy Rudolph Slippers
His and Her Winter Hats                                                Green Lace Scarf
Chunky Santa Hat                                                          Christmas Teddy
Knit Cable Stocking                                                      Crochet Nativity
Reindeer Ornament                                                       Christmas Decoration Potholder
Crochet Christmas Trees                                              Happy Colors Penguin
Cute Kitty Ornament                                                    Cute Crochet Santa Ornament
Elf Size Stocking Ornament                                         Festive Bird Ornament
Christmas Tree Dishcloth                                             Christmas Reversible Ripple Afghan
Bright Knit Hats and Mitts                                           Holiday Bells
Minutia - Mini Sweaters                                              Knit Mitten Ornaments
Christmas Card Pouch                                                 Howie the Holiday Penguin
Moogly Crochet Christmas Stocking Links                Moogly Links to Snowmen

Bobcap Hat                                                         Owl Kindle Cover
Candy Corn Hat                                                  Entrelac Cozy Kindle Cover
Butterfly Beret                                                    Penguin Kindle Cover
Hermione Beret from Deathly Hallows              Quick Kindle Cover
Dreaming the Day Away Kindle Cover              Celtic Cables Knit Kindle Cover
Happy Colors Penguin                                        Crochet Kindle Cover - Hannah
Lollipop Ornament                                            

One Skein Rats                                                       Frog Eye Hat
Dr. Who Jelly Baby                                                Crochet Witch's Hat
Big Nose Spider                                                     Easy Skeleton Mittens
Knitted Chocolate Bar                                           Crochet Robot Baby Cocoon
Witch Doll                                                             Wacky Costume Hats
Skull Caps                                                              Little Bat
Links to Moogly Blog Halloween Costumes        Rag Doll Wig Hat
Witch Hat and Shawl

One Hour Wine Bottle Cozy

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