05 July 2013

4th Of July

What a Gorgeous Sunset! After so many days of rain, we get this sunset. Shabbot Shalom!

It is the day after the 4th of July. On Wednesday, we spent the evening at church for a family picnic and watching of the fireworks from the city of Lebanon. It was a nice time. I arrived late because I had to run some errands before I could go. I had to wait on those errands until my DH came home from work. One of my errands took me to Costco and there was a 4 year old boy, who approached me asking him to put back books he took down. Not once was there a parent anywhere paying attention to him. He had no fear at approaching people and I was afraid for him. I waited with him until I could find an employee. I asked her to watch him and make sure he stayed safe. I told her what was going on and then I felt comfortable leaving the store with my purchases. It is sad that there are children who are left like that when they are 4!

On the 4th, we went down to my mom and dad's place. It was a very rainy 4th and my kids were able to set off some smoke bombs and the rest were divided and sent home with us. But we had a good time telling stories. My cousin, Randy provided a lot of comic relief for his sisters and mother when he was younger and to this day. He is asked for help and responds, "I cannot give you the kind of help you need." Referring to mental help. He is a very interesting person and a good man. My other cousin, Kevin, is not liked by my parent's dog. He smokes a pipe and goes out of the house and comes back in smelling very heavily of the smoke. The dog barks at him, a lot! But he does love my girls. He always has. He is a good dog. So as we are talking, my niece confesses to making a comment about my sister, one that has us all laughing. Then my cousins mention the statue of a man sitting and reading on a bench and that they refer to it as my aunt's boyfriend. She says, "At least, I have a boyfriend, even if he is a little stiff." My dad comes into the kitchen and says that he is looking for eggs, from all the hens cackling there.

Then something happened. My cousin asked me to help her crochet a scarf! I found some patterns for her and printed them (my mom approved the use of her printer and computer). I showed her how to make them and told her which one I thought would be easiest for her. It was a really good night!

We went to a restaurant one night and we wanted to try beignets and they didn't have any. So I found a recipe that I want to try: Paula Deen's Beignets. They look yummy!

I found another recipe on FB and it does not link to who it is from, but I want to try it:
Chicken Bake
2 cans of low fat refrigerator crescents
1 can of healthy low sodium cream of chicken soup(26oz)
1 cup fat free cheddar cheese
... 2 boneless skinless chicken breast

I boil my chicken breast then shred, roll out each individual crescent, place about a Tbsp of shredded chicken in center and roll it up.

Bake on 350 for about 5 minutes until just starting to turn golden. Pour Cream of chicken over the top bake an additional 10 min top with cheddar cheese and bake for 10 more minutes.

Also, some more pattern links that I am interested in:

Mandala Rug by Tamera
Water Color Waves Cowl
Magical Multi Color Shawl
Stained Glass Afghan
Christmas Baubles
Sunburst Vacation Wrap
Sparkly Chevron Bag
Dainty Butterfly
Mini Minion
Watermelon Change Purse
Magic Spike Mandala Square
Snow Goddess Scarf
Crochet Flower Lattice Shawl
Blue Slouchie Beanie
Misty Blue Rose Wrap
Devil Wears Red Amigurumi
Knit Bows
Knit Rose Buttons
Three Sisters Soap Sacks
Tiny Octopus
Poseidon Waves Shawl
Crescent Shawl
Bamboo Wedding Shawl
Spider Stitch Beach Skirt
Starry Starry Night
Simple Feather and Fan Wrap aka Poodle
Dancing Leaves Wrap

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