31 July 2013

TV Shows and Movie and Book Themed Knits/Crochet

TV Shows, Movies and Books that feature knitting or crochet tend to have several patterns. For instance, Dr. Who has a very long scarf that has been remade so many times for many different seasons. They have other things that are created. Same goes for Downton Abbey and Harry Potter, where characters wear knits or there is someone knitting. So this would be a good place to stash those patterns.

Rastaflorian Hat - Stargate Atlantis
Dr. Who Style Fingerless Mitts
Blue Platypus Phineas and Ferb
Oshawott Pokémon
Dr. Who Logo Dishcloth
Chubby Tardis Christmas Ornament
Dr Who the Angels Have the Blue box Cloth
Dr. Who Simple Dalek Dishcloth
Dr. Who Scarf Knee Socks
Dr. Who Logo Dishcloth
Dr. Who Tardis Cloth
Dr. Who Don't Blink Dishcloth
Dr. Who Seal of Rassilon Dishcloth
Dr. Who Wrist Warmers
Kid Sized Dr. Who Scarf
Dr. Who Crochet Bag
Dr. Who Adipose Dishcloth
Dr. Who K-9 Dishcloth
Dr. Who Bowties are Cool 11th Dr Dishcloth
Rose's Wrist Warmers
Dr. Who Scarf for Dolls
Dr. Who Dalek Cloth
Voltorb Pokémon
Golden Compass Fingerless Mitts

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