13 July 2013

Friday, Again...Going into Saturday

So it is Friday, and I took my girls shopping for shoes and socks. It seems I buy the same amount every time. I buy 3 pairs of girl's shoes and then 2 packages of socks. I also, always buy shoe laces to go with the shoes. My girls want pink, blue and purple shoe laces on their shoes. When the shoes are identical and different sizes it helps them find their own shoes. It is always a challenge to buy shoes for three girls. Esther wanted me to buy her $80 shoes! Really, $80. She was told that would not happen!

I took them with me to the lab to get my blood test for thyroid. Still not feeling great. Think I will be calling dr. and giving her info on the other meds that are available and see if we can't change it. I have asked my cousins and aunt what they are taking and two are taking synthroid and the other is taking something else.

After, this we ran to the Credit Union. Then we went to the Lebanon Public Library. After the Library we ran to the shoe store and then had lunch at Steak N Shake (nice place for quick meal). After that we ran to Centerville Library to return some books and check out some movies.

I love libraries and taking girls to libraries.

Here is another FB Recipe that I want to try. This one has a name Donna on it. I guess it is her's and I am grateful that she shared with everyone. Sounds delicious!

banana bread brownies

I have received a few emails this week with more patterns that I am interested in making and others were shared on FB. Enjoy.

Pattern of the Day - this is way cool. Different pattern a day and so cute.

Funny Bunny
Kiss Fist Square
Electronic Cozies - by Moogly
Interlocking Rings Hot Pad
Center Heart Square
Strawberry Moshi Amigurumi Rabbit
Crochet Flower Bracelet
10 Free Crochet Tutorials from Moogly's Blog
Minion Beanie
Zebra Stripe Crochet Patterns
Lacy Hairpin Shawl
Moogly Messenger Bag
Mousey Booties
Caron Free Pattern Cell Phone or Tablet Cozy
Crochet Flower Square
Bearalyn McRaggle Bear 
Anthropologie Inspired Headband
Easy Lace Headband
Tree of Life Throw
Mexican Hot Pads
Air Force Dishcloth
BBQ Dishcloth
Sweetheart Mittens
Hermione Granger Mitts 
Lacy Jane Austen Scarf
Nancy Drew Knit Top
Scarlet O'Hara Scarf
Juliet Afghan
Wuthering Heights Scarf
Emma Shawl
Fairy Princess Crown
Stitch 11 Crochet Purse
Garden Party Hat
Summer Lace Pineapple Hat
Easy Floppy Hat
Cake Icing Afghan
Watermelon Afghan
Beach Mat and Tote Bag
Colorful Summer Beach Mat
Log Cabin Spread
Baby's First Football
Shifting Colors Dishcloth Scarf
Star Stitch Football Hat
Scrappy Heart Purse
50 Minute Purse
Last Minute Slippers
Rainbow Dreams Scarf
Basket Weave Hat
Where's Waldo Hat
Hamburger Hat
Sneaker Baby Booties
Butterfly Stitch Beanie
Easy Slouchy Beanie
Baby Giraffe Hat
Crochet Owl Hat
Toddler Mohawk Hat
Crochet Stripe Hat
Seashells Scarf
Blooming Flower Dish Cloth
Top Down Chullo
Cobblestone Road Socks
Train Track Baby Hat
Posy Dishcloth
Quilted Heart Dishcloth
Washcloth Quartet 
Cables and Pocket Scarf
Hot Air Balloon Hats for Babies
Charmed Prayer Shawl
January Prayer Shawl
Men's Reversible Prayer Shawl
Grandma's Simple Crochet Slippers
Easy Oven Mitts
Crochet Owl Toy
Waffle Dishcloth
Swiffer Cover
Hershey Kiss Baby Hat
Baby Boy Sun Hat
Pumpkin Spice Pie Toy
Gumdrop Slouchy Hat
Bacon Baby Blanket
Apple Coasters
Sweet Cupcake Coasters
Bacon and Eggs Pillow
Hexagonal Throw
Crochet Bath Pouf - says only takes 1 hour
Cute Dahlia Dishcloth
Kid's Crown
Watermelon Coaster

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