25 July 2013

More Patterns from the Email

My email is exploding with patterns from different places. I get emails from different places, showing me some new and different and fun patterns that are free and that I might like to save and make. So I will be sharing a whole lot more of these patterns that I have in my email. It is easier to find them here, since I am labeling as I go and it cleans up my email so I don't have so much to search through.

Grandma's Washboard Afghan
Fast Finish Throw
Light Spectrum Afghan
Stained Glass Afghan
Seashells Afghan
Chevron Afghan
Clamshell Tutorial Afghan
Beginner Granny Afghan
Apple Leaf Tidy Afghan
Checkers Game Afghan
Crazy Ripple Afghan
Heavenly Angels Afghan
Scrap Afghan

Ocean Ripple Baby Afghan
Easy Diagonal Baby Afghan
10 Stripe Baby Ball
Baby Developmental Ball
Crochet Baby Bib 
Beginner Crochet Baby Afghan
Baby Giggles Afghan
Bitty Cabled Hat available in preemie sizes
Baby Duck Toy
Baby Boat Booties
Cutie Patootie Baby Booties
Baby Uggs

Green Grocery Bag
Braided Cable Bag
Melon Pocket Bag
Simple Handbag
Simple Market Bag aka Easy Market Bag
Sassy Summer Bag
Mesh Knit Market Bag
Minion Purse
Dollhouse Purse

Butterfly Summer Tank Top
Hotness Top

Shark Tooth Scarf
Zig Zag Scarf
Riveted Scarf
Stockholm Scarf
Anime Infinity Cowl
Broomstick Lace Scarf
Autumn Garter Stitch Entrelac Scarf
Potato Chip Scarf (Knit)
Galaxy Scarf aka Starry Night Scarf
Peacock Jewel Scarf
Simple Skinny Scarf
Simple Scalloped Scarf - Crochet
Mindless Men's Scarf
Reversible Herringbone Scarf
Reversible Cable Moss Stitch Scarf

Emerald Green Handwarmers
Leafy Fingerless Mitts
Diagonal Eyelet Hand Warmers
Child's One Skein Mittens

Despicable Minion Beanie
Katiedid Crafts Minion Hat
Diamond Trellis Hat
Magical Ombre Hat
Stylish Tiles Hat
Ripples of Kindness Hat
Sock Monkey Hat
Funky Kids Hat
Spiderman Hero Hat
Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap

Santa Hat and Beard
Striped Green Stocking

Lucky Clover Dishcloth
Lake Ariel Dishcloth
Catch a Wave
Crochet Springtime Cloth
Granny Dishcloth
Dahlia Dishcloth
Crunch Stitch Potholder
Cheerful Dish Cloth
Granny Square Dishcloth
Rose Dishcloth
Daisy Dish Cloth
Scalloped Cherry Dishcloth
Buttery Sunshine Dishcloth
Pink Grapefruit Dishcloth
Flower Dishcloth
Blooming Flower Dishcloth
Aunt Bee's Gingham Dishcloth
Winter Snowman Dishcloth
Crochet Butterfly Dishcloth
Starfish Dishcloth
Mexican Hot Pads
Easy Ombre Dishcloth
Sun Catcher Dishcloth
Fabulous Fish Dishcloth
Multi Use Kitchen Cloths
Wiggly Trivet and Dishcloth Set

Free Amigurumi Patterns
More Free Amigurumi Patterns
91 Crochet Scarf Patterns
100 Favorite Crcohet Afghans
51 Food Themed Afghans
12 Free Crochet Bag Patterns
15 Crochet Hat Patterns
19 Shawl Knitting Patterns
13 Adorable Baby Hats

Knit Toilet Paper - fun to make and use as a gag.
Pincushion Cactus
Dark Leaf Ear Warmers
Autumn Knit Leaves
Kindle Cover with Sock Yarn
Rememberance Flowers
Toddler Wings
Leg Warmers
Barefoot Beach Sandals
Knit Pencil Case

Super Simple Shawl
Spring Flowers Shawl aka Green Elegance Shawl
Garter Stitch Shawl
Icelandic Sunrise Shawl
Magical Multicolored Shawl
Love Knot Summer Shawl
Escapist Shawl
Day to Date Shawl
Feather and Fan Shawl
Mystic Forest Shawl
Aqua Waves Wrap
Bluebell Shawl

Heel-Less Socks
Running Gag Socks
Cabled Slippers
High Instep Toe up Socks Using Fingerweight yarn
Serendipity Socks

Framed Church Windows 6"
Wiggles Square
Grandma Dot's Bobble Square
Flower Square Motif
Hearts Around Square
Four Triangles Square

Minion from Just Crafty Enough
Despicable Me Minion from Stephanie
Minion from Crochet Goods
Minion Two from Snacksies
Despicable Me Minion from Amigruthi
Despicable Me Minion from All About Ami
Emolga Pokémon Esther's Favorite
Drifloon Pokémon
Horsea Pokémon
HootHoot Pokémon
Wise Owl
Cute Little Clouds
Dr Who Doll the 10th
Raichu Pokémon Hannah's Favorite
Wooper Pokémon
Pichu Pokémon
Crochet Cabbage
Pikachu Pokémon
Meowth Pokémon Nicole's Favorite
Aipom Pokémon
Ampharos Pokémon
Charmander Pokémon
Evee Pokémon
PSYduck Pokémon - my girls tell me, not a Pokémon
Wolf Dreamer Minion
Private Penguin
Mew Pokémon When you are on this page you can look at all the Pokémons. My daughters are really into them.
Voltorb Pokémon


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