23 July 2013


My family and I have 4 animals, at this time. It makes life interesting and keeps us on our toes. All of our animals are rescues.

When my DH (Dear Husband) and I were first married we tried to bring my cat from my parents home to our home, but she did not adjust well and neither did my mother. So we had to return her to my parents, who loved her to her dying day. When we would go over to visit, she would visit with us, bc (before children). AC (after children), she would run and hide. My children were not afraid of her. My sister's children were terrified of her.

So, one day, I found mice droppings and told my DH that we were going to go look for a cat. We went to my favorite animal shelter (Campbell County) and were going to look for a kitten. What we found, was one very large (not fat), skinny, orange and white male cat. They told us he was going to be put down because no one would adopt him. We did. We brought him home and gave him his name and loved him. He came in and ate when he was hungry and caught the mice. He is a very good cat.

Then we adopted a black and white, male cat. That we named Houdini. He was very loving and very abused. I took care of him and loved him and healed his wounds and he caught a snake and helped keep the house free of rodents. We put him down in 2012, he was very ill.

One day in June of 2009, a small black cat (we found out later she was a kitten) came into our yard. I started taking food out to her (we weren't sure until later). She was very scared and very tiny and very thin. It took me a long time to get her to trust me and let me touch her. She came into our house and we took her to the vet and found out she was just barely a year old (in October). She is pretty much mine. She will let my DH touch her and sometimes my oldest can pet her, but she only comes to me. She is very sweet and lets me know with the loudest meow I had heard from her that there is a spider and she will keep it cornered until I get a shoe and kill it. She knows that catching and eating a spider would make her very ill, so she just corners them and hollers for help.

After a time, we found out that there were people trying to break into houses and one day they tried to get into my house, while the girls and I were home! So talking with my DH, we decided that we needed to get a dog. One that would at least give us warning before someone got in. So I went to the vet, to find out how much it would cost us to get a dog vaccinated and how often we would need to bring her in and how much to get fixed and other things. I had not found a dog yet, just getting information. The office was excited, they had a dog that needed a home and since I was good with the dogs in their office, I could be trusted with this dog. So they brought her out to meet my youngest DD (Dear Daughter) and myself. She was so very sweet and wiggling all over herself. What a little doll. I said, that I had to bring all the family in. This would not work if one person had a problem with her. So we all went back to the office and met the dog. She was so tickled to be released from her cage and then we brought her home and she was so good with our cats (who were terrified and hissing in fear). She gave them a large berth and they have moments where they fear her, but it is working.

Then one day, the family was all out in the back yard, playing, cooking. Here comes another cat. He is skinny and hungry. So we fed him. He stayed. He loved on the dog. He loved on the children. They loved on him. That summer it was very hot. We had several days that were 100 degrees F and over. He had a heat stroke and we took him to the vet, who would not treat him unless we agreed to keep him. So we did. We said he had to be fixed before that would happen. So she did. She gave a discount because we were rescuing another animal. This poor cat has the longest name I have ever given an animal. He is Prince Naveen (the girls were watching the Princess and the Frog) Dingleberry Doofus (from the DH) Rotten (he ran out of the house and stupid us chased him in the heat) Houdini II (he escaped when we didn't notice and found him on the back porch waiting to be let back in and the previous cat was named Houdini). We still have him and he is very loved. He doesn't escape as much as he used to. It seems a neighbor treating a pond area in their yard put some bleach in it and he may have burned his throat drinking it. It made him very ill for awhile.

So here is the lesson: There are a lot of animals in this world that need a home. Please do not go out and buy an animal. Go to an animal shelter and adopt. Fix the animal, they reproduce very quickly and frequently. We don't need more animals, just the ones that are around need to be loved now.

For those who have a dog, I found this recipe on FB (where else), and is supposed to be good for dogs. I plan on trying this for mine.

Cleo’s Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

* Brown rice flour gives the biscuits crunch and promotes better dog digestion. Many dogs have touchy stomachs or allergies, and do not, like many people I know, tolerate wheat.

Makes up to 75 small (1″) biscuits or 50 medium biscuits.

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